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Merry Happy Christmas Year……..

Well 2020 is here and I am just now finding time to blog about the holidays.

We were contacted by another local school to help out with costumes for their Christmas play. Datil is 20 minutes east from us. Together Martin and I created some of the cutest things.

Parents, teachers and family members gathered and were welcomed by these decorations.

The show was about to begin.

The kids did a great job.

And before you know it it was over.

Ready for family time we headed down to the valley. First stop was Kansas’ spa appointment.

Before her much needed appointment

After Wendy does her magic. All clean and pretty.

Next stop dinner with Mikaila. She turned 18 and a celebration was in order.

Dinner at Firebirds. Happy birthday to our favorite granddaughter!

The next day is baseball time.

Trey is such a stud.

Of course Kari warmed the hearts of other moms.

The next stop was Tanners game. He’s such a little cutie.

Kari and Kansas were enjoying the game.

With Mikaila turning 18 we wanted to remember it by getting girls tattoos.

The design was finalized. The size and placement was agreed on. Mikaila was the first victim.

While waiting we were playing around.

Ready set go…..

Then it was all over.

Who’s next?

I decided to go so Jamie could think about it a little bit longer.

60 years old and my first tattoo.

Ta-da!!! I did it.

Next is Jamie! Ready or not it’s your turn.

Yes these are all the faces she made.

So proud of her! We are forever bonded together.

Trey came to hang with us as we did this crazy adventure.

Happy birthday my dearest granddaughter. I love you to infinity and beyond and back.

I love this photo!

Always fun catching a family movie with the kiddos.

Something new in our family last year was the split of Marty and Shawna. After 11 years of marriage they decided to go separate directions. So proud of them that they agreed to put the boys needs first. They sold their house and divided up their lives.

The boys were so use to us staying with them that when they moved into their new house that Tanner moved his single wide bed into Treys room and he got a double wide bed for Grammie and Papa to have a place to stay. Shawna will always be apart of our hearts and our family.

Christmas Eve welcomes a new addition to our family. Ada is Marty’s girl friend.

Ada is warm and kind and most of all makes Marty happy. Our family will love and accept our children’s choices no matter what.

Kansas knows there’s a bone under the tree.

Cousin love.

Breakfast is what’s for dinner.

Gift time. Yep Kansas says, “I just know it’s a bone.”

Cousins being goofy.

Merry Christmas!

Martin and I traveled home on Christmas Day and we were welcomed with a white Christmas. We hope ya all had a great holiday season and Happy New Year.

Till next time…..


The new addition…..

Thanksgiving weekend was tons of fun.

It started with dinner at Suzanne’s house Wednesday night. Happy birthday to Marcus. Always fun family times.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Karen and Craig’s. We are always welcomed with warm hearts.

Beautiful table!!!!

Lots of great food.

Aunt Hannah and Sam were such a pleasure to visit with.

Lots of extended family love.

Father and daughter love. We can’t thank Karen and Craig for always including us when we are in town.

Friday we went on an adventure!! Shelter bound. We have been wanting a new addition so we were just waiting for the right one.

Papa saw this little cutie in someone else’s arms. As I was looking at another puppy Martin said you have got to see this cutie. Just then the strangers arms that were holding her put her back in her kennel. Martin said go get her!!!! I pulled her out and she snuggled close. Oh no, love at first sight.

All the grands agreed to the choice. We played with her and everyone took turns holding her.

She was ours. What kind of dog is she? We don’t know. All we know is she is a bundle of cuteness.

The next day we had errands to run so off we go with both our babies in tow.

Lowe’s she did great.

At Petsmart, Kansas enjoyed seeing the fish as we purchased supplies for the new bundle of fur.

Traveling in the car she settles down so good.

Upon arriving at home it was time for her first walk.

She followed Kansas like she was her mommy.

Her spot was found. Squat and release. That was her first pee in the snow.

Kansas said, “Good girl!”

The white stuff is cold.

The next day Kari, (Kar-ree) explores my office as Daddy laid down plywood to cover the planter bed hole in the house. In my office there is plenty to play with.

Kansas is a good big sister to share her bed for nap time.

Martin is pulling the electrical wire for power in the green house. Progress!!!

As Martin works the girls could be found on the sofa napping.

