Helping hands….

Our neighbors Allen and Sue are trick horse trainers. Allen asked if I could fix this hoodie for their horse Ellie.

It was so holy there was no way so instead I traced off the pattern and made a brand new one. Heavier weighted fabric and doubled layer where it counted.

With finally receiving approval for the Cardinals Junior Cheerleader uniforms Martin got work creating the logo.

The Duck will be laying down the stones! With 225+ uniforms she will be quaking for awhile.

With the jacket fillins complete we were ready for the weekend.

Kansas met Pepe the donkey. He is old and slow but loves to be petted.

Kansas Met Gidget the horse and after being chased by Gidget Kansas wouldn’t even get close to her again.

Martin puts together the wind turbine pole while I dug a somewhat straight trench.

We were watched by the peanut gallery.

Martin and Mesonika put the turbine on the pole.

Then Martin drilled in these crazy anchors.

Next onto wiring and installing her devices.

Mesonika pushed while Martin pulled.

He spent the afternoon on his knees wiring up everything.

He was one tired puppy after we were done.

Next it will be time to raise the pole with the turbine. This will need the tractor and an extra pair of hands.

It is such a pleasure and brings so much joy to be able to help a neighbor.

Till next time…..


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