Monthly Archives: October 2016

Successful weekend……

First thing Saturday morning we began putting the Sauna together. 

Step by step it started to look like a wine barrel. 

A little more reading then more steps 

A little bracing and more steps. 

Nothing like a handsome man to install the handle. 

The cedar smells so good!

Sunday morning I spent all morning staining the sauna while Martin installed more wood to the walls inside the corridor. 

All weekend Kansas kept busy trying to get something out of this drain tubing. 

Nothing like a beautiful sunset to guide you home. Happy birthday to Martin’s dad today who turned 78. 

Going back next weekend. 

Till next time…….


Here we go again……

It seems like the last two weeks have flown by. We were so busy with life we only went shopping last night. 

So this morning  was a busy one for me. 

More ship lap painted and drying. This makes 136 boards painted. 

This is bead board. Painted and drying in our 90+ degree weather. 

Soon Martin will be home….I will pack us a sandwich and we will hit the road. 

We have a sauna to put together. That’s right a wood burning cedar sauna. Do we need it now? Hell no but the sale was to good to pass it up. Do our old bodies need it?  Hell yes they do!!! The the goal this weekend is to build the sauna so we can empty the enclosed trailer and bring it home. 

We always bring more projects than we can work on so if something comes up we always have something to work on. Being an hour from the nearest big town makes needing one little part not worth the drive. Cause you know in life, “it’s always something”.  

Till next time……



More hamming and screwing today. Hung 8 more rafters. Started building the headers across my cubby wall for my fabric storage. The goal tomorrow is too hang the beams. Hang more rafter hangers and fingers crossed more rafters.     
 It’s so nice to have Ron’s help. He took the metal to neighbor John’s house to drill holes in the steel plates for Martin. Now Martin can weld them into brackets for the support posts. Up here everyone helps everyone. 

As I took Kansas for a quick walk this morning I thought I’d share with you all just a touch of the beautiful wild flowers in bloom.  



These little pest will probably be our worst bugs we have to deal with. Ants! 

These little hills sprout up everywhere. So we will be stocked up on Amdro for sure. 
Till next time……

Progress….one weekend at a time. 

We have found the only way to get the house ready for us is to be there and build. So we have been going every two weeks to get things done and check them off the list. 

86 more boards painted and ready to go. 

Two more water storage cisterns loaded and ready to go. 

Martin cut up some of our bottle collection and I taped them together. Ready to go. 

Friday night we were ready. Yep we looked like rednecks!

Saturday morning water tanks were moved into place and plumbed. 

My handsome husband!!!

Our neighbor, Frank brought his tractor over to finalize the grade on the back of the house. So thankful for all the helping hands through this experience. 

Another part of the corridor gets its insulation and painted ship lap. 

While Frank was over he helped us lift the very heavy inverter system onto the wall. Then Martin finished up with some additional panels. This will be what controls the ac and dc power coming into the house. 

Just couldn’t resist laying the cut bottles into one of the spaces just to see what it would look like. These will be mortared into place then grouted out to the edges of the bottles and wall. With each stepped we get more and more excited!

Of course there is always the ending to a quick weekend of building. The supervisor is always ready to go at a moments notice. This picture is just after she had her head out the window. Wind blown whiskers!

We left later than planned because we wanted to finish our projects. But because of that we were awarded with watching the beautiful sunset last night. 

We have many more weekends ahead of us……

Till next time…..


I forgot…..

Sorry had some errors in the last post edited them but still came through wrong. 

But I forgot the picture of the inspector who made sure all the durtvwirk Ron was doing was done correctly and neatly. She gave him an A+. 

Great job Ron!!!

Till next time…..


Another quick weekend….

Can you say ship lap? The new craze!  And yes we are doing it in our home. 

All it takes is a little paint slopped on and some muscle in pink to apply it. 

Some drying time!

Some travel time!

Some insulation first!

A handsome man to nail it up! Whom I love!

And wahlaaaaaa!  I could not cut the wood fast enough I was so excited to see a vision come to life. 

We also got the propane gas line into the house. With the help of Our neighbors John and Ron.   

Trencher broke so John ran and brought the big daddy of digging over to finish the job. 

Nothing like playing in the dirt. 

Then the final hook ups and testing!

Then you have a gas into the house. 

So after we make a mess now the work begins to clean it up. Ron is always there to lend and hand and a tractor. Ron has been the biggest help all this time. 

And the brains behind it all. This man!  My hubby!

Making our dreams come true. It is amazing and most if all FUN!

Till next time…..