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We have water…

This week Martin ran the pex tubing through out the house. He finished hooking up the filtration system.
With all that done TA-DA
Running water. !!!!!!!!
Martin ran a bunch of water tests to make sure we are safe and tonight I am enjoying a cup of coffee made with our collected water. Yum yum 👅

After pondering over cutting in the kitchen sink, Martin finally said a prayer and sawed away. And after a little fine tuning he achieved perfection!!!!
During monsoon season the wild flowers pop up at different times. Here are some of them.
I love being able to watch the storms roll in. Dump the rain and then roll out.
Martin installed a dimmer switch in our bedroom. Hubba hubba!!! The color reflecting is breath taking.
Today is Sunday and it was a shopping day. So that means tonight is a resting night. Enjoy your evening.

Till next time…..

Dilemma 101…..

As Martin was outside today working on the plumbing of our outdoor shower I was inside working away on a dance. On this dance I needed to use my glue gun.

Rut roh!!!!! No I had to hunt through boxes to find it. And the glue sticks to go with it. Digging and digging I finally found it. Whew.

As I worked away gluing I was thinking. I had a tiny little office where all my stuff had a place. Now I have a huge studio and I have to find a place for all my stuff. OR we have to build and create a place to be able place my stuff. So with that dilemma my stuff will remain mis-placed as I continue to make stuff to meet my deadline.


Till next time…..


Bought this antique light more than three years ago. After dinner Martin asked if I want my light in the bedroom temporarily hung. Well hell YES.

Surprise all the light bulbs actually worked.

Love how the light reflects off the metal. And love my husband. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Till next time…..

Hello there…..

We had company last night and had no idea.

We were inside eating dinner as they were outside helping themselves to hay and water.

Before Martin moved the game camera we caught this.
Looks like this elk needs a spa day.

This next two pictures are for our children who think we are crazy.
"When a raven is near magic appears. "

Our kitties are becoming more friendly every day.
Yesterday we took our morning walk and went by the scrap wood pile. The short 4 x 4 posts laying limp and helpless, dirty and wet inspired Martin to create this.
Love having a retired husband around daily.

Till next time…..

Piddle pants….

My handsome husband loves to piddle. He pressed hard the other day to get the area ready in our bedroom to be able to set up our bed. He put up the tin on the ceiling. He ordered our new mattress. Well the mattress arrived and he was like a kid in a candy store. Couldn't wait to sleep in our new home in our own bed.
Yes the bed is red. I need to repaint it but now there is no time in my schedule for that so RED it is.
So we put our new mattress on the bed and SHIT!!! It's WRONG. The tag said California King size but it measured something different. Martin had to call Casper, send pictures and finally they are sending a new mattress. Sleep on it anyway we did. We put the too big sheets on and enjoyed our first night in our new home.

After my season ends the first thing I'm doing is making us a quilt and dust ruffle for our bed.

Even Kansas got a new Casper bed!!!

Today Martin piddled on the water purification system.

Tonight is Friday night. The rain dances on the roof. This is the calm after all the thunder and lightening. We are relaxing. Yes relaxing watching World Series of Poker. Can't wait to see what Mr Piddle Pants does tomorrow.

Till next time….

We have insulation….

Today my handsome husband put up insulation in our bedroom ceiling.
Ron stopped by lend a helping hand.
Plywood goes up next to the accent wall.
Our kitties went to the vet yesterday. The vet here is at their house in a horse trailer converted into a nice office. Vaccines were in order.
Bet ya all are wondering about the snake. We have gone out to the wood pile at different times of the day and have not seen the little booger. So as it stands it's still alive somewhere. So we proceed with caution. Always!!!

Till next time…..

We have power….

The morning started out with our kitties knocking at the screen door. Kansas wanted to go out and the kitties wanted in. 

Slowly they explored the cargo cabin and they settled on Kansas bed. When Kansas came back in she was so confused. You could just read her eyes, “MOM”. I told her to share so she laid on the floor watching them closely.  But eventually she found her place on her bed again. 

Today Ron came over to give Martin a hand pulling wire. We’ve got plugs at the kitchen counters. Plugs in the bathroom. And power in the green house. And even a temporary light in the living room. 

