Next stop…..Chrome in the Dome….

Martin making the Pie-Rat purdy!!!

Last year the Chrome in the Dome was canceled due to Covid Crap but this year it was on. It was amazing to see people living maskless and enjoying our freedom.

Ready to go!

We took a little ride around Springerville before parking her inside the dome.

There she sits awaiting the visitors tomorrow.
One of my favorite resting spots.
How could we say no to these two.

We decided to take the mile walk to Sonic. Ice Cream you scream we want ice cream. As we sat enjoying our tasty “treats” we noticed the VFW building across the street. There blowing in the cool breeze was a tattered American flag. Mental note!

Let the day begin

Love, love, love the kids. And there were lots of kids. In one day we gave away almost 90 shirts.

This was the first kid to enjoy the seat behind the wheel.
And this was the last!
Martin was playing show and tell.
The Pie-Rat wench posed for photos with the kids.
This rat rod was built in one week by the students from the school

The Pie-Rat was parked next to the Misfitt. I learned that different parts came from all over. For sure the cab came from Pie Town. Even girls worked on the build

Chicks rule boys drool!
Roses handmade from metal from the girls.

Martin was asked to judge so as he was out picking his favorites, one rat rod he picked was the death rat.

Within the next hour, this where we put two and two together and get four.

In 2017 we were introduced to the rad rat culture in Bonneville. We were building our house so that was our main focus. In 2018 we did a supply run to Show Low. Took the scenic drive to Springerville. As we passed a church we saw all these Rat Rods. Car Show!! Pull over Martin. As we walk up to start looking at the cars the doors open to the church and the people come out crying. Confused we started to head back to the truck. So we stopped a lady and asked what happened. She informed us that Justin Taylor had passed and he was the one who created the Rat Rod community in Springerville. Saddened we headed home but also excited because of seeing all the rods the theme the Pie-Rat was born.

With a little extra time Martin was able to secure the logo and the idea in his head. Now he needed a donor car. Thanks to the Straws!

Back to the car show……

So as Martin discovered that the Death Rat was Justin Taylor’s rod, it touched him deeply. And in talking with the family member he shared his story.

Soon I was approached by Justin’s dad and sisters expressing their feelings of happiness to hear that Justin had touched us. I was then confused cause I was busy with the kids and didn’t know the back story.

Clunk, bang, boom! That’s my brain trying to figure it out. Martin stepped in to finally do the math for me. FOUR.

Before you know it we were invited over for dinner after the show. The whole rat rod community were welcoming. We went from knowing no one to being introduced to so many people.

Just some of the incredible rods

After awards it was burn outs out back at the basketball hoop! What?

Only in a small town

The crowd gathered. The cars burned their tires off. The crowd cheered.

Tired and beat we almost didn’t go to the dinner invite. So glad we did. Justin Taylor’s family were kind and generous. On this day we became part of the family. They touched our hearts!!!!

We spent the night at the school parking lot and headed home the next morning.

Damn elk!

The elk adventured up to the chicken coop and ate all my newly planted flowers.

The girls missed us. They were showing off their talents.

Two new flags ordered and shipped to the VFW

Till next time……