Monthly Archives: April 2016

Quick weekend…..

Thursday we attended the Carrie Underwood concert.  Best concert ever. I had a helping hand by blinging up a SUNS jersey for Miss Carrie.  She disappointed all of us involved by not wearing the jersey during her show. Bahhhhhhaaaaaaaaa.  

 You know now that Martin is working in the corporate world, he received permission to take Friday off. So after a 2 hour stop at Home Depot we were on the road. Our mission was to place the cisterns and hook them up to the gutters so we could begin to collect the water off the roof. 

We arrived to wet carpet. The slide outs were closed and they leaked. Ugh always something with this Moho. Martin was outside doing his thing and I was inside putting our little love nest together with clean sheets. I always leave the blankets on the bed. So I flipped the comforter on the bed and noticed this blood looking spot on the white down comforter. I’m thinking I don’t remember any boo boos to make this mess. I touch it!  Crusty!  Puzzled I am. Hmmmmm. I bend down to smell it. Ohhhhhh God. Gross. It stunk. Then I look over on the floor was this stupid ass mouse who decided to crawl into our comforter to die it’s little ass. So I threw that comforter outside along with that damn mouse.  

 After unpacking we ran off to dinner. We saw that huge herd of elk again. On the way there and on the way back. Martin bought a spot light this makes their eyes sparkle like diamonds in the dark. 

Last time I forgot to tell about another animal story. Judy and Ron were with us and we were not to far from our place. We were just cruising down the road saying that we didn’t see any elk. Then all of sudden I made a funny squeal. Holy crap there were two antelope standing on the middle white line and one on the right side of the road. Being that close we could see its little butt pucker and they just stood there watching us whiz by. We split the antelope. We were so surprised they didn’t dart to cross the road. Martin held his line and they held theirs. Then we felt our butt puckers relax. I think the antelope felt the same. 

Saturday we woke up to snow falling. 29 degrees. Do or die. We came up to get the mission complete. 

We bundled up and proceeded to move dirt and then the cisterns.  

 It snowed on us all day. From tiny hail to fluttering snow to blowing like blizzard snow.  

Luckily it didn’t stick much. By late Saturday we were ready to plumb. 

Today, Sunday, it was a calm day. Martin drilled the holes needed in the cisterns. I climb down inside to help install the parts. Then it was an elbow here elbow there, piece of pipe here piece of pipe there, few blocks here few blocks there, then glue it, screw it. And before you know it we heard drip, drip, drips to the cistern. Mission complete.  

With the little bit of snow we had on the roof this morning during this whole plumbing process the snow was melting and water flowed out the gutter holes just waiting to be caught and collected.   

  This one old tree was struck by lightening years ago finally fell down in the recent wind storm. To me it just looks wicked. 

Till next time….


The day after….

Today is Tuesday and Martins first day was long. Training all week means staring at a computer screen all day. 

I’m finding the day is really quiet. No typing on the key board. No yelling on the phone. Just quiet. 

Kansas and I start our day with a walk.  

 We see neighbors to which we don’t know heading off to work. Dust flying in the air on the dirt road. 

Something you don’t see everyday. 3 fat pigs sleeping soundly. Snoring in the mud.  

 A new high school was built just down the road so now we have a nice paved not busy road to walk on. Down to the end of the fence we turn. One mile check. That means one mile home. As we turn bam! There is the beautiful sunrise greeting us.  

 Missing my husband. He’s in that commuter traffic and I’m enjoying nature. Soon our choices will bring us back together. 

Another day of quiet…….

Till next time……


A new chapter…..

Today is the new beginning as Martin starts his new job. I laid out his clothes. New polka dot socks!  New plaid shirt! New belt. Ready to do work.  

It’s a big change for us to be separated like this during the day. Even breakfast on the courtyard is different this morning.  

 Martin is missing!!!!  He’s driving in that commuter traffic while I’m enjoying a pot of tea. 

Today will be a day of training videos and meeting fellow workers. I know he will succeed. 

Till next time…..