Monthly Archives: March 2017

Lots of animals…..

Our game camera was busy catching all the action at the house while we were away. 

This male must be the protector. 

This face is just so cute!

This one is part rabbit. 

Does my butt look big!!

Something we have never seen up there is a bobcat. They are really pretty. 

Last night coming back from dinner we found a poor soul who made a poor judgement. Someone was so up set about ending this animals life they laid a flower ? down by it. I ask you, “Why do they die with their eyes open?”  Me, I would have my eyes shut tight if I was being hit by a fast moving vehicle ? 


Till next time…….


Happy Birthday Martin. Big 60!

For Martin’s birthday he wanted to spend the weekend at his happy place, New Mexico.  So we loaded up supplies and purging from the house and headed east. 

Yep more ship lap. 

We arrived Thursday and encountered a dead battery on the tractor and and the generator. So of course that took time to get things running. We unloaded the trailer and truck. Why is it up here working is fun? What’s more fun is cooking over the fire. Bison burgers and fried potatoes!

Night night time!

We spent our first night in our new home. Dust dirt and all. One blow up mattress and a set of sleeping bag is all it took. It was amazing at night as you woke up to roll over to see the massive  stars out of our front windows. 

Friday, Martins Birthday we woke up to a flat mattress. Laughing and aching we can’t believe we did that. At least no one fell out of bed. Lol. 

We spent the morning finishing putting up more ship lap. This wall is the home to all my threads and many Cubbies for supplies. 

Surprised Martin with a little special pie made from the one and only Pie Lady. 

Yep his favorite, a German Chocolate Pie!

Frank,  Lizanne and Victoria joined in in the celebration.  

We finished the day by securing these cabinets to the wall

Now we have somewhere to put our shit!

Martin installed one of the switch plate covers we bought a year ago!

And bent some pipe for more switches 

Saturday we put up some doors and windows on our window/door wall. 

This is my sewing studio

This is in our bedroom. 

This is the view from the shower. Yes the shower. 

We used salvaged doors and windows to make a hodge podge wall. These will be painted with bright colors. This will take some time!!!

As Martin takes a little snooze in a chair I write this blog. He deserves a tiny break. My hard working man. 

Last time I forgot to take a picture of our beautiful door handle. I still can’t believe John’s talent or can we thank him enough for making these huge doors for us. 

We are working hard to get my sewing studio up and running as we have put our house up for sale this week. Fingers crossed it goes fast. If the house sells we could be moving May 1st. 

Tomorrow we head home. Our loving family is having a special birthday dinner for Martin. 

Till next time…….