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Happy birthday Trey…..

Yesterday we traveled down to the valley for a doctors appointment for me.

Last two months I have been in terrible pain in my low back down my right leg. Tried a massage for relief but it still was there. Just knew it was more so after a consult and MRI the results came back with two bulging disc. So epidural time. The best place in the valley is Desert Spine and Sports Medicine. Dr Brad Sorosky is the best. He treats all the Phoenix Suns players.

After the injection I felt much better. We scheduled another injection in two weeks and I will set up some physical therapy.

After a delivery to the Cardinals and a stop at Costco it was celebration time.

This little boy, Trey, is turning 11. So it was dinner at Benihana’s. His choice!

With all family members huddled around the cook top we were all hungry.

As always dinner was sooooo yummy.

Goof ball Tanner at his best.

With dinner over, family photo time.

As you can see we have an extra dinner guest. Mikaila’s boy friend Orlando ( aka Florida is what I nicknamed him) joined in on the fun. What a first experience for him. This crazy family.

Speaking of crazy. After dinner Marcus started with a great picture of Trey.

Laughing so hard he started in on me.

Then Martin.

We couldn’t quit laughing.

Jamie or Marty who is it? Well I think the boobs give it away. Jamie!!!!

Ok this is a guess who moment?

Nothing like cute baby face Martin!

Then Shawna joined in on the other side of the table.

Shawna looks like she’s comfortable in a bubble bath!

And then there’s Marty!

Sexy, sexy, sexy!!!!

And then there is the cutest little Tanner!

We never laughed so hard.

Yep this is us! Our crazy family.

Now for the guess who, it was Marcus!

Till next time……


Ps I forgot two important people

The bearded lady Mikaila and her/his sidekick.

The is Flo-reed-a!

Holy crap I would lose my head if it wasn’t attached.

Till next time…..

Tears of joy….

Over Memorial Day weekend we spent time with family.

First stop Prescott. Baseball time!

Trey starts off playing catcher. He’s such a stud. He reminds us of his Daddy so much.

Brother Tanner watches while munching on Grammies watermelon.

Trey always comes over to say Hi when he has a break in the action.

Trey Trey he’s our man! If he can’t pitch it no one can!

As the baseball came to an end we traveled to visit some dear friends. Terry and Kelly Raymond live not to far from Prescott. It’s so nice when you can catch up with such nice people.

We headed back to the cabin we stayed in and here come these beautiful horses.

Right out the back yard!

All packed up we headed down to the valley. Yes in that crazy holiday traffic. Rrrrrrrrrr

Memorial Day is here and it’s Mikaila’s open house.

Jamie, Shawna, Marianne and I were on decorating duty.

Can’t help but tear up as you see how much this beautiful girl has grown up.

Shawna made her famous cake balls and so there were plenty of goodies for everyone.

Our grand babies will always be our babies no mater how big they get.

Proud grand parents!

Jerry and Marianne traveled all the way from California, to New Mexico, to Texas and to Arizona to attend Mika’s party. I failed to get their picture. Shame on me!

Graduation day is here.

It’s amazing how the student count has grown over the years.

Here she comes! Tears!

Within 2.5 hours they graduated 777 students.

And just like that it was all over.

Tatum and Mika have been friends forever.

Marcus and Jamie did a great job raising this young girl.

With all the fun and family it was nice to get home. With the weather warming up the plants are really starting to grow. The potato plant is getting big

The little strawberry plant is blooming.

A little rainy day here and there before the heat sets in.

My new project is the Cardinals Junior Cheer uniforms. A total new gig bring some new items. No itch sizing labels. I’ve always made custom uniforms so this was a new adventure. Size chart, pick a size, make it and ship it.

You just gotta laugh at this. Pie Town made the paper!

With the weekend free for me, I came up with this crazy project and my so willing husband built it!

No he’s not playing in the tree he’s bending rebar.

Its an arch for the grapevine to grow on. We have two plants so we needed two arches.

First one installed. Now it’s time for a party.

Patti and Ladd after 16 years got married so it’s celebration day.

Fun times! Fun friends!

Sunday morning is ride time!

Dead horse canyon! The spring flowers were everywhere.

John, Victoria, Martin and I take a look break

Time for a cookie and Kansas to leave her mark.

This girl is a hoot!

This loop we took was a beautiful climb. We made it to 9,000 feet.

Kansas was enjoying the fresh air!

After the 2.5 hour ride we stopped for a burger at the Largo. Well I guess the forest service people were coming in because of a fire 2.5 hours away so it took us 57 minutes to receive our meal. Can’t be in a hurry when you live in the woods.

We came home with full belly’s and went straight to work and built the second arch. After making the first one yesterday this one went together easy peasy. Up it went, pooped we are! It still needs the copper wire wrapped on it but that can wait till tomorrow.

Till next time…….