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Insulation day….

Today was a day of get it done day. We have had bits and pieces of insulation up here and there so today we decided to get my studio done. Fill in the holes!

So we moved the quilting machine out and the scaffolding in.

Martin put it up piece by piece as I rolled him around.

OSHA approved! NOT!

Then I hear a yell and he’s shaking his hand.

I ask him, “What’s the matter?” He replies, “I hit my finger with the stapler.”

I ask, “Oh no! Which one?”

He replies, “This one!”

Poor baby!

But he got it done!

And continued on like a trooper filling some pieces in the kitchen.

During the week he hung up the faucet and rain head for our shower and the hand held for Kansas shower.

Can’t wait to turn this baby on!

You know some days you just have to start your day with a smile.

We will be off next weekend enjoying a weekend with the family in Flagstaff. So to keep my garden growing Martin recreated me a gravity fed watering system.

He built a stand.

Bought a 10 gallon bucket.

And Ta-Da. Now we need to hook up all the tubing and take it for a test run.

We stopped this week to do a drone flight of this mountain range/very large knoll.

Really amazing. As soon as Martin gets done fixing his computer he will up load it. He lost a hard drive. He found an eagles nest, small lake and cactus blooming.

Kansas is always in tow.

Love the sun setting on the mountains.

Seems like everyday a new wild flower starts to bloom.

Till next time…..


Happy Mother’s Day…….

Martin and I would like to wish all our family and friends a very happy Mother’s Day.

You know as we sit at our table in the kitchen we look out to the knoll. I’ve always looked at this little tree high up at the peak. Martin this morning took me for a hike to the little tree.

On the way found a new wild flower. Soft petals and pretty purple flowers.

This is the little tree.

Very very steep right at the top.

Way up high looking towards the house you can see the new shop.

Our compound nestled in the woods.

During our hike Martin found an old chain and I found a rock.

Kansas just found a ton of cuteness.

After our hike we started cleaning out the green house entrance.

This made working on the door/window wall easier.

We are trying to button up the openings to help with the cold and now the heat.

The finish work is what will take time.

Last night we had visitors. We will be going to buy more hay on Thursday so I’m sure we will have more elk visitors hungry and thirsty.

Enjoy your day Mom’s!

Till next time……


Race to the finish…,

This morning Martin and I had a few things we wanted to finish before the helpful lifts were picked up.

Finishing up the trim wood on the shop inside a shop!

Then a few more planes entered the race.

I think Marty is still in the lead! However Martin says he’s on the inside so he’s leading. Lol.

Just in the nic of time because United Rental showed up about 10:30am.

The dude who picked up the lifts was amazed at the size and the build out inside. Asked if we would come help him. Not sure if he could afford us. In talking with him he knows our dear friend Dave Smith. Dave you play cards with him!

It has been 5 weeks of working on the shop. We are so thankful for our dear friends who lended us their helping hands. We couldn’t have completed it without them.

Martin spent the afternoon helping me with embroidery designing. His feet need a much needed break.

Tonight we sit.

Yep! Flip Floppin’

In the middle of all the building chaos I’ve been trying to garden.

The tomatoes plants Jamie and Marcus brought us are thriving in pots.

My zucchini squash are starting to flower! Since bees won’t be able to pollinate my squash I’m going to have to do the deed. Lol. If you could only see me with my tomatoes. All it takes is vibration, wink, wink!

With the warmer weather we have been leaving our door open. And with an open door, the birds seem to find their way in but can’t find their way out. After a long day of building we spent 30 minutes chasing a dumb ass (Frank) bird around the house and green house. Martin would try to net it but the damn thing was so fast. In the house then into the green house, repeat, repeat, repeat. Finally we set our tools down and Martin got the B.B. gun. Wow, within 1 min we were done. He stunned it and I threw its ass outside. And then last night, after a very long day, same thing. As we ate dinner, I watched dumb ass ( Frank) bird 2 flying all over the green house. After dinner I asked Martin, “Where’s the gun?” Well dumb ass (Frank) bird pooped on my cutting table, I will not stand for that. Martin handed me the gun and on the second shot, BAM, it fluttered to the ground. My first kill! Don’t feel good about it but in my world you don’t shit on my stuff! Martin ordered us some magnetic screens to hopefully keep the birds alive!

