Say Goodbye to 2020…..

I know it has been a long time since my last blog. 2020 was definitely a challenge in many many different ways.

So let’s catch up ready go…….

We won our first car show with the Pie Rat

Lake Pleasant AZ Rockabilly 2020. Best Rat Rod
Martin the builder. Joyce the interior decorator! We won we won!!!

The best part of the day is all the kids who love the Pie -Rat. Inviting them to sit in the car makes their faces light up.

Then to receive a t-shirt and come back the next day wearing it warms our hearts.

We had a few guests stop by

Mika, Jamie and Papa
Mika, Jamie and Grammie

Kevin and Paula joined us in on the fun.

Hot chicks and cool cars

After a nice warm trip we get a little dusting of snow balls.

The snow is mother nature’s miracles
Then the crystal formations are stunning
The first snow is always welcomed. It’s water in our tanks.

We had a special guest

My dear friend from high school, Lorna, arrived. We gave her the Pie Town experience. Ride in the razor.
The Toaster House
The VLBA. Very Long Baseline Array

Our neighbor Sue offered to give Lorna a horse experience.

Can’t get any cutier than this.

The Elk Experience! Our neighbors Rob and Rose have herds to 30-50 elk come in in the evenings. So we were able to see them from their warm house

I see them I see them!
Class of ‘77 rules.

Kari gets so scared by strangers so we bought her a special transport vehicle to make her feel safe around the big bad people.

Oh mom I’m scared
I’m so safe now!

Thanksgiving was a real Treat for us. The Williams’ family were able to spend the special day with us up here in Pie Town.

Wood cutting time. Mika gets her first lesson in driving a tractor. Parker watches eagerly waiting his turn.
Marcus does man work.
Jamie picks up the mans work.
Parker takes a turn doing man work.
Parker splits the mans work. Mika carries the mans work to Jamie who organizes the mans work.
Papa watches the man do work.
Mika took her turn splitting the mans work.

Family working together to cut wood for the Williams’ to enjoy a nice fire outdoors in Arizona. That sounds crazy right. That’s something we don’t miss is the Arizona heat.

Mika gives Parker a ride in her 19 year old red wagon
Look how much this girl has grown. I use to tie her in it as we cruised around the Phoeniz Zoo.
Mika and Mika experience the Toaster House
If you ever need a pair of shoes you can find them here. The Toaster House.
Who’s ready for a ride? Jamie that’s who!
Masks are worn here for dust not Covid!
True love on a quad!!! This couple has spent more time apart than together due to the stupid Covid shit.

We said goodbye to Martin’s Harley. Marcus is the new owner of a sweet ride. Our days of the wind in our faces on the back of this beast are over.

Mika and Parker took to making pancakes for breakfast

Yum yum
Sparky is waiting for his pancakes.

Thanksgiving Day started with burning calories in preparation for the big Turkey dinner.

High up on the ridge.
Love our family.
Our babies.
Mika and her Bo
Finally dinner time at the family table. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Storm is brewing.
But first the kids wanted to take home a real tree home. This one will do.
No chainsaw here. If your going to cut down a tree you must do it the old fashion way. Back and forth. Back and forth.
Giggle, giggle, giggle
Parker carries it away like a feather.
With the man work loaded. The Harley secured tightly to the trailer. And the tree secured and ready to travel. We had to say goodbye to family as weather was coming in quick.
The girls love the snow
Nickname ……Snow Plow
Nickname……..old Girl.

2020 has been an adventure of a lifetime. Some people have lost a life. Some people have lost their businesses. Some people have lost their homes. With every $$$ we have lost we are so very thankful to be living where we do. We social distant live everyday. We have no mortgage, no power bills, no water bills and no car payments.

For me I’ve learned the real feeling of gratitude. So grateful for our life, my life, our families and friends.

Till next time…..


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