Say Goodbye 2020 part 2……

Since the day after Thanksgiving we’ve had snow on the ground everyday.

Nobody loves it more than these two.
Looks like Bigfoot ran through here.
Love our snow photos.
With the cold outside Martin keeps us warm inside. Our new stove works so much better.
Kari uses it to warm her bum!
Homemade English muffins can be found cooking during a cold winter storm.
The front can be seen inside the greenhouse when it’s super cold outside.
When you are just craving BBQ chicken you will do anything to make it happen.
My assistant BBQ chef has trouble staying out of the snow/mud while helping.
Sometimes your own cell phone catches this amazing chance in a lifetime. Saturn and Jupiter. (We think). It’s been too long since I took this picture. Old age. Can’t remember crap.
With snow next comes mud.

These girls have hairy toes so the snow sticks and makes snow balls in their paws. So we decided to try these snow booties.

Kansas says, “What in the hell are these stupid things”

Kari ran right out of them and Kansas would not go poop or pee in them. So don’t waste your money on them. Or if anyone wants them I’ll ship them.

The winter time brings in the sun. It warms the house and makes us smile.
One thing I’ve learned to do pretty good is make this rustic artesian bread. Two versions. Flax seed or rosemary.
Christmas is coming so time to spruce up the little one.
Kansas had a spa date with Wendy. Now we are ready for the holidays

Christmas Eve starts with a game of foot golf.

Marcus and Jamie
Tanner shows is how to do it.
Get it done Marty.
Ada has perfect form.
Waiting and waiting and waiting. Those guys who use clubs are holding us up
Our family
Our crazy family
It’s Christmas time.
Ada helps make Food, food, food.
Marty the chef of the night prepares the feast.
Thank you Marty and Ada for hosting a wonderful Christmas
Ready set unwrap!!!
Papa and Kari chillin after a busy day.

Back home and just recovering after traveling Martin turned on the girls favorite channel.

Kari say, “ how do they do that?”
Kansas says, “ big deal I just tore the guts out of this baby”
Kansas says, “ hi dude”
The moon here is big and bright and beautiful
Martin helps neighbors and friends as much as he can. This doubled sided sign was painted by me and the metal letters designed and cut out of metal by Martin.
Another storm lays a new blanket of the white stuff. Ready for the New Year.

As we finally say goodbye to 2020 it ended well with studio work coming my way. Thank god everyday for his strength. Thank god for the love and support of my husband. I pray that we all find our way out of whatever situation we were forced into. Stay positive stay safe and looking forward to a better 2021.

Till next time……


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