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Now let’s get to work…..

The bathroom awaits. Time to get to work.

Can you say ship lap? After this bathroom Martin doesn’t want to see another piece of shit lap!
It’s up and it beautiful. Now we just need light.
But first the ceiling. Such a hard job screwing over your head!
We have light!!!!
We added trim at the ceiling.
Tin surround and trim wood.

It’s just step by step. Little at a time and day by day. This stupid finger injury has slowed us down but we still just plugged away.

Red sore and 6 weeks post op.
My special ambiance!!!

Martin would each day take a bite out of the list of things to do. He could picture me in my tub soaking my painful finger so he presses hard to get it done.

Squealing brake sound!!!!!!

Joyce in the first mask made

This Covid virus has closed down our country. People are suffering everywhere. It hit me a few weeks back that I might not have costumes to sew cause nothing is open. My orders for March canceled and tryouts for the Cardinals cheerleaders are postponed. I saw no work for March, April and May.

On March 30, 2020 one text message changed our lives. Masks were needed for a company in California who couldn’t buy them anywhere. Harmony asked if I could make some.

Martin downloaded a china pattern we made one and altered it to fit our American faces.

Martin was a great fit model.

Martin tried it on and gave his approval. With the pattern made we gave a price and 100 masks were ordered.

100 masks! Wow I was now seeing that this could save us. One post on Facebook they took off. I couldn’t keep up with sewing and taking orders and also keep track of payment. So Martin set up Pie Town Designs website. Something we always wanted to do but were to busy to get to it. With a few days we were up and running and directing people to the site.

Red flannel leftover from a project for the Cardinals Cheerleaders

As I sat sewing masks I looked at my stock and wondered if the Cardinals would like some. So just one text asking a question turned into 252 masks for personnel and cheerleaders.

We were so ready just to haul ass to get the bathroom done now we are making masks all day and everyday. The orders would come in each day and our turn around time is the next day shipped. Martin figured out all the shipping stuff. Ordered supplies, scale, label printer and quickly we were streamlined.

The Cardinals organization wanted to do an article about us.

With this article masks blew up. No time to build. Only time to create. We added new prints or fabrics each day posting on Facebook.

I ❤️ my dog
Paw prints

This is how people touch our lives. The FedEx driver got stuck in the mud so he called us to see if Martin could help him.

Martin helping Roy.

With me telling Roy about the mask making the next day he ordered 12. Paid for them out of his own pocket then donated them to a local hospice. So for us helping him, he helped us and then he helped hospice. And then fedex orders 200 masks. Ain’t life beautiful.

To thank our customers we added their photos on the website.

Shelby and her husband sporting Their masks
Some Custom requests were donated. Dr Tom loves Apple products and is very ill with stage 4 liver cancer. Wishing him a comfortable journey.

It’s hard to believe that one little bug can change millions of people’s lives.


With all this craziness and traveling for finger appointments and supplies I was able to buy plants for the green house. They give me peace and calmness. spring is my favorite time of the year.

Can you see their faces?

We found that custom imprinted masks were in need.

If you can think it we can print it. Martin and I make a great team. Not only in making masks but in life. We balance each other. In two months we are approaching 2,500 masks made. Donated or sold.

With masks slowing down cause everyone and their brother are making them I finally had time to sit down and mosaic a step. One of many to do items on the list.

I found time to make the bottle window in the bathroom

Cute Kari

One thing this girl can do is put all this crap aside and just make you smile.

Martin and I were featured in the local paper Catron Courier. The lady behind the mask. Well without my sidekick I couldn’t have done it. With my painful finger he kept us going. The nerve pain in the morning was sometimes unbearable. He kept encouraging me or just a hug made it feel better. Love that sidekick of mine.

Till next time….


Tomorrow has come and gone 4 days ago…..

Worst storm EVER

After receiving my pretty pink pinky splint we hit the road home. It was crazy cause I had to drive my car home and Martin drove his truck. So I followed him closely. It was a white knuckle intense trip driving late at night in sometimes white out conditions. What were we thinking. We weren’t.

The next morning I was able to take the time to really look at my poor digit.

Marty, Ada and the boys arrived a few days later ready to have some fun.

Fun to us is getting things done. John, Frank, Martin and Marty put their heads together to determine the best way to move the new beast of a wood burning stove. 750 pounds of soon to be warmth.

Awe they got this. Like an Egyptian! One on each end. Ready set go! Nope. To hella heavy.

Lift to a pallet jack to an engine hoist to its final resting place.

Thank god for tools.
This baby puts out the heat.

So thankful for all the help when we need it.

Tanner and Kari

Snow ride time.

Who’s there. Trey that’s who!

Beautiful sunny day.

Stud muffin!
Ada is ready for snow ball throwing.
Such happy smiles.

Making memories. Snow, mud, wet shoes, cold fingers and lots of giggles.

Kansas loves riding
The girls making yellow snow.

One thing Martin and I do is live. Live fully everyday and love our family whole heartily.

We took the kids up the mountain and wanted to take these trails off the main road. As we headed down Mother Nature said no. The gator got high sided in the deep snow and we were stuck.

Kansas says, “I didn’t do this mess”

Luckily the razor has a winch. ( time to put that winch on the gator). It pulled the gator out and we were able to head back out.

