Chickie time…..

We left for the car show in snow and came home to sunshine. Look at those legs!!! We arrived home Monday morning and got right to work

Chickies need a door to get into the chicken house.

Martin got right to it. Cut it out grind it out.

Added rails make the door move up and down.
Fits perfectly.

Now for the special touch. Automated chickie door.

The master programs the door.

The next project was to build the roosts. Martin nailed it.

On this day we had the best spring weather. We couldn’t work fast enough. It felt good not to be confined by coats, gloves and hats.

Nope not a wash board….. it’s a chickie ramp.
The girls move in to the house. They have grown so much their heads almost touch the screen topper.
I little porch indoors.

As it became dark our beautiful day came to a end.

The mother hens are always ready to check on the babies.

We always check on the girls before we go night night. The house still needs a door before we can set them free.

Kansas and Kari are the cutest.
The chickie door worked perfectly

As we walked back to our house to see the light coming through the bottle wall it was just so special. Can’t wait to have time to do the rest of the bottle wall in the house.

It’s another beautiful day. In no time we had the chickie house door built and hung.

Special touch. Martin cuts in a window opening.
Peek-a-boo I see chickies.

As Martin was busy building the framing for the brooder.

I grabbed some brushes and some paints. I have doodled flowers like these on paper all my life. Finally they have come to life.
It was time to release the beasts. A little alfalfa and scratch to encourage the chickies to come out
The brave one takes the first step.
Come sister it looks like a good time.
Kari so patiently watches the chickies explore their new space.
As the sun sets I captured this stunning picture of our rose.

As the day ends Kari was beat. Chickie watching is exhausting.

The next morning, Homemade waffles with raspberry blueberry compote. Delicious!!!!

After our visit with Tim and Nancy they turned us on to an app called recipe keeper. I’ve been downloading my recipes and inputting the old ones. High altitude cooking is different so I’m still learning.

This chickie we named Sparky. It identifies as a Rooster. It now has his harem of three. There are two chickies that stand up to him and fight back. Still trying to decide if he stays or if he becomes soup.

This build has been so much fun. Our Fed Ex driver told Martin to keep me off Pinterest!!!

Yep saw this idea on Pinterest. Nesting boxes made out of buckets.

Martin cut some small plastic pieces on the laser to keep the straw in.

Just so damn cute. Now I just need straw.

We installed the batten detail on the walls and painted them up. The vision is coming together.

As the sun was setting just one more quick project. A chickie swing. Girls just wanna have fun.
As we walk out the next morning can’t help but enjoy the spring flowers blooming.
Extra wood plus extra paint equals must have signs.
Martin designed the door sign and printed it for the girls.

As the chickies learn their new home the first night we found them in a corner hiding (huddling) together. We scooped them up and put them in the house. Second night they were on the ramp right by the door. Third night three made it in and three didn’t. We scoop them up and put them away. Fourth night they all made it in safely…… that was a learning curve. Three more nights they all made it in safely. Then last night there was one Rotten Egg. I didn’t see her hiding in the corner, I left the coop then I hear peep peep peep. I swear she said, “ momma momma momma”. I turned around to see her running toward the coop gate. I scooped her up. Calmed her down a minute then put her inside with her sisters. Always well that ends well.

Hello baby chickies

We ran to the local hardware store to get some pvc. Look what happened. Peep, peep, peep. Yep we took 6 home.

Cleaned out the brooder and placed the new girls in their new home for 6 weeks.
New feeders

Yep saw this on Pinterest. Not quite enough pieces but close. It works great.

Start of a new day the girls need some cute windows. Martin cut the flowers on the laser, I painted them up and Martin installed them.

Nail, nail, nail…..
A few more nail, nail, nail….
Plastic windows in the center and press the repeat button.

With a lot of projects almost complete here was another item on the wish list. Tunnel Toy!!!

First we had to find a stump piece big enough. We had to bale wire it around to keep from breaking.

Next cut out the center. Saw dust everywhere.
Look at the saw dust fly!
Getting close.

After the carving was complete we added a dead wood tree and the tunnel toy. Just so cute.

I wanna be a chickie in this coop.

With a few ideas left to do we call it a night.

Till next time…..


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