It has begun….

Jay, the turd specialist, arrived last week with the septic tank and equipment to dig with.

He wanted to beat the storm.

With a few supervisors to watch Jay dig and dig and dig. The tank was set.

A little high the supervisor said so a little more digging and it was at the right height.

As it became dark the job was incomplete.

The storm hit overnight.

We love waking up to the peacefulness of the white snow.

Kansas was ready for her morning walk. Snow or sunshine she loves her walks. We have three trails cut in the 33 acres. So on the cold mornings we will take a shorter trail. For her she doesn’t care how long we go just as long as we go.

For us we just love the snow. It’s actually harder to walk in the snow than sand.

Our fence was kissed with mother nature’s art.

Later in the morning I measured the snow. Really I think it was more like 6″.

With the short break in the weather Jay came to complete the septic system. And before you know it it was done. The plans for the new bathroom were in motion.

Another snow storm hits. And yes we went for our morning walk.

With the house being bermed checking the level of snow on the roof is easy.

With the fresh snow seeing the little and big animal activity is easy to spot. From nothing to……

Bunny tracks to…..

Big feet to…..

Not sure what in the hell this is…..

After her walk you can find Kansas warming up on her bed in the sunshine.

Today is Wednesday and we are heading to the valley. Delivering new orange jersey dresses for the Suns Cheerleaders and orange jersey tops for the solar squad.

We can’t wait to see the family. Lots to do while we are there. Birthday dinner for Marcus, turkey dinner, baseball games, and ASU football game.

I’m dedicating this blog to Linda. She loves reading our blog and she just underwent some major surgeries. Hope you are feeling better soon, Linda.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Safe travels and gobble gobble!!!

Till next time,


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