Guess who’s coming to town…..

The sunsets are forever changing.

One thing I have perfected up here is my bread. Rustic Rosemary Artesian.

Yummy for our tummies
Who’s that? Tanner that’s who
Who’s that there? Trey that who.
Who’s that? Martin that’s who!!!

The boys came for a quick trip. They are non stop riding or driving their rc cars. Papa of course he had to make a track for them all.

I don’t know who has more fun, Kari or the boys.
After a few lessons from the master Trey jumped on the motorcycle Jerry loaned to us.
Papa you’re to big for that one. We call this quad Red. We bought it off our neighbor in Queen Creek 20 years ago. I do believe we have gotten our monies worth.
After a day of fun look who pooped out.
Kari loves Tanner. She always goes right to him.

The kids came in and wanted to know if we wanted to go mud bogging. While hell yes!

Trey shows use how to do it.
Tanner had a blast
Next stop snow. We found a little patch and tried our luck.
Trey you go faster if you sit down!
The best Papa in the world!

Since we needed cardboard Papa road back to get some. He was welcomed back with some snow balls!!!

Cold muddy boys

After an afternoon of total dirty fun it was time for a hose down.

The boys took it like muddy champs. Once hosed down they stripped down and ran into the nice warm shower.

It’s always sad to say goodbye. It was a fun busy weekend. Boys just know that Grammie and Papa love you more than you know.

Till next time….


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