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Full steam ahead……

Since Martin gave notice at work his blood pressure has started to come down.  His last day is May 1st. This gives us another month of insurance till we can figure it out.  He hasn’t had to go to the office much in his last two weeks and with me winding down my season and Martin has already begun some honey dos. 

Staining my storage crates. You know he hates to paint/ stain anything unless it’s a race plane ✈️ so this is a big deal. 

Martin has also helped Jamie with a furniture flip. 

Jamie found a $3.99 piece of shit cabinet at Goodwill and with the help from mom and dad and a few tools it will be a beautiful tv cabinet. 

Martin is relaxing at Treys baseball ⚾️ game. 

He attended Mikaila’s special night. 

With his extra time at home ? he is planning what we need to do next to get my studio done  ✅. 

He ordered the battery system. I must say this is the first time I have seen this system and  I am impressed. 

How this guy has figured out all the important stuff to make our dream come true is beyond me. 

We also met with Michelle at Lowes. 

When you need cabinets you go to the best. 

Can’t thank her enough for her guidance in designing our Kraftmaid kitchen. 

Still no offers on the house so please continue to send your positive thoughts and prayers.

Till next time……


Hoppy Easter….

Saturday brought cleaning and organizing. 

For the first time in a long time my studio is clean. We moved all the wood out. This will allow us freedom to move around to put up the insulation and the ceiling. We still need to build a pony wall for my embroidery station and install the wood burning stove. 

Martin had time to wire up some of the devices. 

In cleaning up a bunch of wood I found me some friends. 

Good thing I’m not afraid of these things cause I found another friend waiting for me in the Moho. 

You know these little creatures are really cute and even cuter when they are dead and not pooping all over the place. 

While I’m cleaning my handsome husband was installing my steam punk light fixture he made for me over my future cutting table area. 

Dinner at John and Victoria’s Saturday night welcomed new visitors. Their view up on the hill is amazing. 

Martin Easter morning wanted to finish wiring up his project and Ta Da we have lights. Not complete yet but so close. He is so good at what he does.  ❤️❤️❤️

We checked our game camera ? and found these fun pictures it caught of the snow ❄️ 

Heading home to spend Easter with our family. 

Our little back seat driver is just a hoot!

Martin and I finally made a decision about when to pull the trigger and move. Well let’s just say that you heard it here first folks. Martin is giving notice Tuesday. Two weeks. That’s is if the company keeps him on that long. We just couldn’t wait for the house to sell. I’m done with my work at the end of April and I have to be up and running by June 1st. So that leaves us building the month of May to get it done.  If at the end of May our house hasn’t sold we will then lower the price. So please send us positive thoughts and prayers. We could use them right now.

Till next time……..

Joyce ??????

Love ❤️ it when a new plan comes together…..

So we set out to New Mexico with a plan to do misc stuff in my studio. Wiring, bead board, moving wood, etc.

Well on the way up we started talking about the walkway in the green house. We have to get that done to keep the dirt out of the house. 

We have accumulated this huge stack of pallets. 

Well me and Pinterest are a dangerous combination. 

Yep you guessed it. We’ve put on own spin on this idea and have begun our walk way. 

Martin is figuring out the next section. Making allowances for the planter beds that we still need to build. 

If it’s not a planter or a rustic walkway it will be small rocks. This gives room for potted plants. 

Omg I just love it ? when a new plan comes together. So thankful my husband puts up with my creative crazy brain. 

Till next time…..


Prep weekend…

This beautiful Sunday morning we are preparing for another quick trip to build. 

Martin applies the white base coat. 

Then I add the dry brushing to the bead board. 

12 done today 12 more to go!!!!

This wood is for the pantry, bedroom closet and under the window wall.  

Till next time…..


Quick trip…..

Last weekend Martin and I stained over 100 ship lap 

So this weekend we decided to take a quick trip and work. 

We pulled the electrical and the low voltage wiring for my sewing area. 

Peek a boo I see you. 

As you can see it was a cold weekend. Martin is wearing his heavy coat. We had morning snow then afternoon dippin’ dot type snow. 

So it warmed up a bit. Now it’s a hoodie. 

Then it was time for…….

More ship lap!!!!!!!  Pick a piece, cut a piece, nail a piece, up the ladder, nail it, and down the ladder, move the ladder, repeat!!!! Repeat!!!! Repeat!!!!

We finished the upper part this morning and then hit the road. We didn’t even take time to get water so we could shower. At this point traveling home let’s say I brought no laundry home with me. We slept in the clothes we came in and left to go home in the same ones.  Almost home we look forward to a nice hot bubbling tub. And some TV time to put our feet up as they have been barking at us the whole way home. 

It’s been almost 3 weeks since we put the house up for sale. We could everyone’s prayers to help us get our house sold soon. ???????????????

Till next time……