Another trip to the valley…..

First Post op appointment. What did I do. Seeing these pins sticking out of my finger is when it really set in.

After the appointment what do we do…..yep head to Lowe’s for supplies.

Our little troopers

We drove back home. Martin and his one handed assistant got back to work

Martin ran water lines, drain pipes and power. Finished insulation.

Luckily I ordered TP from Costco before the hoarding really set in. Covid 19 virus has officially turn this country into a shit storm. People going crazy with the threat that this virus will kill us all.

Pi day 314

Luckily we were able to have Pie on Pi day. Locals along with travelers joined together to celebrate the special day of Pie Town.

My favorite cherry pie

With everything we have been through in the last six weeks there is always time for a birthday party.

Mika and Papa

The reality of this Covid 19 virus is hitting home for everyone. Mika just begun a relationship with Parker and he had to return to Canada. She was so sad and our hearts broke for her.

Trey and Tanner
Jamie and Joyce
Marty and his favorite girl Sassy

Martin turned 63 and still the love of my life. Happy birthday love. Thank you Jamie for putting together papas party.

Hoping to get these damn painful pins out of my finger

Yes removal day

I’m ready but not ready.

Pulling supplies.

So nervous. I had to sit and wait alone. No husband by my side. The virus had kept him from being allowed not only with me but from even the waiting room. Alone the doctor finally came in to torture me. Pulling firmly one slid out. The second one was not as easy. The angle was not right. The pain intensified. Breathing deeply he moved to the third one. It came out easy now back to the stubborn one. Dr told me to just breathe. What I really wanted to do was to kick him in the shin. He held my finger firmly and then just pulled hard. OMG!!! It hurt so bad but it was finally over. Now I was sporting this stupid pink thing.

Stupid pink thing

Till next time…… I will finish catching up tomorrow


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