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After our quick trip down to the valley we got right back to work. The first end wall is complete.

I saw the twinkling on the shop as I was walking back from taking this picture.

No I didn’t rhinestone the shop.

Ii was just the sun shining on the bolts. Kind of cool!

At lunch a bird flew in the open door. Well let’s just say the bird met it’s match. She toyed with it. Slapped it around as it twitched. Then decided to finish it off by eating it’s head off.

Such a good hunter.

After lunch we continued on the other end.

The Master Martin is busy installing the walk in door.

After plasma cutting the metal I noticed how cool the wood looks burnt. I seem to find joy in the strangest places.

Till next time…..


Wahoooooo we had a beautiful day!!!!

Finally a nice warm day. No Alaska Redneck snow suit for me.

We started siding the end wall.

The big pieces go up fast.

We broke for lunch and decided to get the mail, grab a burger and pick up something special for our Grand daughter. Can she guess what it is?

As I pulled into the driveway I spotted our first wild flower in bloom.

Then this bug was riding on my windshield. It’s legs were so funny. I think the feet had suction cups because it tried to walk as I drove but it floundered around. Kind of like walk rolling down the windshield. And when I parked this is how it landed. Doing the splits and holding on for dear life.

Some little kitty has made herself at home at the foot of our bed. She loves her daddy and sleeps there at night or with Kansas. Spoiled brat!

Well tomorrow we head to the hot valley. Give our old bodied a little break. Our dogs are barking!

Till next time……


Screw, screw and more screwing….

Today is Wednesday……. no wind……which means we can work outside.

We were so excited to put the walk in door up we put it in the wrong way!!!!! So we had to take it out and turn it around. Luckily we only had four screws in to keep from falling out.

There’s my man where he belongs up on that lift working!

My job was cutting all the pieces he was screwing up.

Nothing sexier than a working man with a tool belt on. My view would be much better if he just would wear a kilt!

I was amazed with this piece of wood. Bullseye!

We’ve got about 2-3 more hours tomorrow to finish framing the end walls. Then we will start building out his shop inside this beast of a shop/ garage. His little Dog House Mansion!

Pray for no wind…..

Till next time……


Let it Blow…..let it blow!!!!

It has been a very busy week battling Mother Nature.

Martin and John tightened some 7,000 bolts.

Frank could be found doing his amazing dirt work.

It’s amazing what he can do with our piece of shit tractor. Low tires on one side was a benefit since our gannon doesn’t tilt.

While the boys worked us girls went to Bingo at the senior center in Quemado. We were entertained while we ate our $2.00 lunch. Taco salad, bean and jello. Winner? Not today!

We were hiding indoors due to high winds. The high winds sent our fresh hay smell to these elk. They came back over and over again to fill their belly’s.

Kitty is like,”What you looking at? Yea you know I’m cute!”

Since we couldn’t work outside I decided to grab some fabric and start the quilt for our bed.

Just like that it has begun. Should I be cutting bottles or gluing tile on the wall? Yes but this is so much more fun!

Got up to pee. Yes pee. Us old people do that a lot during the night. Well look what I found. Sisters sharing the bed.

Their back!

John came to help. Piece by piece the two studs put up studs.

That meant for me QUILT DAY!

Square by square. 900 of those suckers!

My inspiration was from a book I’ve had forever. I’m not a blue person so I looked in my stash and created my version.

As the boys built I built!

The boys moved to the front and built.

And just in time cause the doors arrived. First the walk in door.

Then the three roll up doors. With the boys on the ground I backed up the tractor carefully. Inch by inch. Pulling the big heavy box.

Well hi there doors. How was your trip?

There we go. Ready to go work. As soon as the wind calms down.

Kitty and Martin are surfing the internet. Doesn’t she know she’s a girl and that’s a guy thing?

Daddy’s not looking so let’s see how this tastes! Drone blades are hard and not very tasty.

Till next time…..


It has begun……

A week of fun, laughter and lots of hard work has begun.

Kevin and Paula arrived Tuesday night. It was amazing to see their faces as they looked around the house. They were here in February of 2017 and a lot of work has been done since their last visit.

The friendship we have is like no other. We can go months without seeing one another but when we get together we just pick up where we left off. And for them to travel from California to help us words can not express how it makes us feel.

Ron and Judy sold their house up here. (Whom we miss dearly) The new owner, James, loves Martin. So he let us keep some of our stuff in his out buildings till we can get our shop built. He even let our friends pull into the RV spot Ron had. “Use the property as you wish,” He said.

Martin has this special way with his hands. James’ water heater burnt up an element and Martin waved his magic fingers and pesto magic rewired it to give him temporary hot water. The nice guy Martin is, he ordered the new element and will have it repaired by the time James comes back to his house.

So with The Strawz settled in, we headed to Springerville to pick up a load of wood for the end walls.

When we arrived back home the boys couldn’t wait to cut the bands on the building pieces.

Yea yea I think this one goes here. The supervisor agreed.

Piece by piece us girls helped the boys lay out parts.

Then more pieces were unstacked.

The first arch was bolted together ready for the lifts to arrive.

Satisfied with their accomplishments of the day. They pondered their next move.

Time for dinner and a night of playing Relative Insanity.

Till next time……


Whoop whoop….

Kevin and Paula are on their way to help us build the shop. They will arrive tomorrow. The lifts arrive Friday. Our dear neighbors Frank and John have offered to help. We are raising a barn!!!! Well a metal shop! It’s gonna be a busy week or so. Gotta love the love the love of friends.

Till next time…..


Forgot a few photos….

The Sawtooth Mountains. Just beautiful!

Riverbed riding!

Weird rock formations.

Cassie the cow just hanging out in the middle of nowhere. She was excited to see us she ran along with us.

What I love about love about textures in life, is that it is all around us. This fence made of rough grainy wooden branches tied together with smooth pokey barbed wire. Then in the background the soft grasses grow.

Till next time….



The elk have been visiting us regularly.

Looks like twin babies!

A few males in the mix.

This one looks like it got a horn on its butt!

You can see here the pecking order in full force.

Oh man I just wanna hug me a baby elk!

We went down to valley for a few days and we got a little snow.

The snow comes in fast then BAM it’s gone.

Kansas was a hairy little girl. She came back all clean and pretty from her 3 hour spa day. But now she’s cold in the mornings.

We went for a ride with our wonderful friends. Exploring our surroundings is always a blast.

Wanted dead or alive. I look at the trees and always wonder about their story. Why did this one die but the neighbor is just fine?

We stopped at this river bed and here is this bedrock river wall. My question is, is there gold in that there wall?

I’m standing on top of that wall. It felt like gritted sand paper. And what was weird was there were stones embedded in it on top.

Stopped a watering hole. Now I see how a windmill works. Pretty simple.

The water was crystal clear but grew this green grassy stuff. Not slimy like moss.

The boys are looking for winches!

Time for some rock crawling!

Everywhere there was different textures or colors. And the terrain changed many times.

Yep that’s my sexy man!

I found a new friend. Daisy the Donkey.

Not camera shy at all.

You have a friend in me!

Went up to Davenport lookout. Wow what a view.

Hoppy Easter to all our family and friends. I thought I’d try some homemade blueberry scones with lemon drizzle. Yum yum. Baking up here is a challenge so I’m learning.

Till next time…..