Monthly Archives: December 2018

Happy Holidays…

Since we got a planter bed working we needed an overflow exit for the gray water. Frank came over to help Martin by digging a trench. The easy way……with a back hoe.

Just a few scoops and it was done. As you can see the supervisor approved and left to go take a nap.

With the trench dug Martin laid the pipe then covered up the trench.

Another bite out of our huge ass elephant.

While Martin worked in the trenches I created pretty things.

Baking up here is always challenging. I found a recipe for high altitude molasses cookies.

So thought I would try them. They were just like Martin’s mother’s recipe without any changes. Finally a taste of home.

Our neighbor, Frank, went hunting and shot his elk. With pride the elk meat hung high in his shop ready for processing. But with sadness here lies her head lifeless.

Our babies come here for a pit stop. Water, Hay and this day was a special treat. Carrots!!!!

Martin’s car lift arrived. This 2 ton hunk of metal was pulled out of the back of the truck with our little piece of shit tractor. It only took a few screams by me and almost jumping off the tractor to get it off.

The sun rises are just so breathe taking. My cousin Alice passed away with brain cancer the night before so this sunrise is just for her.

Martin closed up a bunch of holes with cardboard for a temporary fix this winter. What a difference. The house stays at 50 degrees at night even when it’s 8-17 degrees outside.

Last week we had to go shopping. Just happen to notice Basha had honey crisp apples for $.97 per pound. What a deal. So we bought a box. Yep so in the middle of working and building I decided to throw in some canning.

Homemade applesauce with cinnamon and nutmeg. And of course chunky bits.

With all my apple peels the elk got a treat on this day.

Martin ordered some pipe to make handles for the boys tree house.

With my deadlines all shipped out we tackled the green house planter beds.

Hard dirt needs a power hammer drill. Such a life saver and time saver!

The dirt was so hard we couldn’t use the normal concrete stakes. When we built the house we had to use the tractor to pull them up. Well we can’t fit the tractor through the door so we Red neck engineered unistrut and wooden spacers. What a pain but it worked. This just how you have to do it when you do it in the woods!

With two planter beds framed we decided this wouldn’t take very long to pour concrete. So we went to the PEI trailer and pulled out the old electric cement mixer. Ok folks this mixer we bought when we landscaped our back yard when we moved to Arizona. So that mixer is over 20 years old. It sat in a cargo container at Mandarin house tucked in the back.

We felt like gambling. Will it run? We do have a gas powered one we used to build this house but it is a pain in the ass.

Well the old lady ran. Just needed a little jiggle with the wiring. She mixed 17-80 pound bags no problem.

Martin mixed while I hauled.

In no time we were done. Tired, sore and dirty. Now we sit clean and high on Advil! Good thing we didn’t wait to start building our home cause the older we get the slower we get.

Martin and I wish all our family and friends a wonderful holiday season.

Till next time…..