Let the fun begin……

After resting a day from our month long trip it was time to deal with life.


Gardening…..fun. After a cold winter it was time to clean up the greenhouse.

We grab a red tote. Go to hop in Martin’s truck. Click, click, click. Crap!!! Dead batteries. Martin’s plugs it into a charger and tries his magic.

We use my car…..

With the charger working we were able to get it started the next day. We traveled to a neighbors house for Martin to help with electrical stuff.

As we leave click, click, click. Crap!!! Frank lends a hand with a jump. Now we need a plan. Guess it’s a trip to Springerville.

But first this dead tree will finish its life in our wood stoves cause baby it’s cold outside. Timber!!!!!
My hubby the lumberjack
Just like that we should have enough wood for the rest of winter.
Lamb chops given to us from Trina and Jeremy. It’s what’s for dinner.
Rosemary butter basted. Soooo good
Topped with onion gravy it was the bomb.

Well with a break in the weather we headed to Springerville. A stop at CarQuest, batteries installed. Good to go we headed back home. With a stop at WRS for alfalfa we heard chirping. Omg it was love at first sight. I picked 6 out as Martin picked out the other supplies we needed.

Rhode Island Red babies. When I see this picture I can’t help but sing the song box box babies!

Now we need something to put them in. The hardware store had a waterer. Perfect now with alfalfa, babies and a brooder we headed home.

We set up the little babies.

Kansas makes sure all is good.
Kari was a little nervous at first but now she watches with care.
Snuggle time. It was an exhausting day.

With girls all cozy in their bed it was time to clean up a little. I was vacuuming and then nothing. I tried it in a different plug. Nothing. Martin was up at the shop so I hauled to dead thing to my Mr. Fixit. He tests it and confirms the switch died. So I asked him to wire it hot so I could use it and just unplug it when I needed to turn it off.

Solution use a fuse. Transplant complete!!!! She lives another day. Damn that means I get to clean another day.

We are waiting for our tin to come in cause up here in the woods you need to be working on more than one project. Now we need a coop.

Till next time….


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