Monthly Archives: May 2021

April has come and gone……

It seems as we get older the time flies by so much faster

Tanners old bike just became a donor

A donor I say! Yep. Pinterest is dangerous. Saw this cute fun toy and showed it to Martin. He just cut it up! Welded it up! Then screwed it on the post.

The chickie tried it out and they love it

My hard working man always deserves a good meal.

Brown butter basted filets.
When you forget to chill your wine. You improvise!!!
The girls have adjusted to their new space.
Victoria brought our neighbors little girl by to check out the chicken coop. She really liked it.
Decorating the coop brings me joy.
Kansas meets Mika’s pig

You just never know when come across a lonely pig that needs a good home.

And if you look close yes that pig has lipstick on.
Ash, DE plus sand makes a nice bath……for chickens!
Should I or shouldn’t I?

I wanted to make this bath but I needed a tire. We went to the dump and saw this gem along the road. Martin STOP!!! Open door………grab……roll…. toss it in the back of the truck…….go!!! Score!! Next stop hardware store and paint.

The new babies are getting big fast!
Is that a sheep or a dog?
I can do a lot of different things but grooming Kansas and Kari is not something I really do not enjoy. Hair up the nose. Hair stuck to your clothes. Just hair everywhere.
And then your trimmers get dull and don’t cut anymore your left with a dog that looks homeless.

With work complete. And our clean bill of health from our natural path doctor it was time for family.

With the homeless dog in tow we were able to catch Tanners baseball games. Truly a memorable moment cause Tanner hit a grand slam that day.

From warm sunny Arizona back home again.

Yes more snow.
We came back and noticed that my flowers were gone from the flower box. The elk destroyed them.
We just installed the water barrel and just like that 50 gallons of water collected

The green house always brings joy. When we come home from a trip it’s fun to see what’s new.

A special treat for the girls is corn on the cob. Hung from chain they bounce it between them like a tether ball on the school yard.

Ok as homesteaders we make mistakes, learn from them and try again.

So we had a composting toilet and built the compost bins. Well it’s on concrete. Wrong

It has a cover…..wrong

So we decided to try this for the chicken poop.

Quick and easy and supplies we had on hand.

We are bound for our next trip!!! Where do we go now?

Till next time…..Joyce