Another day of fun

Time to destroy some things. With adding the flushing toilet we had no more need for the composting stinky toilet. We pulled that shitting thing out along with the big heavy old TVs out of the moho. Martin lined them up for targets.

Tanner taking aim.

Tanner took the first shot.

Tanner hits the tv.
Trey destroys the toilet
Marty misses!!!!!

Not really but I made you laugh.

Everyone had the chance to take a shot. Except me. My finger is too painful.

Ada unloads the gun.
So glad to see this thing dead.

Love it when friends and family come to visit. Special times equal special memories. This is why I blog. It is not only to share the build of the house with all of you but also to make it like a journal of our life. With this blog our children and grandchildren will be able to go back and remember us when we are long gone. For me growing up I had the shoe box full of black and white photos to pull out. Touch, feel and reminisce. With the digital age everyone’s pictures are on their devices. Family can’t touch and feel and reminisce. I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy sharing it. We welcome everyone into our home if you ever need to get away from the crazy crowded town. The air is fresh and beds are comfortable.

Till next time…..


Another trip to the valley…..

First Post op appointment. What did I do. Seeing these pins sticking out of my finger is when it really set in.

After the appointment what do we do…..yep head to Lowe’s for supplies.

Our little troopers

We drove back home. Martin and his one handed assistant got back to work

Martin ran water lines, drain pipes and power. Finished insulation.

Luckily I ordered TP from Costco before the hoarding really set in. Covid 19 virus has officially turn this country into a shit storm. People going crazy with the threat that this virus will kill us all.

Pi day 314

Luckily we were able to have Pie on Pi day. Locals along with travelers joined together to celebrate the special day of Pie Town.

My favorite cherry pie

With everything we have been through in the last six weeks there is always time for a birthday party.

Mika and Papa

The reality of this Covid 19 virus is hitting home for everyone. Mika just begun a relationship with Parker and he had to return to Canada. She was so sad and our hearts broke for her.

Trey and Tanner
Jamie and Joyce
Marty and his favorite girl Sassy

Martin turned 63 and still the love of my life. Happy birthday love. Thank you Jamie for putting together papas party.

Hoping to get these damn painful pins out of my finger

Yes removal day

I’m ready but not ready.

Pulling supplies.

So nervous. I had to sit and wait alone. No husband by my side. The virus had kept him from being allowed not only with me but from even the waiting room. Alone the doctor finally came in to torture me. Pulling firmly one slid out. The second one was not as easy. The angle was not right. The pain intensified. Breathing deeply he moved to the third one. It came out easy now back to the stubborn one. Dr told me to just breathe. What I really wanted to do was to kick him in the shin. He held my finger firmly and then just pulled hard. OMG!!! It hurt so bad but it was finally over. Now I was sporting this stupid pink thing.

Stupid pink thing

Till next time…… I will finish catching up tomorrow


Where has the time gone…..

I must apologize for my lack of posting. 2020 started off great. I finished a very busy season. My best ever! We started the new bathroom. Then I broke my finger screwing in a screw.

John and Martin framing up the foundation for the new bathroom.

The dudes came to give Martin a hand in pouring concrete.

Many hands make work done faster.

With the concrete work complete. All my work done it was finally time to start building.

However the weather was not the best. The girls loved it though.

Kari’s favorite thing is snow.
Kansas can take it or leave it.

We had appointments in the valley for yearly check ups and a very special boys birthday.

Happy birthday Tanner. Age 9
Brother Trey age 11

Go cart racing. Martin and Marty battled and Martin came out with the fastest lap of the night. The old man still has it.

Cousin love.

As soon as we got home we got busy building. But first with all the snow we had to dump water. Hopefully this will be the last time. With a new bathroom we plan on using that water we would dump back to Mother Nature.

The girls had so much fun playing in the water and mud. Now it was time to build.


The progress was going good for only two days of building. Then on the third day 2020 went all to hell.

Broken finger

I was screwing in a 3” screw and the damn thing would catch in the wood. So I adjusted my hand to hold it better. Pressed harder and pulled the trigger faster then it caught the wood along with my glove. It twisted my glove around the screw. I said, “Ooow my finger.” I could not let go of the screw cause it was caught. I had I put the drill in reverse then I was free. Pulled my glove off and went, “ Oh Shit!” Martin said, “Girls get in the truck”. He loaded us all and he zoomed down US60 looking at that ugly finger the whole way. Hoping it was just dislocated he made the hour trip to the hospital in 50 min. Awaiting the doctor to look at it the pain started to set in. The X-ray proved my suspicions wrong. It was not only broke but shattered, twisted and shorter.

When the doctor told me I needed surgery to pin it I just started crying. I was so mad at myself. I worked so hard during my season and I was so looking forward to helping Martin build now I was screwed really screwed. Martin was able to contact my hand surgeon and surgery was scheduled within three days. That meant another trip to the valley. (We just got back)

With my styling left hand we didn’t let it slow us down much.

Bathroom all wrapped up

With the bathroom all sealed up Martin was able to cut the hole for the doorway. This was a big deal.

Peek-a-boo I see you.

A new bathroom needs power, water and propane. So pulling all those was another big deal.

We were so anxious to get the toilet in Martin started tiling. Me I took a nap. Still struggling with pain!

Back to the valley we go first post op appointment.

OMG!!! What the hell did I do?

Till next time…..