Monthly Archives: November 2016

Good Morning….

Can you say happy dog?  Kansas loves the snow. We woke up to 4″ of fresh beautiful white snow. 

We took our morning walk all bundled up. 

Loved how the trees hugged the snow. 

Our path was guided by a blanket of beauty. 

Here are just some of Mother natures wonders at Dead-Wood-Ranch.

We have been waiting for the first snow and it really was a good one. 

Traveling was a little scary with the icy roads but we made it home safely. 

Dropping snow off the truck as we traveled down the road. 

It will be awhile before we can return so have a safe holiday season and a Happy New Year. 

Till next year…..


Our last build day…..

This morning we started the day with a home cooked meal at the Gatherin’ Place. 

Here you can actually write on the walls. 

Of course a must see here is the toaster house. Open to anyone who needs a place to stay while on the Continental Divide. 

The boys today built more interior walls 

I have a pooper room and a laundry room. 

And a closet 

And a pantry

 Paula and I glued on more stones. 

After the gluing process the spaces between the rocks will be filled with grout. Yea I know this will take time but it will be well worth it. Mother Nature’s gifts. 

It has truly been a pleasure having Kevin And Paula’s help over this a Thanksgiving Holiday. Tomorrow we both head towards home tired but hearts full. 

Till next time…..


And the fun continues……

Saturday brought graffiti to our home. We wanted to leave a mark so if some year when we are long gone and someone remodels this home they will find our hidden message. 

Us girls continued with the pink cotton candy blankets. 

While the boys put up the plywood. 

The first of electrical wiring went in. 

One more wall ready for ship lap. 

As we broke for lunch we enjoyed a happy birthday pie time. Happy birthday dear Paula. Thank you Miss Kathy for the blueberry pie. 

After lunch Miss Paula went to work gluing the rocks on the wall. 

And went to work painting. 

The boys pulled the numerous wires for the solar and generator. 

After a good day’s work it was time to celebrate. We took Kevin and Paula out for dinner. 

Great dinner and on the way home Mr. Kevin was driving Martins truck.  Of course no street lights and it was dark and scary. BAMMM!!!!!!!

Mr. Kevin gets pulled over. SPEEDING!!! Doing 72 in a 40 MPH. Oh CRAP!  Mr. Kevin was shaking in his boots. His butt was puckering. He slowly ran his window down and spoke to the officer. The officer ran his license and Martins registration. He came back and cuffed Mr. Kevin and took him off to jail. He had speeding warrants from California to Arkansas. 

Lol……..haha…… no not really. He gave him a verbal warning and sent us on our way. Thank goodness this officer hates to do paper work. He’s one lucky dude. 

Till next time…..


The day after…..

Thanksgiving dinner was amazing. Miss Paula out did herself. So today on Black Friday us girls went shopping. Haha and you thought for Christmas. Nope!  Ran to the local hardware store one hour away. Our purchase, plywood, paint and a saw blade. 

We arrived back just in time for lunch. Can you say leftovers? Omg YUMMY!!! Then we took Kevin and Paula for a true Pie Town experience. 

They met the Pie Lady of Pie Town. 

Explored the Pie Lady’s cabin. 

While us girls were gone the boys were busy building. Adding ply wood to the interior walls. 

Since it is now later in the day and no sense us girls getting dirty we elected to watch the boys build. 

I was asked to check out the installation of the hot water heater. 

Ok I love the inside install but boy they have to do something about the big thing sticking outside the back of the house. Looks kind of nasty!!!!:(. Lol. 

Tonight we sweat in the sauna. 

Till next time…..


Happy Thanksgiving….

Miss Paula was busy making us a nice turkey dinner today so I was flying solo today. 

I was able to cut and hang ship lap. 

Paint and do my paint technique on the block wall. The best thing about this room is that the walls are done. CHECK. 

The boys were busy hanging more solar panels. 

After another good day’s work we are ready to gooble down some turkey. 

