Sunday it started to snow. So when we woke up to leave Monday we had 4-6 inches of the white stuff. 

Mother Nature is just a bounty of beauty. 

One last look at our accomplishments 

Time to load the truck and hit the road. 

Just a little to much snow on the top of the truck. It all fell down the windshield blocking our view. Boys to the rescue!  

Kansas is in heaven in the front seat loving on her daddy. 

It has been a great weekend building and spending time with our besties, Kevin and Paula Straw and their puppy Lilly. Can’t thank our friends enough for their infectious enthusiasm. 

Till next time…..


And the fun continues…..

The boys were able to get the solar panels wired while the weather was warm. 

More cubbie shelves for Sunday fun. 

Paula Picasso applied the final touch up paint. 

The boys were able to put up the custom windows John build for our transome windows. 

After thresholds were installed it was Ship lap time. 

Paula picked the colors and I cut the wood then the boys installed them. We worked late into the night. 

Paula fixed us finger foods for a quick bite then by 8:30 pm we were beat. 

Night night time …..

Joyce n

Weekend of work, work,work ……

After Paula’s safe arrival Friday we headed home. We spent the day building my Cubbies to store my fabrics. 

Ladder by ladder we all pitched in to build the some 82 shelves. 

Miss Paula could be found ROCKIN’ IT through out the weekend. One little tock at a time. Repeat, repeat and repeat. 

The supervisor was pleased with our progress so she took a stick break. 

Lilly inspected the Cubbie area. Passed!

At the end of the day it’s always fun to share a cold one with friends. 

Saturday brought a great surprise. John completed our custom doors. 

The boys are thinking really hard here. Do we feel strong?  

The boys hung them up. 4 foot by 8 foot doors. Just beautiful. The craftsmanship was amazing. 

Thank you John. Nice to have such helpful neighbors. 

Antique Hardware just makes it. And of course I forgot to take a picture of the door knob. 

So I stained these beauties up. 

We ended the day by lots of giggles. Playing Watch Your Mouth. I laughed so hard yep I peed myself. 

Till next time…..



In preparation of loading the trailer I began by packing up my spools of thread so we could remove the slat wall board to haul. 

The empty wall sits there naked and bare. The anticipation of the dream coming true is exciting. 

Kevin arrived just in time to help be my pack mule. Food for the trip!

Kevin and Martin completed ✅ the installion of the solar panels in a beautiful 73 degree day. 

One by one the array went up. 

I painted more plywood for the ceiling in my cubby area. Then had to clean up the Moho. We had friends visit us and made a mess. Luckily they found my bait and they died together in their bed. 

They even took Kansas’ food and brought it into their nest. Little shits!  

Luckily our dear neighbors are giving us a peppermint oil solution to ward off these little shits in the future. 

With a Moho there is always something. We had a faucet crack and a connection in the wall for the shower break. So off to Albuquerque we go. Parts to fix things and to pick up a special person. Miss Paula flew in to join in on the fun. We were on our way to pick her up when her flight was cancelled. Luckily she was able to get another flight. With the late flight we decided to grab a room for the night.  Gotta say it’s kind of gross taking a shower and putting back on dirty clothes but in our crazy adventures it’s just another day. 

Till next time ……..