John also stopped by. He went to pick in our wood pile for some blocks and what he found was a rattle snake ?.  Luckily he is ok.  Then Martin later went to see if it was out and it was but it scurried away. So tonight we went out with gun in hand. 

After poking in the wood pile Martin  decided to wait till morning. 

Being shot while sun bathing sounded like a better plan. Yea yea yea. I agree!!!

Here’s a shot I took the other night after the storm. Love the wild flowers ? 

Till next time….


Drunk shower…..

Today was a normal day. Martin installed some insulation. 

I unloaded some storage boxes into my new rolling Cubbies before I started working. 

This for me is a huge deal. I use to have to climb stairs up to the mezzanine to get into my supplies. And be careful not to bang my head on a beam. So thankful right now. 

This morning this mysterious fog swallowed up the Allgrea Mountain. 

The kitties enjoyed the morning sunshine. 

The monsoons were building. I was watching these wild flowers dance in the wind all day. So I caught them just before the storm hit. 

It rained so hard that we could not see the mountain. 

Martin spent the afternoon working on our water filtration system . 

Different filters purify the rain water ?. 

After dinner I handed Martin a glass of scotch. After enjoying the tasty treat ( no pun intended) we took our outdoor shower. I made a comment about how the water is so sharp. Martin said, “we could get a new head”.I said,” how do we do that?”  He said, “Just order it!”  I said, ” can you order me one?” He laughed. I think he was thinking dirty. I said, “I want a new young head so I don’t get old”. He said, ” why young people are not smart” then the water heater turns off as he is under the water. I’m drying off trying to go quickly so I can exit the shower to go to the heater to turn the button off then on again so he can have a hot shower. Then with his drunk old brain he flips the lever above his head turning off the water flow then flips it  again returning the water flow. Then we hear the flames ignite. He has hot water. And he said,  “that is what an old brain does, fixes shit. Young brain would freak out”. Omg we died laughing naked in the shower. Perfect ending to a perfect day. 

Till next time…..


We finally have internet…..

Wow what a pain in the ass when your internet service may as well be dial up. Friday Hughes Net came out to hook up our service. What a difference.  

This last week we had to make a trip to Arizona for my follow up appointment with my surgeon, Martin had a natural path doctor appointment and Kansas had a spa day. 

Martin and I ran from appointment to appointment and did shopping in between. Found a special order stainless steel farm sink that was in clearance at Lowes. $400.00 sink for $177.00. Jackpot!!!!!  We bought tile for the back splash wahooooooo!  We also picked up his Harley from the shop. 

Nothing more sexy than a dude on a Harley!!!

The next morning we headed out early to get out of the heat before it got to hot. 

When we got back our new bathroom sink arrived. All these little pieces keep falling into place. 

The monsoons are now into full swing. We were presented with a show from Mother Nature. 

A nice 1-1/2″ down pour made a reflection pool in our unbuilt turret. 

With me being very busy with work. John our wonderful neighbor built my rolling Cubbies storage boxes and Martin stained them for me. 

A work table made it easier on the old man. 

With all twelve boxes stained he deserves a round of applause. ???????????????????????

Since Martin loves to stain now he couldn’t wait to attack the bedroom. 

FYI……Martin hates to stain…

Tonight we saw two baby elk in a little herd and a dear almost ran out in front of us whew it was close. Tomorrow I’m so excited to load those boxes up with back stock. Another step! It’s been three weeks since we arrived and we are enjoying the peace and quiet. 
Till next time……


Work, work,work….

Everyone was busy doing work today. Me sewing of course. 

Martin and Ron took a ride to the transfer station to dump the trash. Then they started pulling wire. 

A little here a little there. 

I think OSHA would have a fit with Rons ladder habits. 

It was really hot today. So we took a break which meant I had to do a little sewing while the sun was setting. Without lights at my sewing stations I had to be inventive. Construction head light worked great. 

As we took our evening shower the kitties are getting more use to us and Kansas. I found Kansas and Mik playing with each other. Squirt is still a little more shy. Just too cute. 

I walked into our dark closet to comb my hair and Martin walks in and flips a light on to surprise me. I’m like, “wow!!!!”  Another step….

Praying for monsoons to bring cooler weather. ????

Till next time….