I love receiving photos of my projects. Warms my heart.

I just have to share this cute story. The first time I fed the girls I set down the bowls. Kansas then put her nose to Kari’s nose then pointed to Kari’s bowl then started eating her food out of her bowl then Kari started eating out of her bowl. It was like this is your dance space and this is my dance space. Just too cute.

Ok one more story, this morning early we took the girls out to do their business. It’s 5:30am dark and cold. We both are in our robes, heavy coats and mud boots. Yes sexy! And flash light in our hands. We are walking and Kari dropped a big pee. Then she was just getting ready to pop a poop and the coyotes started howling. She stopped, listened and then hauled off ran back to the house. She ran so fast we couldn’t keep the light on her. So we calmed her down and finally she was able to pop her poop and we were all safe back in the house.

This is Kari after her first hike on our longest trail. When she walks she runs. She has a turbo switch.

We giggle everyday as we watch the girls. Life is good!

Till next time………Joyce.

It has begun….

Jay, the turd specialist, arrived last week with the septic tank and equipment to dig with.

He wanted to beat the storm.

With a few supervisors to watch Jay dig and dig and dig. The tank was set.

A little high the supervisor said so a little more digging and it was at the right height.

As it became dark the job was incomplete.

The storm hit overnight.

We love waking up to the peacefulness of the white snow.

Kansas was ready for her morning walk. Snow or sunshine she loves her walks. We have three trails cut in the 33 acres. So on the cold mornings we will take a shorter trail. For her she doesn’t care how long we go just as long as we go.

For us we just love the snow. It’s actually harder to walk in the snow than sand.

Our fence was kissed with mother nature’s art.

Later in the morning I measured the snow. Really I think it was more like 6″.

With the short break in the weather Jay came to complete the septic system. And before you know it it was done. The plans for the new bathroom were in motion.

Another snow storm hits. And yes we went for our morning walk.

With the house being bermed checking the level of snow on the roof is easy.

With the fresh snow seeing the little and big animal activity is easy to spot. From nothing to……

Bunny tracks to…..

Big feet to…..

Not sure what in the hell this is…..

After her walk you can find Kansas warming up on her bed in the sunshine.

Today is Wednesday and we are heading to the valley. Delivering new orange jersey dresses for the Suns Cheerleaders and orange jersey tops for the solar squad.

We can’t wait to see the family. Lots to do while we are there. Birthday dinner for Marcus, turkey dinner, baseball games, and ASU football game.

I’m dedicating this blog to Linda. She loves reading our blog and she just underwent some major surgeries. Hope you are feeling better soon, Linda.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Safe travels and gobble gobble!!!

Till next time,


Ready for this?

We are so excited. Recently we came up the idea of adding on to the house.

Yep that’s right! You know we have a composting toilet. After almost 3 years of water usage data Martin calculated that we would have enough collected water to put in a flushing toilet.

So since it would be impossible to just replace the composting with a flushing toilet we decided to add on to the bedroom.

It started out with just a toilet and sink but after consulting with Jay, our local turd specialist, we added a bathtub. Septic tanks need enough water to work correctly. Oh darn. So it’s a soaking tub for us. We are adding 90 square feet of luxury.

Now Martin is working on the design. Filled out the paper work for the septic permit. Researching out the items we need to purchase.

Good thing the house ceiling is not up yet cause running power and water over to the new space will make it easier for Martin.

When the composting toilet is removed we will make that space into a linen closet.

As we enter into winter Martin we be able to build out the add on before he cuts out the doorway so we don’t freeze our butts off.

We recently traveled to California for a work trip. Measuring the kids at Dance Stars in Manteca. So of course we had to have some fun.

Martin towed the trailer with the Pie-Rat loaded in it.

Boys being boys. Kevin and Martin went to work on the brakes. They were dangerous.

They removed tires to get to the brakes. Then after about 3 or 4 trips to the auto parts store they were able to replace the very old worn out brakes with new ones.

70’s mustang II front brakes with 70’s Chevy chevelle back brakes. All new calipers and pads in the front and new wheel cylinders and shoes in the back. Good for another 100,000 miles.

Of course there was a test drive. With the ponies under the hood, oh yea there’s no hood, Martin stepped on it and with the boys big butts in the seat it broke. So boys being boys they had to fix it.

