Monthly Archives: January 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…..

We traveled down to the valley for first work then pleasure.

First stop Discount Tire.

Nothing like a pretty pair of new shoes. Mikaila turned 17. Couldn’t be more proud of her. We celebrated a late birthday dinner at one of Mika’s favorite places Kona Grill.

Looks like our second annual Foot Golf tradition continues. Only this time Marty was there to steal the crown from Marcus. I see a trophy in the making to pass around.

Our baby boy Tanner only wanted his one front tooth for Christmas. Instead he has a second loose one.

When you’re with the ones you love for the holidays they are always special.

Especially planning silly games.

What could be more fun than buying a new toy for Christmas.

The only other thing that could be more fun is bringing your grandson Trey to pick it up and watching him trying everything on the sales floor. Told him with hard work he could buy one when he gets bigger.

The only thing that could burst his bubble is that sticker that said you have to be 16 to drive the new razor. lol.

Christmas Day we traveled back to Pie Town and spent a nice evening with our friends.

With a new dusting of snow it was time to break in the razor. Cold but total fun.

So far our life in a Pie Town has been a little snow then it melts but this winter storm was so pretty. Jamie, Marcus and Mika came up Saturday after Christmas and they were welcomed with 4″ of fresh snow.

With lots of snow comes lots of work.

Cleaning of solar panels. Love how the snow frosts the trees. Makes icicles!

Beautiful frost!

Playing in the snow brought back memories when I was a very little girl back in Illinois.

Can’t thank our old neighbor Ron for giving me his winter onesies! It sure came in handy during this very cold snap.

Mikaila had to try out the club house.

And she tried out the boys ramp.

Sparky loved riding the tube.

Us girls were always ready to take the razor out in the bitter cold.

When not playing in the snow we made cupcakes and played cards.

The snow was so dry making a snow woman was on a small scale. We sprayed water on it as we pressed. Let’s just say our fingers got tired from squirting.

What a better way to roll. A load of wood and Mikaila riding on the back pulling Sparky in the tube. Fun and work all wrapped up together.

The kids left for home New Year’s Day and in a snow storm. They drove slow and got home safely. Then we get a visitor looking for food. Damn no food!

It was a cold new year but with wood stoves burning it was nice.

Jamie bought Kansas a bone 7 years ago. Here she is not even one.

And here she is now. She loves her big bones.

We went for a walk today. Kansas loves the snow. We could hardly see where the trails were. And walking in 6- 8″ of snow was worst than walking in sand. Huffing and puffing we cut our walk short. 2019 so far has brought 8″ of fresh snow. Now it needs to just melt and fill our tanks.

Seeing the shop surrounded by snow was just so cool.

The poor gator got kicked out of the shop till Martin can get his lift put together. Was amazed at the size of this one.

We are looking forward to a healthy and happy new year. And our resolution is to finish the house. I’m off in February and really looking forward to helping Martin cross things off the list.

Till next time….