Monthly Archives: June 2018

Happy Friday!!!!

Today Martin and I had a busy day.

Post Office

Dump in Datil

Breakfast at Eagle Guest Ranch

Pick up hay for elk at Datil feed

Magdalena to the health clinic for allergy shots ( which took 2 hours )

Back to Pie Town. Decided to stop for the best green chili cheese burger at the Cafe for late lunch.

Why not push yourself over the edge and get the best Pie at the Pie-o-neer.

On the way back we just crested the ridge by our house and almost ran into an elk. Or the elk almost ran into us. It turned quickly to avoid the crash and its cute little spotted baby followed her. It look like Bambi!!! So damn cute.

Hopefully they will come back tonight for fresh hay and water.

Till next time……


Memorial Day Weekend…… a little late!

After spending 3 hours and 100 gallons of water to clean Martin’s truck…

We headed out on our road trip.

We stopped at the ice cave about 28 miles from Grants.

That’s us and a 700 year old Douglas fir tree.

I have never seen such a thing. 80+ degrees outside. Walk down some stairs and bam. Solid block of ice. 31 degrees down there.

The rock formations were incredible!

We also took the hike to the volcano.

As we climbed you could see the Allegra mountains and the Buzzard Fire. And if you look really really close you can see Martins shiny shop!

The volcano was so deep.

And the flow was so long.

We arrived in Flagstaff. It was time for baseball.

Proud Grandparents right there!

Trey catching.

Tanner just being as cute as ever.

We went for a family hike.

A little obstacle course training too!

All aboard the truck for a happy ride home.

Since we had time before baseball. It was puzzle time.

A little more baseball fun.

A little more puzzle time.

Nothing sweeter than cousins who cuddle.

After all the baseball was done and family members loaded their shoes.

And headed back down to the hot valley. Martin and I went zip lining.

Ziiiiiinnnnnng…… he goes.

This was so much fun. Second largest zip line in the US.

We had to climb some ladders to go for a ride. Always hooked in with these special hooks.

So glad we aren’t to old yet to do this fun stuff. Gotta keep moving!!!

We traveled down to the valley on Tuesday for the Cardinals fitting and Kansas bath day.

If she could only stay so cute and clean. But noooooo as soon as we get home she goes and lays in the dirt enjoying the wind blowing her clean fur.

Martin installed my port hole windows.

Yes…. quirky me wanted port hole windows. Why not!!!!!

Sealing up my office helps so much as it is starting to warm up here.

Martin finished another barn door. This one is for our bedroom closet.

Love a man the can build shit!!!!

My little make shift garden is doing pretty good. Reaping the rewards.

Salad anyone?

Till next time……