The Pie-Rat was ready for a ride

Off to Tina’s we go. Back roads and too much fun.

Hangertown at sunset.

A night of fun with family and friends.

Fun and games. Tina won for the second year in a row. Hummmmm we need to take poker lessons from her.

The next day Kevin arranged a ride with his buddies.

First stop gas and Starbucks.

Rest stop on the back roads to Tracy.

All these nice rods welcomed us in our rat rod.

Next stop as a visit to Uncle Phil and Aunt Rita.

Uncle Phil proudly showed the boys his stuff. And he enjoyed seeing the boys rods. Lol!!

Next stop Uncle Phil lead us to lunch.

Proudly parked. Let’s eat.

Yes the girls love cars too.

After saying our good byes we headed back down the road to Manteca.

We arrived at Martin’s parents house.

Another show and tell.

Boys showing boys their stuff!!!

An amazing day cruzin’. We got a lot of thumbs up. Honks and waves.

The next day we headed off to the Turlock swap meet. Junking. Who doesn’t love junking.

Thank god Kevin had this bad ass wagon to haul our junk.

Such a good time with the best family and friends.

Sadly all the fun must come to an end. We headed home. Two days of driving. Kansas was glad to be home.

She passed out on the sofa. She has traveled since the day we got her.

The first day home it was a cold and rainy day. Our first fire of the year.

You know life is good when you so appreciate everything in your life.

Till next time….


Ready set go…..

After the holiday weekend I was geared up to get a bunch of work done.

My big studio on top of Junior cheer it was a very very busy summer.

With delivery of Junior Cheer it warmed my heart to see the smile on Zoe’s face. The uniforms were a huge hit.

Luckily for me the epidurals helped my low back. Kansas was such a trooper going back and forth every two weeks for a couple of months.

Mikaila’s volleyball team was coming through Pie Town heading to a tournament in Roswell. We organized a spaghetti lunch and pie for the girls.

The girls really enjoyed their adventure.

We drove to Roswell to join in on the fun. We found little green men everywhere.

Martin picked the perfect room.

Lol one of the last two rooms.

But it work good as Martin, Jamie and I brought work.

It was a pleasure to be able to take the time to watch Mika play.

Unfortunately we have not been able to watch anymore games.

And now it’s time to get ready for Pie Festival. With taking on the souvenir shack Martin was busy organizing everything as I worked. I was able to squeeze in the special Pie Queen apron.

Martin, as I have been working so hard, as been building the Pie Rat.

He has worked so hard and it was finally coming together.

Company was coming. Special friends.

Miss Paula brought her sewing so we could sew together. It was so nice having a sew buddy.

Then for 5 days Kevin helped Martin put the finishing touches on the Pie Rat. Such stud muffins.

It was time to take her down the road.

Kevin brought his hot rod and it was so cute seeing these two go down the road.

Kevin calls his hot rod the Donkey so Martin recreated him a special shirt.

After some issues with the motor Martin got her back running again. So we took her out to get Pie. It was so much fun watching heads turn as you go down the road.

With fall here and winter approaching it’s time to get back into working on the house. My schedule is steady so it looks like finally weekends off.

Martin has been helping neighbors with their solar problems. I think he is the one to call when solar help is needed. It does his heart good knowing that these friends are safe and running right.

Till next time…..


It’s been a long time…..

I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last blog.

The kids came up for Fourth of July and it was a weekend of fun.

We entered the local parade. Brought out the old John Deere and grandpas old trailer. Martin had to replace the floor so the children could ride without being like Fred Flintstone.

With a good looking man at the wheel we were ready.

We tossed out candy and beads. What was the most important thing is the kids had a blast.

So did Grammie and Papa.

Cozy cousins!!!

Crazy Kansas!!!

We spent the evening shooting these little lighted rockets.

Shoot, run, shoot again, run again. Repeat. Wore us out.

This beautiful color could be found in our greenhouse!!

Card games are always happening. A little war anybody.

The next morning we decided to hike the ridge just outside. This was so steep.

But everyone climbed with care.

We found an old 5 gallon paint lid. Well it was an old paint lid. Now it’s a piece of art that will have a home outside as soon as we can get to landscaping.

