Happy Mother’s Day weekend….

Late Friday night Martin’s brother Jerry and sister-in-law Marianne arrived. Camping at Pie Town RV Park they settled in.

Saturday morning we picked them up and we set out for a full Pie Town experience. First stop the PO. Then we walked up to the toaster house. Touring the hostile is always an adventure cause you never known who you are going to meet. Then breakfast at the Gatherin Place.

With our belly’s full it was time for them to see the house. It is always nice to see someone’s face as they experience this creation we have built.

After the tour we had to have pie at the Pie-O-Neer. Yum yum.

Then it was fund raiser night for some dear neighbors. Tony is fighting cancer as always our little community comes together.

Sunday morning we had a break in the crazy weather so we packed up the razor and went for a ride.

John and Victoria joined in on the fun.

Marianne and I were cozy in the back seat.

While the boys were the R-Uber drivers.

We drove back on 6A about 22 miles and we found old abandoned house.

So sad that this home now only provides a home for critters that shit everywhere.

This old truck sets rotting in the sun. We would love to get our hands on this beauty.

I tried it on for size and loved it.

The scenery is just so beautiful.

John and Victoria are always a hoot to play with.

Can’t let Martin lead as with his racing experience he has a tendency to drive fast. Slipping and sliding in the mud was so much fun.

A few critters found us interesting!

Us girls love to play.

We stopped for a burger at Pie Town Cafe

Then it was off to see the array.

It was pretty amazing to watch this huge dish move and articulate.

Finally back home the guys went to build a ramp to help load our rat rod on the trailer.

Us girls started making a bottle tree.

Marianne put everything she had into drilling the holes. It started to rain so we had to stop playing.

After a short break for the rain the boys brought out more toys.

It’s always sad to say goodbye but it was then time to take them back to the RV park.

It was a great Mother’s Day to be able to share it with family.

Till next time…..


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