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A day of shopping….

Rrrrrrrrrr…….you think shopping mid week  it would be not busy. Hell NO!  Busy, busy, busy!!!! People, people everywhere. Traffic in Show Low!!!!  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. We left the valley to get away from that. 

Last night we were able to catch our cute new Kitties put them in their cat house so they can eat and climb back into bed. And then meow!!!  What the hell. They are houdini’s. I try to keep them safe but they have their own methods. This morning we found them in the tree safe. I bought some canned food today for them. Bribery!!!  They will like me now. 

After a day of shopping. I created a make shift pantry in my china hutch. 

My fridge is finally full of food. 

We bought a grill today for the patio we still need to build. Lol. 

She’s a beauty. But she’s got a big heavy ass. Muscle arrives Friday to help. AKA Marcus. 

And after that busy day. Martin came home and put an electrical outlet by his panel to charge his tool Batteries. And I skim coated the kitchen wall. Dr said no lifting. He said nothing about spreading. Shhhhhhhhh

Now for it to dry. Sand it tomorrow quickly cause John’s coming over to help install the cabinets. The skim coat smoothes out the unevenness of the plywood. This wall will have grass cloth wall paper on it. 

Another step…….

Till next time…..


Two days in….

Since our arrive to our new home. We have only found the time to unpack my car ?. 

Monday Martin spent the day finishing up a partially built building for a car house.  We picked up two cute kitty’s. 

We placed their food and water in their safe place. After playing with them for over an hour we placed them in their new shelter.  Went down to the house to hang the TV on the wall then went back up to check on them. As walking up I asked Martin if we need to teach these how to use the kitty door. We peeked inside and they were gone. Crap ?.  We heard them outside the cargo cabin last night and Kansas found them under the cargo container this morning. But I can’t catch them. Hoping they will keep themselves safe. Kansas was so gentle towards them. 

Our dear friends Victoria and John invited us over for dinner knowing our situation sent us home with a nice doggie bag ?. 

Today was an exciting day. Direct TV came to install the system. 

High up on the house the dish points to the sky to gather the signal. 

My handsome husband climbs high on the ladder to install a boost for our cell signals. 

The move has been overwhelming. We moved on stuff into a unfinished house.  So now there is stuff everywhere. We can’t put anything away till we finish building. I was able to find some of my supplies and get my machines up and running. Martin helped me the embroidery machine powered up. The floors are dirty but can’t take the time to clean them. So we have decided to take baby steps. One project at a time.  

Tonight we make lists. Tomorrow we need to get some supplies and some groceries. So off to Show Low we go. 

Thursday John is coming over to help Martin install the kitchen cabinets. One step at a time!

Me, I feel so helpless cause I can’t lift nothing over 10 pounds. Plus I need to work to meet my deadlines. Life happens. 

Till next time….


Home Sweet Home….6/25/17

Omg where do I start. 

These three little children are a Grammie and Papa’s joy. Trey celebrated his 9th birthday. Happy Birthday to the slugger in the middle. 

After the party Grammie with Jamie in the back seat took Mikaila out for a drive. She just got her permit the day before with 100% on her test. We did three point turns, and practiced parking between the lines. Let’s just say it took several attempts for her to get it between the lines but we had fun going around the round about over and over and over again. 

Even the supervisor joined in on her day off for some driving fun. Weeeeeeeeeee. 

With packing up things I found this picture of my daddy on Father’s Day. Poor Martin spent Fathers Day in the heat packing and cleaning. I owe him a special Fathers Day soon. 

When you have a lot of crap to get rid of who do you call?  The Garbage Guy!!!!! That’s who. Two truck loads of crap ? yep we paid someone to haul it away. 

We signed papers for the sale of the house on Monday at 10:00. The title company brought  us a gift ?   Yep an Apple Pie from Village Inn. Nice and warm. They had no idea where we were moving too. Yep died laughing. Pie Town New Mexico. 

With moving thought I pulled a muscle a week ago. Had a pain in my right side for a week. It didn’t go away. So I made an appointment at Mountain Vista Medical Center ER for 11:45am. Thought I should get it checked out before we leave. 

That’s one UGLY inflamed gall bladder. Left the Apple Pie with the staff in ER and I was in surgery by 5:00pm to remove it. Totally unexpected. Spent the night in the hospital. The most painful thing I have ever gone through. Martin called in the back up crew to finish the house aka Jamie and Mikaila and meet the buyers for a walk through at 6:00. Here I was worried about Martin and Martin was worried about me. 

