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Rain rain go away… we’ve got some batteries to put away…..

The batteries arrived today as planned. Now we just need it to quit raining. 

So instead we cleaned and etched the bedroom and half the bathroom floor. Now with that complete the engine hoist is being put together. This will be use to bring the batteries in the house and into place. Each battery weighs 162 pounds. Ugh!!! Times 24 so tomorrow will be a challenging day. 

After this we build the rack that will hold the power!!!!!!

Till next time…..



During the chaos of moving we flew over to California for a beautiful barn wedding. 

Martins newphew Bobbie and Katie. Family got together 

Happy birthday to Mom as she turned 78 years young on Monday. 

Since we traveled for the wedding we decided this would be a great time to build our dear friends a chicken coop. Miss Paula really like ours at our house. We considered just moving ours but with the move we just didn’t have the time. So the next best idea was to build it from scratch. So Martin measured the coop and off we went to surprise our dear friends. 

Shopping, building and lots of laughing. 

Jake was the inspector since Kansas had to stay home. 

Neighbors and friends stopped by to watch the progress 

Everyone pitched in to make this pretty chicken mansion. 
Kate had to try out the little chicken door. 

When completed we couldn’t wait to go get us some babies 

It will fun to watch the babies grow. Now we are traveling to New Mexico with another load of fabrics and four machines. The most exciting part of this trip is Wednesday batteries arrive. Wahooooooo! 

Till next time……


Omg an update with this blog has been driving me crazy……

We started the move by cleaning out the attic. Look what we found!  40 year old pom poms. Go Lancers!!!!

Next step pack up the sewing room. Luckily I have skilled help. 

One full trailer means time to hit the road. 

Our goal this weekend was to do the whole house floors. So time to unload everything taking up floor space. 

Now clean, clean and clean. 

Scrap it suck it, repeat, repeat, repeat!!!!!

New kind of trap we started using. Bucket of water and a branch. As the mice, pack rats or chipmunks dive in to get a drink they can’t get out and drowned themselves. 

We have been battling mice in the Moho for awhile now. I have poison out and traps. Traps seem to only get them by the leg or arm then we have to physically put them out of their miseries or in one case the two legged mouse got away.  We hate to do that part but the damage they do is enormous. 

Help arrived Saturday morning 

Unloading fabric and thread. Everyone pitched in. 

More cleaning was needed. Shawna handled her hose with steady hands ?

Etching, rinsing, more rinsing and more vaccumming. We all took turns. 

We took a break to have some dinner and then it was time to light some fire ? burning the fibers off the surface of the concrete. 

After spending 4 hours of just cleaning the sewing studio we realized our big hopes of the whole house were too big. 

Sunday morning we were ready to started the sealing. 

Martin mixed the Rustoleum Rock Solid and then poured it out. 

Marty cut in the edges while Shawna and I rolled and rolled and rolled. 

So thankful for such loving help 

Later the assistant inspector put his seal of approval on the job. 

The finished floor is shiney and most of all done!!!!!  Now we can move in machines. 

Trey the tractor man helped out moving pallets around. 

Trey is the expert in backing up vehicles ? 

He’s such a big stud. 

It was a great weekend now we head home ?. Marty and Shawna help by towing a trailer home. Then bad luck strikes. Just about 10 miles from home Marty’s truck blows up his motor. Head gasket and a bunch of other repairs brings a large repair bill. ????

Till next time…..


Check, check, check…..

We have been checking things off our list of things to do. 

I put the last rock on my rock wall while Martin cut in a few more electrical boxes and wired them. 

We installed plexiglass into spaces of the window/ door wall. 

Martin can be found high up on a ladder during this process. 

We broke for dinner and on our way back we spotted a small herd of four deer ?. They even stopped and smiled for the camera. 

I wanted to put up some more tile before dark. 

Bammmmm. It feels so good to get things done. 

Till next time…..


We have doors…

This morning we woke up to snow. Kansas loves the snow. 

Inside we installed three French doors today. 

We didn’t buy enough shims so off to the local hardware store we go. While we are there bought the pipe to make the door handles. 

We also wanted to see what the bottle walls will look like in the wall so I just placed them in a space. 

Everything is so exciting to get finish that we have to really stick to our plan and get things done in order. 

Martin’s greatest accomplishments is wiring up the electrical panel. As I was blogging my battery was running very low so I asked him, “Can flip the switch and plug in to charge my phone?” He said, “yes!”  So this little switch is a manual turn on the generator to the house switch. 

He still has wires pulled that need to be landed in the panel and so much more to do but everyday we seem to be getting things done and checked off the list. 

Till next time….


One week of retirement….

Happy Anniversary to Martin. His first week retired and this is the first day of a long work life that he didn’t have to go to work on a Monday. Yea he had vacations or days off but mentally he is really turned off. Now all he thinks about is building. We sealed the corridor floors. 

Learned some things with this test. We love the natural character of the concrete. 

With the floor dry Martin was able to do some of his wiring in the panel.  And I was able to do some more art. 

Today we put up the bead board under the window/door wall. 

We even put up the bead board in the pantry. 

A little trim work and it will be ready for the next step. 

Next we are going to tackle this wall. Building of cabinets around the slat wall. 

Till next time….


Another beautiful day….

Martin spent the morning working on the panel. 

I spent some time splatting my creative juices all over the wall 

Then we cleaned and etched the corridor floor in prep to lay the Rust-Oleum Rocksolid high clear gloss coating.  We wanted the natural character of the concrete to really shine. 

Then we received a call from our realtor. 

On this day May 5th 22 years ago was the day the kids and I moved to Arizona to be with Martin.  He moved 3 months earlier for his work. 

Today we counter offered an offer on our home and it was accepted. It’s officially sold. Now the fun begins. Time to make a plan. 

So here we sit outside in the shade with our list of things to accomplish. 

Till next time…..


Beautiful day….

Last night when we arrived Martin was so excited about something. He kept saying he wanted to do something that’s never been done before. So kept thinking and just couldn’t figure it out. Until we walked into the dark house. He walk over to the switch on the wall. And BAM we had lights in the house. 

It was amazing to see the walls in a different light. 

Today we unloaded the trailer of my fabric rolls. 99 of them found their final resting place in their Cubbies. 
Martin and Ron put together my new tool box for my embroidery station. 

Then we spent  some time cleaning and washing the corridor floors in prep for tomorrow’s task. Epoxying the floors. It’s just a clear glossy coat to bring out all the character in the floors own finish. 

After we were done with that Martin went outside to work on the generator to get it up and running. So he left me alone in the house. OH NO!  What’s a girl to do. Grab a hammer, bucket of glue, and a putty knife. My creative juice just splashed all over this wall in the bedroom. 

Martin walks in and says, “Say What!!! That’s cool”.  It’s only the beginning but for me I can see the vision clear as day. Glitter grout here I come. 

Shower time. Till next time…..


Retirement is real…..

Martin’s last day was yesterday. He had his exit interview and lunch a few co-workers. 

The last of my costumes hang on the rack ready for pick up 

We spent the evening watching Tanner at Karate class 

Now we are packed and hitting the road. Our red neck, oakie trailer is ready so off we go!!!!! Time to build.  

The first of the fabric rolls are on the trailer. Can’t wait to see them in their space.  

My new tool box sits on the back. Ready to do work in my embroidery area. 

Okay just gotta laugh at the forks. 

We are ready for this adventure. Sink or swim, do or die, ready or not look out New Mexico the Treats are coming. 

Till next time…..