February 2021…On the road again….

We hit the road towards Eureka. The drive was just stunning.

Raining and green
HWY 101

Such beauty everywhere.

Eel River

The historic Benbow Inn. Our KOA was just on the other side of the river.

See our moho is just over there past the trees.

A day of rest was the plan. We read, napped and walked the dogs. Then we were off to a nice dinner at the inn.

Waiting for our table.
Look at how beautiful
Eating inside because of stupid Covid crap is a no no so they put you inside outside so dumb.

It was the Inns first night back after being closed for the stupid Covid crap. It was nice to be out for dinner but for us not worth what we paid for it. We have learned that my cooking is so much better.

We arrived to Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dave’s. Next door is Trina and Jeremy, Martin’s cousins. We parked right out front. What a nice visit. Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dave took us for a tour around Eureka.

I think this was north Jetty

The next day was pig harvest day. Trina and Jeremy harvested three pigs the day before and there was two left to chop up.

These two little piggies went to the market and didn’t come home.
It’s a Portuguese family bonding time.
Nice to have the right tools to do the work.

Family arrives to help

Cutting up pig fat into chunks
Chop chop chop chop.

Knowing the family was working the famous Miss Clara brought food for the sole.

Portuguese doughnuts. Yummy!
Uncle Dave with his newphew Marty.
Aunt Natalie getting help with her iPad from the tech guru Marty.
Jeremy grinding up pork.

The next morning was breakfast at Uncle Dave’s and Aunt Natalies.

Nice fire Natalie.

Family gathering has been a no no for some people. For us we were so thankful that we were welcomed to visit.

Special times.

We enjoyed ourselves so much. So thankful for our family.

Da Boys!!!

Since checking the cameras at home and collecting information from our neighbors there was no reason to hurry home.

Record snow fall. 18”

So we hit the road for Mount Shasta as a kid my parents took us camping at Mt. Shasta. I remember running down this trail to the water. My parents said, “Don’t run you will hurt yourself.” Well it was so much fun till I tripped over a root going across the trail and landed on my stomach. I couldn’t say a word for one I knocked the wind out of myself. I couldn’t breathe. Two a just didn’t want to hear those words, “we told you so.” So I sucked up the pain. Didn’t cry and walked carefully down the rest of the way to the water.

It was a foggy drive.
Weaverville was a potty stop for the girls. We happened to find a Chinese restaurant open for dine in eating. We took advantage.
Piece of pie rat rod idea

We stretched our legs with a walk downtown Weaverville. Stopped into the ice cream shop and saw the tractor. Gave Martin an idea for little stripped down lawn tractors ratted out for the kids to drive in the parades.

Shasta Lake.

There she is. MT. Shasta.

We spent the night at the KOA at the base. Our fun begins again tomorrow.

Till next time….


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