Our bottle stock was getting out of control so more hands made quick work to organize the mess.

Always find time to do a little target shooting. We found a real nice range in Quemado. It gave Papa ideas of building our own range.

Ping goes the metal targets.

Of course we have to get pie.

It’s always nice to visit our old family table.

Then off to play at the Pie Town playground.

Then it’s back home to Pass the pigs.

Oink oink!!!!

The boys are always up for more shooting.

Well Tanner decided to practice being a cowboy in his socks.

It’s always sad when the family has to go but their life in the concrete village must continue on.

Love our family.

Till next time……


Happy birthday Trey…..

Yesterday we traveled down to the valley for a doctors appointment for me.

Last two months I have been in terrible pain in my low back down my right leg. Tried a massage for relief but it still was there. Just knew it was more so after a consult and MRI the results came back with two bulging disc. So epidural time. The best place in the valley is Desert Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr Brad Sorosky is the best. He treats all the Phoenix Suns players.

After the injection I felt much better. We scheduled another injection in two weeks and I will set up some physical therapy.

After a delivery to the Cardinals and a stop at Costco it was celebration time.

This little boy, Trey, is turning 11. So it was dinner at Benihana’s. His choice!

With all family members huddled around the cook top we were all hungry.

As always dinner was sooooo yummy.

Goof ball Tanner at his best.

With dinner over, family photo time.

As you can see we have an extra dinner guest. Mikaila’s boy friend Orlando ( aka Florida is what I nicknamed him) joined in on the fun. What a first experience for him. This crazy family.

Speaking of crazy. After dinner Marcus started with a great picture of Trey.

Laughing so hard he started in on me.

Then Martin.

We couldn’t quit laughing.

Jamie or Marty who is it? Well I think the boobs give it away. Jamie!!!!

Ok this is a guess who moment?

Nothing like cute baby face Martin!

Then Shawna joined in on the other side of the table.

Shawna looks like she’s comfortable in a bubble bath!

And then there’s Marty!

Sexy, sexy, sexy!!!!

And then there is the cutest little Tanner!

We never laughed so hard.

Yep this is us! Our crazy family.

Now for the guess who, it was Marcus!

Till next time……


Ps I forgot two important people

The bearded lady Mikaila and her/his sidekick.

The is Flo-reed-a!

Holy crap I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached.

Till next time…..

Tears of joy….

Over Memorial Day weekend we spent time with family.

First stop Prescott. Baseball time!

Trey starts off playing catcher. He’s such a stud. He reminds us of his Daddy so much.

Brother Tanner watches while munching on Grammies watermelon.

Trey always comes over to say Hi when he has a break in the action.

Trey Trey he’s our man! If he can’t pitch it no one can!

As the baseball came to an end we traveled to visit some dear friends. Terry and Kelly Raymond live not to far from Prescott. It’s so nice when you can catch up with such nice people.

We headed back to the cabin we stayed in and here come these beautiful horses.

Right out the back yard!

All packed up we headed down to the valley. Yes in that crazy holiday traffic. Rrrrrrrrrr

Memorial Day is here and it’s Mikaila’s open house.

Jamie, Shawna, Marianne and I were on decorating duty.

Can’t help but tear up as you see how much this beautiful girl has grown up.

Shawna made her famous cake balls and so there were plenty of goodies for everyone.

Our grand babies will always be our babies no mater how big they get.

Proud grand parents!

Jerry and Marianne traveled all the way from California, to New Mexico, to Texas and to Arizona to attend Mika’s party. I failed to get their picture. Shame on me!

Graduation day is here.

It’s amazing how the student count has grown over the years.

Here she comes! Tears!

Within 2.5 hours they graduated 777 students.

And just like that it was all over.

Tatum and Mika have been friends forever.

Marcus and Jamie did a great job raising this young girl.

With all the fun and family it was nice to get home. With the weather warming up the plants are really starting to grow. The potato plant is getting big

The little strawberry plant is blooming.

A little rainy day here and there before the heat sets in.

My new project is the Cardinals Junior Cheer uniforms. A total new gig bring some new items. No itch sizing labels. I’ve always made custom uniforms so this was a new adventure. Size chart, pick a size, make it and ship it.