So our get out of Arizona plan was changed in an instant. One ultrasound report!  

The crew did a great job and finally the house was done. 

The buyer let us keep the truck and trailer parked at the house. We weren’t leaving for 6 days. I had to be off pain meds, learn to????? again and be able to drive my car. So we camped out at The Treat Inn. 

The dogs played and played. 

Molly snuggled with me while I recovered. 

The boys came home from vacation and joined in on the Survivor binge watching. 

Sunday morning we finally hit the road for our new home. With crap piled high we were the redneck movers. 

Arizona has been a great place to raise our children and we look forward to visiting. 

In the winter that is. This heat the last week was skin melting hot. 

The cool rain storms welcomed us home. 

As I write I am cozy in my sweats. The rain has fallen and the air smells so fresh.  

Till next time….


One more load…..

Holy crap!!! Yes crap, crap, and more crap. 

Martin had a job site trailer full of parts and supplies. We had to clean it out so he could get the tires fixed. This trailer only has about 200 miles on it but it sat for 15 years. Now it’s all clean and ready to haul. 

We irrigated for the last time in the middle of loading. 

Holy car crash. Our neighbors had a car crash into their tree trying to pass in the intersection. Good thing the really cool people who use to live there planted the tree ? otherwise it could have been in the house. 

We are all settled in our new bedroom at The Treat Inn. Kansas was caught txing before bedtime. 

Gotta say this girl loves to ride in the car. Sharing laps she enjoys the ride. 

While Daddy fills the tank and empties the other she sits and waits. 

We finished loading this old trailer. Her last trip on the road. With expired tags and a dent in her rear end she traveled her last of 60,000 miles. Good thing cause as she sits here in New Mexico she let out a sigh and release the last bit of air out of one tire. 

We travel back to Arizona tomorrow. Some little boy named Trey turns 9.  Sunday we will spend the day cleaning and preparing the the garbage guy to come haul all our crap away. Monday we sign at 10:00, fingers crossed, and then that should be it. Tuesday cabinets arrive. Now the fun begins finishing building our dream home and getting settled into our love nest ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Till next time…..


Three men and a truck…..

Well the interstate move began Monday with the movers arriving late. 

But they loaded up with 300 pounds to spare. Whew!

We hit the road. I think Kansas loves it when we put items in the back seat cause then she gets to be close to us in the front seat. 

We arrived in New Mexico at 8:30 pm. We were so tired we just crashed in bed. 

The next morning we got to see the floor in the morning light. 

Kansas approved the work. It looks like she is standing on water. 

Well the movers arrived by 8;30 am. BAM they unloaded the truck in no time. 

Good thing these young dudes are strong. Cause that piano is 400 pounds. 

After the truck was empty we treated them to lunch and pie. 

After they left we had a few things to rearrange the country way. 

The house looks so different with furniture in it. 

We set the heavy pieces on dollies so we can roll them out of the way while we finish walls and ceilings. 

Martin tried out the sofa for a much needed break/nap. 

Martin was so happy with his solar system when we plugged in the fridge and saw the tiny load it had on the system. So proud of him. 

Sometimes this girl is just so damn cute. When I point my camera at her she ditches me by turning away. Her daddy has to get behind me and call her name. Miss Camera Shy/Sticky Paws. 

It’s Wednesday and we are heading back to clean up the last of the crap. Already have an appointment with the Garbage Guy on Monday  to come haul away the big pile of crap we are throwing away.  Then we can brush the dust off of us and lock the doors and say goodbye to a wonderful 16 in this house. Now it’s time to relax some at a slower pace breathing fresh air and watching nature at it best. 

Till next time….


So thankful….

Omg the last push to get everything boxed and ready for the movers took all day. We are so thankful that we have such a loving family. They came over to help Box ? up the last of our stuff  then we enjoyed a great dinner at the local Mexican restaurant. 

Martin made sure we had our favorite server Tony who took care of us. He makes the best margaritas. 

Our grand babies are just three in a million. 

When we came back to the house the boys relaxed while the women boxed up a few more things. 

Marty found a special hard hat to which he needs to wear at work on Monday. Lol

If ya all don’t know. That’s a Trane hard hat to which Dad worked for. And Marty works for the competitor Johnson Controls. Lol. 

