Mr. Digger Man….

This week Martin wore his digger hat.

The beginning of the gray water system!

Wet it, wait, dig it, repeat.

While Martin played with dirt I was asked to do a special project.

I took these rally towels…..

And covered a men’s suit with those towels.

Now you have a Rally Man’s suit!!! 43 towels and 14.5 hours later it was shipped.

Friday Martin and I attended our first auction.

We had to split up. Martin went outside with the tools and I stayed inside with the house stuff. It was super fun and very interesting. Some really cool old stuff. Some really cool stuff went for some expensive prices. Well to each their own.

The turkey bean flowers are blooming like crazy now.

I could take pictures of flowers and elk anytime of the day. This pad of concrete has sat here for three years waiting to be built on.

We began the composting station for waist products.

Board by board progress is made.

My view as I was the leveler lady!

Some sides and some back boards is all we could do in the warm sunshine.

Over heated and thirsty we headed in to cool off.

This week Kitty found a lizard. I told her to leave it alone.

Ok Mommy I’ll just watch it.

This week Martin created a new design for me. You know how time flies as you get older? Well here in Pie Town it’s “Pie Flies!”

Till next time……