Daily Archives: December 3, 2017

Thanksgiving week…

We started out for Arizona on Tuesday morning. First stop Riggs Elementary School. We finally had the opportunity to surprise the front office ladies at Jamies school with Pie Town pies.

Which one should we choose? New Mexico Apple, blueberry butterscotch, ginger peach, dark chocolate cherry, apple and one more that slips my old brains memory banks.

Jamie could be found in her office enjoying her pie.

Then we delivered costumes to Hamilton High. Now we are ready for cooler clothes. When we left it was 27 degrees and by noon in AZ it was in the 80’s. To hot for sweat pants and UGG boots.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner with Charlie, Dean and newly married Devon and John. Always lots of laughter.

Wednesday brought lots of cooking. I made pies for thanksgiving.

And lots of English toffee.

We enjoyed watching the boys at karate and then off to dinner for Shawna’s birthday.

We spent turkey day with Marcus’s side of his family. Beautiful table set for 24 people. Lots of food and yummy deserts. And celebrated Marcus’s birthday. Just birthdays everywhere. Even our dear friend Paula had a birthday over the weekend.

Friday was a day of family. Played ball in the park and had a picnic. At home the children and everyone pitched in to make ornaments for our tree just outside the front of the house.

Mikaila, Trey and Tanner let their creative juices flow.

Papa, Marty and Shawna join in on the fun.

Jamie and Suzanne work their magic.

Saturday was game day. Mik-Uber was hired to drive the old people to the game so we could PARTY!!!

Mikaila kicked Papas butt in ping pong and then Papa kicked my butt.

ASU vs U of A. Go Sundevils !!!! ASU wins!!!!

Sunday Martin and I were invited to the Cardinals game.

Cardinals won in an exciting game.

Monday was a day of travel and shopping.

Hope all our friends and families had a fun holiday weekend.

Till next time ……..