Hope ya all had a great day. 

Gobble gobble…..


When help arrives…….

Our hearts are full….and we begin the day with smiles thanks to a Kevin and Paula.

The boys were busy doing boy things. Like putting up the support system for the solar. 
And John came by to plumb the gas line and frame out the new custom doors he will be making. 

While the boys were busy with their boy stuff. Us girls KICKED ASS!  

Paula and I put up insulation. 

And ship lap!


Girl power!!!!

After our bodies were tired of up and down we decided to grab two chairs and a bottle of wine to watch the solar show. 

The boys just being boys. Yesterday was a great day. We ended the day with a nice relaxing time in our sauna. Oh my how us old people can giggle. 

 Today as I post this blog it is Thanksgiving Day. We are so thankful for the help we have received from our family and our friends on this crazy adventure we call life. We love you all and gobble gobble….

Till next time……


Tuesday brings friends……

Monday was a day of organizing. Finished the copper pipe supports for the flue system on the sauna. And we fired the wood stove up. It was a good thing we started it early cause it had time to burn off the new smell. 

We had rain and snow sprinkles which meant the sauna was going to feel so good. And it did. We spent a wonderful relaxing evening warm and cozy while snow dusted the ground. 

Tuesday was more organizing till our wonderful loving friends arrived. They drove 950 miles in their Moho to come help us. Kevin and Paula Straw have been some of our best friends for years. Martin and Kevin have known each other for over 50 years. 

Of course we gave them the grand tour that included a visit to the knoll at sunset. The Alegres in the background were blanketed with white puffy clouds. 

Our dear friend Ron opened up his home to Kevin and Paula. A pad, water, sewer and power on a beautiful piece of property. What more do you need except a quiet place to sleep? And out here it is nothing but peaceful. 

Kevin man handling his power cord. Pull Kevin pull!

Love these peeps. 

Till next time…….

Day Two……

Today is Sunday and our goal was achieved!  We set all the poles for the solar system.    

We mixed 48 bags of concrete. And when you need an extra pair of hands look what I found. A tree just wanting to help. 

We broke for a late lunch and watched the Arizona Cardinals lose to the Vikings. Rrrrrrr. 

After our rest we decided to finish the sauna. All these pieces so where do we start?

First the fire protection. 

Next the wood burning stove.

One big hole. 

One big pipe. 

And taaaaa daaaaa the sauna is complete. 

Tomorrow will be our first test in the sauna. Ahhhhhhhh

Till next time……


And the Thanksgiving fun begins…..

Martin was able to check out of work by 3:00 on Friday. Which means we were able to hit the road by 4:30pm. 

As always the drive is tiring but fun. We are able to discuss our game plan. As we drive through Quemado a black cat runs across the street in front of us. We look at each other like, “UT OH!”  What bad luck will we have to experience. 

We are greeted with our awning falling off the Moho. We must have had a micro burst cause our swing was blown over and the lawn chairs blown all over and the awning ripped from its perch. 

Oh well. Good bye awning. It’s been nice knowing you. 

As we walk the trails there is evidence of our grand babies boys fun. Trails have deep ruts and dirt marbles sprayed everywhere. Kansas is sporting her new long johns. 

She is always seeking out rabbits or chipmonks. 

Our shadows are crazy this morning. Martin sporting the cowboy look. Me the cone head look 

Hair in a bun with a hoodie equals a cone head. Fair warning!

Our goal on this beautiful Saturday was to get the sonotube cut, placed and set to the grade desired. 

Martin is the master and I am just the slave. Lol. 

Next thing was to set the outside poles and pour us some CONCRETE. 

John and a Victoria came by to bring us the gas piping.  John is also building our custom doors and windows.  It is so nice to have the neighbors we do. People helping people.  We are so thankful for our friends/new family here in New Mexico. 

Tomorrow more concrete and poles. Yea baby building the structure that will hold our solar panels. 

Till next time…