Well the grand kids and I had a ball playing games. 

Omg…. the girls found Mikaila’s little hat that Grammie would take her to the zoo in and a pair of panties that Grammie had when she was potty training her.  The boys found their cowboy hat that Grammie always had with the Radio Flyer Rocking horse. 

Our daughter in law found my stash of aprons to which I bought and meant to give the girls for Christmas but forgot I bought. Well Jamie wore it the whole time. Even to dinner. 

Omg. Gotta love that girl. 

Can’t help but laugh your ass off when hanging with these three. 

Tomorrow is a big day as the movers come by 8:00am

Martin is sound asleep as I write this blog. I’m excited for this next journey in life and still a little sad. 16 years in one place you collect a lot of crap ?. I just hope when our children get this old they will remember this day and think back my mom and dad were really crazy. Enjoy the ride my children cause one day you will be in our shoes and your children in yours. Please know that we love you with everything that we are and we hope that everything we have built will remain in the family for generations to come. We love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Till next time…..

Good night Joyce. 

Prairie dog dilemma….

Today we finished the last of our floors


Then had a great breakfast at the local cafe. With the new manager Lori the food is really good. 

After breakfast I actually had a few alterations to do so I plugged in my machines and sewd for the first time in my new studio. Wahoooooo!!!

We had an association meeting then hit the road. We were outside Show Low and both Martin and I saw something small sticking up in the road. As we approached close we both focused hard trying to see what it was. Cruising at 65mph it came upon us so fast then WHAM!!!!
A little prairie dog sat in the middle of our lane. It did not move. It did not flinch. It did not duck.  It just sat there like statue. Swish we drove right over it. Like it was frozen in time  We did not hear a thump or a squish.  For sure the truck did not hit it but as we continued down the road we both looked into our side mirrors to see if there was parts flying behind us but nothing. 

We both swear it was a dare that another prairie dog dared it to do. Either with its arms crossed or flipping us off we couldn’t believe it just sat there at attention. Luckily the truck was tall but the trailer is another story. Low axel and four more tires to squish and mangle. 

As we continued down the road our creation of the event was hilarious. We still wonder if there were other prairie dogs on the side of the road laughing or crying. 

Till next time…..



On the way to breakfast this morning we came across some friends. 

They watched us as we watched them.  6 deer ? enjoying their own breakfast. 

We started the day by putting up ship lap in the bedroom. 

Snap your fingers and like Magic this part of the wall is up. 

Then it was off to clearing out the living room/ kitchen area. The next process is etch, suck, rinse, suck, rinse, suck and then you repeat for 4 hours. 

Then when all that is done you have a floor ready to apply the high clear gloss coating. 

Now this will set till tomorrow. 

Till next time…..


Is it Thursday……

Up here and running back and forth we have totally lost track as to what day it is. 

Yesterday Martin spent his time wiring up the batteries. Crimping these big ass wires to this big ass circle things. So glad he knows what he is doing. 

Today he was up to elbows in wiring the rest of the panels, inverters and other mechanical things. 

I’m drawing away with designs and all be damned if at 12:51pm, June 8th, I hear him say, “We are up and running”.  He was so excited. Many years of planning. Many hours of prepping. We are on solar power.  So proud of my husband and all his expertise. 

What cracks me up is how in this rural setting is how UPS finds us. A new substitute driver drew his own map on our package. Little does he know that as soon as I start ordering fabric I will be famous here. Lol. 

The Supervisor approved the installation of my rhinestone board. Now I just need a new top for my filing cabinets. That will be another day. 

As I blog my tired husband takes a little nap.  Cause tomorrow will be a busy day.  He will be hanging more ship lap in the bedroom.  We also will be cleaning and etching the last of the floor in prep for treatment on Saturday. 

I am so thankful foray husband, life and most of all our family and friends who have supported us and helped us with this amazing journey. 

Till next time……


Good day….

Nothing like a yummy breakfast ? and picking up your mail at the post office to start your day. 

Then Ron and Martin unloaded the trailer. Placed my machines. 

We piled a bunch stuff everywhere 

Martin started my cutting table 

I painted the parts that needed painting 

Then martin added the perfect touches. 

Yep Ship Lap!!!! 

Then the top which needs black Formica but already using it. 

I drew up some designs and found my production schedule book ?. 

I’d say we had a great day.

Till next time…