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Up and back but productive…..

Saturday morning our detour was a pretty drive. 

Even though it took us an additional hour it was worth it. We made it in plenty of time for our home owners meeting. Old news, new news and a few discussions we were ready to visit our neighbors Frank and Lizanne. They just moved up by our place but 7 miles down the road. We brought a small load of their things up to them. 

First thing on the list is making the manifold. For me it looks like just a pile of pieces but to Martin a masterpiece. 

Wait don’t shoot!!!!!!

This is a manifold. We have four cisterns that have collected water. Two were full and two were less than half. In order for them to equalize the water needs to go through this masterpiece. 

Next step dirt work. Our dear friend Frank came to help since I can not drive the tractor. 

Next step drill some holes. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy. The cement board siding is hungry. It ate Martins hole saw in three holes. He had to try several different things before finding out his uni-bit did the job. 

Wha-laaaaa an manifold set into place 

This is just the beginning to the water supply. He has a UV filter and charcoal filter yet to install. 

Next lay the pipe and connect it to the the cisterns. Open the valves and let the water flow. 

Add some electrical stub outs and then we are ready for the next stage. 

We came back home early today ( Monday ). Avoided the Memorial holiday traffic. Now Martin has to do some work. He was given a big project to estimate Friday afternoon at 2:00 due Wednesday morning. Yes we were bummed about coming home early but you gotta do what you gotta due. 

Till next time …….. ….


Happy Memorial Weekend!!!

Well our original plan was to leave last night but Martin couldn’t take off early from work. So decided to get up early, 3am, so traffic will be lighter. We decided to go through the canyon. Bad idea. Crash at the Salt River Bridge. Closed both directions. 

So when life throws you that curve ball. Take a new route through Safford. Adds about a hour extra driving. 

Was able to catch this beauty!

Have a great weekend ya all!

Till next time……


Can you say WATER……

 Our dear friends and neighbors Ron and Judy went back up to the mountain hood. So we asked him to stop by to see how much water we collected. Look! Look! Look!  This is only 2-3 weeks. Love it when a good plan comes together.  

We are planning to go back up at the end of May to run the plumbing into the house. So excited!!!!! Just can’t hide it!!!!!

Till next time……