The new addition…..

Thanksgiving weekend was tons of fun.

It started with dinner at Suzanne’s house Wednesday night. Happy birthday to Marcus. Always fun family times.

Thanksgiving Day was spent at Karen and Craig’s. We are always welcomed with warm hearts.

Beautiful table!!!!

Lots of great food.

Aunt Hannah and Sam were such a pleasure to visit with.

Lots of extended family love.

Father and daughter love. We can’t thank Karen and Craig for always including us when we are in town.

Friday we went on an adventure!! Shelter bound. We have been wanting a new addition so we were just waiting for the right one.

Papa saw this little cutie in someone else’s arms. As I was looking at another puppy Martin said you have got to see this cutie. Just then the strangers arms that were holding her put her back in her kennel. Martin said go get her!!!! I pulled her out and she snuggled close. Oh no, love at first sight.

All the grands agreed to the choice. We played with her and everyone took turns holding her.

She was ours. What kind of dog is she? We don’t know. All we know is she is a bundle of cuteness.

The next day we had errands to run so off we go with both our babies in tow.

Lowe’s she did great.

At Petsmart, Kansas enjoyed seeing the fish as we purchased supplies for the new bundle of fur.

Traveling in the car she settles down so good.

Upon arriving at home it was time for her first walk.

She followed Kansas like she was her mommy.

Her spot was found. Squat and release. That was her first pee in the snow.

Kansas said, “Good girl!”

The white stuff is cold.

The next day Kari, (Kar-ree) explores my office as Daddy laid down plywood to cover the planter bed hole in the house. In my office there is plenty to play with.

Kansas is a good big sister to share her bed for nap time.

Martin is pulling the electrical wire for power in the green house. Progress!!!

As Martin works the girls could be found on the sofa napping.

I love receiving photos of my projects. Warms my heart.

I just have to share this cute story. The first time I fed the girls I set down the bowls. Kansas then put her nose to Kari’s nose then pointed to Kari’s bowl then started eating her food out of her bowl then Kari started eating out of her bowl. It was like this is your dance space and this is my dance space. Just too cute.

Ok one more story, this morning early we took the girls out to do their business. It’s 5:30am dark and cold. We both are in our robes, heavy coats and mud boots. Yes sexy! And flash light in our hands. We are walking and Kari dropped a big pee. Then she was just getting ready to pop a poop and the coyotes started howling. She stopped, listened and then hauled off ran back to the house. She ran so fast we couldn’t keep the light on her. So we calmed her down and finally she was able to pop her poop and we were all safe back in the house.

This is Kari after her first hike on our longest trail. When she walks she runs. She has a turbo switch.

We giggle everyday as we watch the girls. Life is good!

Till next time………Joyce.

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