2021 begins……

As the New Year begins, there are many changes. First thing finish up with my Dance Stars Studio work.

Jazmyne’s solo
Getting stoned at night.
Yes the stones go on one by one

With the end of a very difficult season and the uncertainty of delivery options, why not take a road trip and deliver the dance costumes ourselves. Load em up.

Martin pulls the moho to the front door as it was snowing.
Leaving the snow behind. Vacation here we come.
The good thing about vacationing is that it’s 5:00 somewhere.

Martin always drives. Me, this is my time to relax enjoy and appreciate what my husband always does for us. First stop was a visit with Martin’s parents. Always nice to see them.

Second stop. Dance Stars drop off. Costumes safely delivered. Can’t thank Harmony enough for her devotion to my creativity. She has been a client for over 20 years. And with the stupid Covid crap she fought hard and pushed forward to have a somewhat normal competition season for her kids. So with her effort she helped me to survive. So thank you, thank you, thank you Harmony.

The best part of all my hard work is seeing these pictures.
These have the cutest pineapple on their butts.
These kids rocked this number.

Third stop our dear best friends house. We have reservations in the front driveway. Thank you Kevin and Paula for always welcoming us.

Since the solar guru was in town, we headed up to Jennifer and Nathaniel’s. Martin and Kevin worked on their solar and us girls went to groom Jennifer’s horse.

And after. The ponytail is perfect.

While the guys continued to move panels. Disconnect wires and scratch their heads us girls went shopping. I saw this sign and sent it to my hubby.

It’s moments like these that just fill my heart.

Paula and I took the dogs for a nice walk.

Hello down there!! Miss Paula come on up.
Hello down there down there. Hold on tight Joyce.
Such a beautiful hike

The best part of a vacation with no end planned we are able to just go with the flow.

Kevin’s Aunt Bev passed away just before Christmas. Kevin as executor to her estate had the pleasure of cleaning out of her house. So we helped with the sorting of stuff.

A beautiful coin was discovered.
Furniture taken apart. Team work makes dream work.
Little Bella helping at Aunt Bev’s house.
Goodwill here we come.

As we helped, I couldn’t help the feeling of I don’t want to die!!!! I love life, family and friends too much to leave this beautiful world. But it’s going to happen. Our kids will have the pleasure of going through our endless supply of stuff.

Another beautiful evening up at Jennifer and Nathaniel’s

The boys bought a RC glider. The feeling of flying free up high is something they enjoy.

Hummmmm who’s flying?
Blind Ole Bat, that’s who.
The view is stunning.

We left the snow and enjoyed a little rain.

Freedom is the best feeling.

What Best Costume!!! The joy you see on the kids faces is the best award ever.

Harmony always shares with me the awards she gets for best costume awards.

This news just made my day.

My dear friend, Tina, her dog had puppies. Oh my so cute. I so wanted to take one home. Our two dogs make our life complete. Paula and Kate each picked one out. Little Bella went everywhere with us.

Bella enjoying her freedom. Window down and wind in her face car ride.

Friends. What does that me to you? To us Friends are everything. We laugh together. We cry together. We accept one another as we are.

Martin, Kevin, Paula, Robert, Tina and Joyce.
“Two Sistars” yes Sistars cause we sparkle like stars.
Two “Handsome Dudes” yes handsome dudes. Over 50 plus years of friendship
Who’s this? Is that Jimmy Agostini?

Yes it is Jimmy. Haven’t seen him since high school. What a nice visit.

This was our last night visiting friends and hanging out in Acampo. What a great two weeks. Still we have no end plan to our trip so decided to head up to Eureka to visit family. After all stupid Covid crap has forced me to retire. I turned 62 on January 31st. Kevin and Paula took me to church. With my husband by my side I gave my heart to god. With no work in the near future I filed for my social security. My First check arrives in March. Martin and I both are getting back what we have paid into for years. And we thank all you young people for supporting us for the rest of our days here on earth.

Till next time…..


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