You just gotta laugh at this. Pie Town made the paper!

With the weekend free for me, I came up with this crazy project and my so willing husband built it!

No he’s not playing in the tree he’s bending rebar.

Its an arch for the grapevine to grow on. We have two plants so we needed two arches.

First one installed. Now it’s time for a party.

Patti and Ladd after 16 years got married so it’s celebration day.

Fun times! Fun friends!

Sunday morning is ride time!

Dead horse canyon! The spring flowers were everywhere.

John, Victoria, Martin and I take a look break

Time for a cookie and Kansas to leave her mark.

This girl is a hoot!

This loop we took was a beautiful climb. We made it to 9,000 feet.

Kansas was enjoying the fresh air!

After the 2.5 hour ride we stopped for a burger at the Largo. Well I guess the forest service people were coming in because of a fire 2.5 hours away so it took us 57 minutes to receive our meal. Can’t be in a hurry when you live in the woods.

We came home with full belly’s and went straight to work and built the second arch. After making the first one yesterday this one went together easy peasy. Up it went, pooped we are! It still needs the copper wire wrapped on it but that can wait till tomorrow.

Till next time…….


Helping hands….

Our neighbors Allen and Sue are trick horse trainers. Allen asked if I could fix this hoodie for their horse Ellie.

It was so holy there was no way so instead I traced off the pattern and made a brand new one. Heavier weighted fabric and doubled layer where it counted.

With finally receiving approval for the Cardinals Junior Cheerleader uniforms Martin got work creating the logo.

The Duck will be laying down the stones! With 225+ uniforms she will be quaking for awhile.

With the jacket fillins complete we were ready for the weekend.

Kansas met Pepe the donkey. He is old and slow but loves to be petted.

Kansas Met Gidget the horse and after being chased by Gidget Kansas wouldn’t even get close to her again.

Martin puts together the wind turbine pole while I dug a somewhat straight trench.

We were watched by the peanut gallery.

Martin and Mesonika put the turbine on the pole.

Then Martin drilled in these crazy anchors.

Next onto wiring and installing her devices.

Mesonika pushed while Martin pulled.

He spent the afternoon on his knees wiring up everything.

He was one tired puppy after we were done.

Next it will be time to raise the pole with the turbine. This will need the tractor and an extra pair of hands.

It is such a pleasure and brings so much joy to be able to help a neighbor.

Till next time…..


Happy Mother’s Day weekend….

Late Friday night Martin’s brother Jerry and sister-in-law Marianne arrived. Camping at Pie Town RV Park they settled in.

Saturday morning we picked them up and we set out for a full Pie Town experience. First stop the PO. Then we walked up to the toaster house. Touring the hostile is always an adventure cause you never known who you are going to meet. Then breakfast at the Gatherin Place.

With our belly’s full it was time for them to see the house. It is always nice to see someone’s face as they experience this creation we have built.

After the tour we had to have pie at the Pie-O-Neer. Yum yum.

Then it was fund raiser night for some dear neighbors. Tony is fighting cancer as always our little community comes together.

Sunday morning we had a break in the crazy weather so we packed up the razor and went for a ride.

John and Victoria joined in on the fun.

Marianne and I were cozy in the back seat.

While the boys were the R-Uber drivers.

We drove back on 6A about 22 miles and we found old abandoned house.

So sad that this home now only provides a home for critters that shit everywhere.

This old truck sets rotting in the sun. We would love to get our hands on this beauty.

I tried it on for size and loved it.

The scenery is just so beautiful.

John and Victoria are always a hoot to play with.

Can’t let Martin lead as with his racing experience he has a tendency to drive fast. Slipping and sliding in the mud was so much fun.

A few critters found us interesting!

Us girls love to play.

We stopped for a burger at Pie Town Cafe

Then it was off to see the array.

It was pretty amazing to watch this huge dish move and articulate.

Finally back home the guys went to build a ramp to help load our rat rod on the trailer.

Us girls started making a bottle tree.

Marianne put everything she had into drilling the holes. It started to rain so we had to stop playing.

After a short break for the rain the boys brought out more toys.

It’s always sad to say goodbye but it was then time to take them back to the RV park.

It was a great Mother’s Day to be able to share it with family.

Till next time…..