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The day started with this gorgeous view. Miss Alegra just needed a nice big cherry!

We installed 5 more large panes of glass. Then decided to figure out the upper Windows. Ta—-da. 

These braces help make the house strong and sound. Martin and I had tears in our eyes. To see our dream come to life with every little step. Big or small each step is just one step closer to completion. 

We watched Tree House Masters one night awhile ago and they plugged these Timberlocks. Best invention in the world. Secure and easy to drill in. Well maybe not at easy for Martin cause he’s doing all the drilling. It just looks so easy from where I stand and watch him drill. 

Found this little gem today. 

A squirrel pelvis with thigh bones,tail and a skull. 

Ended the day with beautiful skies. 

Till next time……

The one handed stainer. 

Glass glass glass….

Today Martin and Ron tackled installing the plexiglass. After the first couple of sheets they got the hang of it. 

This is a huge step in construction. 


Requires lots of trim work. And of coarse lots of staining. That’s all I did. Stain, stain, stain. It’s been beautiful weather but thunder storms are on the way so praying they miss us so we may complete our mission. 

Till next time….

The one handed stainer!!!!!

And the work begins…….

We picked up the glass and headed to the hills.  Our little back seat driver is always making sure we know where we are going.


 Sunday morning we started off moving some dirt. Since there would be a lot of ladder work we wanted to make sure it was safe. 

We also cleaned up the multi piles of scrap wood. Martin and Ron worked on installing 4 windows in the front of the green house. 

Me, guess what I did?  Yep one handed staining. Staining and staining. 

Till next time……


Dead-wood-ranch here we come……

Last summer we worked our asses off in preparation of doing it again this year to complete our home. 

Since life threw us a screw you ball Martin has adjusted to commuting to work and I am slowly adjusting to him being gone. 

Along with the job came good insurance. I  have been suffering for a long time with arthritis in my right thumb. After screwing some 1,600 screws in the roof it only made it worst. So since we had to stay one more I decided to have the surgery to help fix my thumb. 

It’s a long recovery. About three months. Pretty painful. Already can’t wait to get this thing off. 

We have been preping for our week of building next week. The plan is to install the green house glass. We’ve got some great help up there and more arriving on Thursday. This will be another huge step in closing the house up. 

I’ve been staining the strips of would to hold the glass in. 200 of these babies need staining. Start early in the morning. If I don’t I might catch on fire!!!!

Not sure if I will get them all done before we go but I have a good start. Not bad for a one handed stainer!!!!!! 

Friday we pick up the glass, pack up all the stuff. Gotta have stuff. Where would we all be without stuff. I think naked and hungry!!!  Leave early Saturday, stop in Show Low to pick up some down spouts for the front gutters and BAM we are there. Can’t wait!!!!

Till next time…..