Two weeks off……

Due to fabric delays on a special project for the Suns, Martin and I left early to deliver the special project. 


The Suns Dancers were superhero’s!!!!!


This gave us the opportunity to spend time with the family.

Jamie, Mika and I went junkin’ while the boys went to baseball practice.

Monday we had eye appointments. And Tuesday meant for me bowling with Shawna. While the boys had baseball practice again.
My dear friend Marie was there so I surprised her.

Nothing like sneaking up behind someone and laying a bunch of kisses on her cheek. It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen her.

Wednesday was time for shopping then volleyball with Mika. 

This beautiful brand new facility was created with our son in laws input. 

This little girl caused Marcus’ blood pressure to raise.

No dogs allowed on school property.

Oops ya old people didn’t know the rules. Oh yea no rules posted so #motherinlawswins. Guess a sign will be posted next time we go. Lol.

Thursday we headed west for Vegas. Beautiful weather. First stop Gordon Ramsey’s Steak.

On this day 4-4 Martin asked me to go steady 44 years ago. Our reservation was at 4:45pm. We didn’t plan it. It just happened.

We sat up stairs with this view.

We ordered the tasting menu paired with wine.

First up champagne!

Scotch egg.
So good. Quail egg soft boiled crusted in a sausage crumb crust.

Tuna on a bed of greens. Yummy.


Scallops on a bed of mushroom risotto. Super yummy.

Beef Wellington with butter basted lobster tail. Delicious!


Then to finish it all sticky toffee pudding with brown butter ice cream.


At this point we were sooooooo full! Roll us out of there.
Martin said the next day would be the most expensive shit ever. It deserved a throne and not a port a potty!
He was right. Expensive but worth every bite. You only live once so while we can we will.
Till next time……Joyce.

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