Mt. Shasta here we come…..

Martin discovered that there was a cave close by. We love caves so of course I was game.

We traveled a short distance to our adventure of the day.
A little low clouds greet us.
Potty time

We arrived at the cave tour destination. We had a small wait till the next tour so we took this time to enjoy a bite to eat.

We said bye bye to our babies.
The lake is right this way.

It was a long way down the hill to the water. This brought back that awful trip and fall I took as a kid.

Ferry boat ride across the lake

We were so happy to see our tour guide not wearing a mask. This was going to be fun cause we get to be normal not controlled.

Shasta Lake
As we climbed higher and higher during our bus ride you could see just how big the lake was.
Two retired love birds enjoying life.

Since I took a million pictures. So not to bore you I only shared a few. This cave was so high up into the mountain. It was super wet and not cold at all. Absolutely beautiful.

After a beautiful day of adventure we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

We left Shasta and headed to Placerville. Someone special to us lives there.


We ubered a ride to meet Kara for dinner. Kara lived with us in Queen Creek for a year while she was going to school. Then she decided to go back to Eureka. It was a great visit. And to enjoy a beer at a restaurant that doesn’t require a mask was so appreciated. Kara gave us a ride back to our moho. We said our goodbyes and see ya soons. I thought I left my mask that I didn’t have to wear in her car until I noticed something.

Awe……there it is!!!!

With no end plan we decided to go to mammoth mountain. Our timing has been perfect with the weather. Behind the storm we were blessed with the most amazing drive.

After settling into Mammoth rv park we checked the cameras at home. Still snowing.

I was craving pizza. We found a place with take out only and it was just a short walk away.

So worth the hike through the snowy streets.

This rv park was like a parking lot with power and water along the sides. For one night we only needed power.

It must be 5:00 somewhere.

Kate and I painted some wine glasses of Aunt Bevs. Repurposed!!!
My handsome husband. My moho driver. My partner in crime. My love.
Our girls felt right at home making yellow snow.

The next morning we decided to take a morning walk to get some coffee. Well let’s just say after having Strawbucks for two weeks Starbucks was not worth the money or the effort. We couldn’t sit inside. So we sat here outside in the cold.

Waiting for my barista to deliver my order. Lol aka Martin.
The requirements that this establishment puts on customers we will not buy another coffee there. Bye bye Starbucks.

As we left Mammoth we headed to Pahrump, NV. Another beautiful drive.

Snow to dry mountains
It was a very windy drive into Death Valley.
Kansas enjoys the scenery too.
Kari loves to snuggle with me when it’s cold in the moho.
My one year anniversary since my broken finger accident. It’s curvy but at least I still have it.
My hand surgeon did the best he could. Looks like he used a crochet hook, sewing needle and a L bracket. When he removed the pins it felt like something I hope never to experience again.

We arrived in Mesquite NV for a visit with Martin’s brother Tim and his wife Nancy. We had such a nice chat and dinner.

Nancy and Joyce
Their kitty cat had the most beautiful eyes.

So far three weeks into our trip we have not traveled the same freeway twice.

Heading to Zion National Park.
We are just on beauty over load.
It was a little scary taking the moho through the canyon.
We had to pay to go through this tunnel. The reason…… we were so tall in the moho the park rangers had to close the tunnel both ways so we could travel at the tallest part of the arch…… down the middle of the road we go.
Ready or not here we go.
There were these openings that I could see where we came from. Martin’s eyes were straight forward.
We really could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our personal self guided tour was coming to an end.
After our little adventure we stopped along the side of the road to let the girls stretch their legs.
We hiked down the trail.
We survived the Zion Tunnel.
We weren’t the first ones here. Cairn was here.
Kansas was here.
Martin and Kari were here.
After a nice little hike time for lunch.
Water for Martin and wine for me.
We stopped for the night boon-docking here at this over look.
We watched the sunset.
Learned a thing or two.
Just by chance I captured Kari looking like a doggie model.
The morning sunrise was a nice way to start our final day on the road.

Another spectacular drive.

Potty stop
This old girl at almost 15 still has it. She takes us where we need to go.
Martin age 63. Joyce age 62. Married 42 years Two old wild and crazy kind of people.

After almost 4 weeks on the road when we get home we traveled 3,000 miles and only traveled twice on the same road at Holbrook, AZ. We have traveled past the Meteor Crater and never stopped to visit. Today was the day.

Yep it’s a big ass hole in the ground.
Lookie here. Lookie there. Lookie over where? Big ass hole in the ground.
Martin and a new friend
Joyce looking for a friend.
I found one. I wonder how fast his spaceship goes.
Looks like a meteor to me.
Kari welcomed us back to the moho.
We stopped for fuel and saw some cool cars.
Kari wanted to drive but Daddy said that she didn’t have a Licence.

Getting closer to home we could feel the excitement and the sadness all at once. Being that it was getting late in the day we elected to stop one last time in Springerville. The roads at home would be muddy. Grocery shop in the morning then hit the road for home.

The familiar mountain we love.
Our community roads we pretty good early in the morning.

When we opened the front door you could smell the orange blossoms from the clementine tree.

As we unloaded we tracked through the mud squishing back and forth. Once unloaded it was a rest day. Chilling on the sofa is our favorite family time.

Sister love.

Thank you my husband who drove the whole 3,000 miles. Hope you all enjoyed our trip as much as we did.

Till next time…..


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