We haven’t had time or the energy to hike to the knoll but with the end in sight we celebrated up on the deck. Perfect warm weather. Perfect evening. It’s been 10 months since we moved and just look at how far we’ve come.

Last night we get ready for bed. First Kitty gets settled on her blanket then Kansas gets comfy. Two peas in a pod. Sisters till the end!

Lovin’ our life.

Till next time…..


Today we flew planes…,

Martin and I spent the day pulling out airplanes from storage.

First up in the air is Martin’s unlimited stiletto.

Next plane on the taxi way is Marty’s GR-7.

Martin ordered these gadgets to make these cables.

Securely Marie flies high.

In this race it looks like Marty is in the lead.

Next in line on the taxi way is the Beast.

This Bi Plane has a special place in Martin’s heart. Bryan Jensen was the pilot of the full scale plane. We met him when we hauled the model scale Beast plane from LA to Las Vegas. He sadly died in an air show in Kansas City. So now this model flies inverted forever.

Next in the race is Martin’s Super Extra aerobatic plane. Looks like it’s lagging behind. Hint: maybe because it’s lacking an engine!

We still have a few more planes to enter into the race.

Till next time……


The tin is up…

With the help of Martin’s faithful and devoted wife the tin is up.

Martin was the perfect measurer.

Joyce was the plasma cutting master. With her quick skills in cutting the tin, only a few pieces had to be recut here and there.

Few more to go.

What a great feeling having the shop built. So so so thankful for all the help we received over the last 30 days. We battled wind, rain and even snow.

These lifts were a life saver and a giggle maker. One in particular had a touchy joy stick. As we stitched the seams, I drove and just couldn’t get the feel of it. We were bouncing all over the place. Martin tried to give me guidance but I was just not getting it. Thank goodness we only have one day left of the life savers. Time to hang some airplanes and foam some gaps.

Till next time….

Joyce the plasma cutting master.

Race to the finish….

Today Martin and I spent the day working on the end wall.

With weather coming in, this is all we could do outside.

So we moved inside. We pulled low voltage wire for the lighting.

Thank goodness for the lifts cause it made the work a whole lot easier.

Yea this much will work!

These lights we bought about 6 years ago. They have been stored in the cargo containers all these years. It’s surprising that we remembered that we bought them.

Martin does what he does.

Now for the power. Since they are low voltage you just can’t use 110. What do you do? You use a power supply.


We have lights! Four and only using 20 watts total.

We are down to the wire. Really!!!! The lifts are scheduled to leave a Friday. What needs to be completed is the end wall, stitching the vertical seams, hanging Martin’s airplanes and caulking the edges of the arches. Pray that the weather will cooperate!

Till next time…..


All tucked in….

Martin raises his door for the first to put his truck to bed.

All tucked in and ready for bed.

Just noticed that this is how power comes into the shop. Lmao.

Till next time…..


We have doors!!!!!

Today was a busy day for the boys. Our neighbors came to lend a muscle or two.

All the boys took the whole morning to install the first door. I came to check on them and at that rate I saw three days of doors in their future.

Martin and Randy got this side done.

John and Tom man handled the other side.

Team work equals a working door.

Little extra tweaking by Tom.

While John dances the jig. Martin is like, “Dude my arms!”

After a quick lunch of Shit Soup, the boys were back at it.

John watches closely as the boys play with the chain.

Hummmmm…..which end goes where?

Tom puts the finishing touches on door number 2.

Then finishing touches on the door. Number 3.

That’s one big ass door! But it rolls up like a feather. It needs to cause behind that door is where my little car will be parked.

Our new friends signed the wall.

Luckily the first door was just a learning lesson because they kicked ass after lunch.

We are so lucky to have such great friends to donate their time and energy to help us. I pay in food and they appreciate it.

Saturday we picked up more hay.

The elk returned to fill their bellies.

Randy and Tom were over for dinner and they were treated to dinner and a movie of watching elk.

At the end of the day Martin went to check emails and kitty was right there reading her news too.

Till next time……