Monthly Archives: September 2018

I’m back!!!!!

I bet my dear friends thought we fell off the earth. Well luckily it’s round!

With preparing for Pie Festival Martin was a slave to his computer and to me. He etched items for the concession stand and organized all the shirts.

One of the Pie K runners posed for these pictures.

The grand babies even ran/walked the race. Then they participated in all the children’s games.

Even the horny toad race.

Marty and Shawna came up to help us with printing and selling shirts. Can’t thank these two enough.

Marty quickly caught onto placing stickers on mugs!

Our prints for souvenirs!

The funniest thing happened at Festival. I made myself a skirt to wear. A sweet lady came up to me and wanted to trade her jeans for my skirt right there. She was so serious. But she settled for me making her one the next week. First time I ever almost sold my skirt right off my bottom!

The man who made it all happen.

It has been such a busy summer for me. Sew by day and stone by night. Go to bed, get up, repeat.

I had a fun little episode. Kansas noticed something under the washing machine so of course I had take a peek. In the corner was this fat mouse. Called for Kitty but she did not come. Ran up to the shop to ask Martin for a hand B.B. gun. But grabbed the riffle. Didn’t want that critter to run away. Back at the washing machine I bent down and Wahooooo it was still there. Martin held the light for me. First shot miss! B.B. came back and got a Martin in the shoulder. Thought for sure it would run away but nope it stayed. Didn’t seem to be to excited. So re-cocked it and moved in closer. Almost nose to end of the barrel, still it didn’t move. Bam! Got it! Blood squirted out its head. The body jerked around. I felt so bad. But crap why do they have to come inside. Stay outside and you live. Come inside either Kitty or I will get you!

Martin has been piddling around the house.

He started digging in the planter bed getting ready for the gray water system.

Today he finished digging.

This weekend I will be able to help him with the liner. We are so excited for this next stage of building.

The pretty yellow flowers are now at the end of their cycle.

Re-seeding is a natural process.

The weather is cooling down and under the blankets we go. Still sleeping with the windows open. And still showering outside. Once the gray water system is ready it will be full steam ahead on the shower.

Marty, Shawna and the boys are coming up for a Turkey Day this year. Hoping for a done shower and snow.

Thank you for not giving up on me and the hard part of my season is almost over.

Till next time…..