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Merry Happy Christmas Year……..

Well 2020 is here and I am just now finding time to blog about the holidays.

We were contacted by another local school to help out with costumes for their Christmas play. Datil is 20 minutes east from us. Together Martin and I created some of the cutest things.

Parents, teachers and family members gathered and were welcomed by these decorations.

The show was about to begin.

The kids did a great job.

And before you know it it was over.

Ready for family time we headed down to the valley. First stop was Kansas’ spa appointment.

Before her much needed appointment

After Wendy does her magic. All clean and pretty.

Next stop dinner with Mikaila. She turned 18 and a celebration was in order.

Dinner at Firebirds. Happy birthday to our favorite granddaughter!

The next day is baseball time.

Trey is such a stud.

Of course Kari warmed the hearts of other moms.

The next stop was Tanners game. He’s such a little cutie.

Kari and Kansas were enjoying the game.

With Mikaila turning 18 we wanted to remember it by getting girls tattoos.

The design was finalized. The size and placement was agreed on. Mikaila was the first victim.

While waiting we were playing around.

Ready set go…..

Then it was all over.

Who’s next?

I decided to go so Jamie could think about it a little bit longer.

60 years old and my first tattoo.

Ta-da!!! I did it.

Next is Jamie! Ready or not it’s your turn.

Yes these are all the faces she made.

So proud of her! We are forever bonded together.

Trey came to hang with us as we did this crazy adventure.

Happy birthday my dearest granddaughter. I love you to infinity and beyond and back.

I love this photo!

Always fun catching a family movie with the kiddos.

Something new in our family last year was the split of Marty and Shawna. After 11 years of marriage they decided to go separate directions. So proud of them that they agreed to put the boys needs first. They sold their house and divided up their lives.

The boys were so use to us staying with them that when they moved into their new house that Tanner moved his single wide bed into Treys room and he got a double wide bed for Grammie and Papa to have a place to stay. Shawna will always be apart of our hearts and our family.

Christmas Eve welcomes a new addition to our family. Ada is Marty’s girl friend.

Ada is warm and kind and most of all makes Marty happy. Our family will love and accept our children’s choices no matter what.

Kansas knows there’s a bone under the tree.

Cousin love.

Breakfast is what’s for dinner.

Gift time. Yep Kansas says, “I just know it’s a bone.”

Cousins being goofy.

Merry Christmas!

Martin and I traveled home on Christmas Day and we were welcomed with a white Christmas. We hope ya all had a great holiday season and Happy New Year.

Till next time…..