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Can you say, “Gutters”

Since the high wind warnings the gutter people came a day early to install our gutters and deliver the cisterns.  


They installed snow brakes. Snow brakes?  That’s a new one for me. 

Here’s a picture of me standing on the block wall that’s 2 feet tall to help give you an idea of how tall the house really is.  

 It’s always a sad moment when we have to leave to go home.  

 Kansas looking out the window for one last sniff for bunny butts. This girl loves to chase bunnies. Sniff out lizards or horney toads. She’s just in heaven with no fencing. 

As we dropped into the valley we were amazed by the super crappy air we have to breathe. With the high winds across Arizona the dust and smog was everywhere.  

 Upon arrival at home we were reminded of the reality of our life right now. The closing of Martin’s business meant employees returning their company trucks to be sold.  

 During our trip Martin accepted the offer for a position from a large corporation. And three of his guys received offers too. 

Build time now will be limited to holidays when Martin can take time off. We just keep telling ourselves just one more year. The countdown begins 426 days. 

Till next time…….



When life throws you a load of crap you just gotta laugh. 

Well painted for two days. 5 gallons of paint on the walls from ground level and two coats. Still not happy with the coverage. So we made a plan have a fire, cook some turkey burgers and go to town Monday morning.  

Back by noon with another 5 gallons. Poured it in my tray. Holy crap it is a different color. I rolled it on anyway to see if it would dry the same color. What!!!! It covered in one coat. So Martin look at the stickers. Holy crap again. First bucket mixed at a one gallon mixture. That’s why it was translucent and didn’t cover very well. Thought it was because it was this beautiful deep red, simply red. 

Omg how much easier this was to paint with the right paint.  

Three days of painting!!!

Till next time……….


Saturday March 19th……

 Wednesday the 16th we finally decided to head to New Mexico. First we had to complete some chores. Martin delivered parts to his guys then sprayed for weeds while I mowed the lawn and filled the dumpster. We still have a bunch of New Mexico garbage from wrapping the house so I decided to dumpster dive. First I needed ladder. Hummmm this will do….   

  Next stuff as much paper in there as possible. Jump, jump, haul, stuff, jump some more. Ahhhhhh full.  

 Martin wanted to be in our happy place for his birthday. I’m so glad with all the drama going on we were able to this. 

Thursday March 17 we start our day with our morning walk. The drama continues. Poor Martin can’t even enjoy our time.    

So after many phone calls, emails and looking over plans I take him to our local special place.   

He’s “Like what are you up too?”  Me, “Nothing why?”    

Surprise!!!!! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Martin, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!

He blows and blows but can’t blow the candles out.   

His special German Chocolate Pie was worth with all that blowing. He huffed and puffed and blew the coconut right off!!! Thank you Kathy Knapp for this special gift. 

 Looks like he swallowed a canary but it really is the best pie ever!!!!

I stained the whole front of the green house because the next day our lift was being returned. Since we won’t be up here all summer no sense paying for something we won’t be using. It was sad cause this lift was a big help in our building process.  


After stained pulled the 5 gallon paint out of the cargo container. Ready to paint!!! Nope!! Opened the paint and holy hell it looked like crap. Paint that has been frozen then thawed is no good. Ah crap. To late to go to town. So instead lets go to dinner. Friday night is Mexican food night. So we enjoyed our dinner and on the drive back we saw two elk along the road then BAM!!!! A herd of 16 elk. They are just such beautiful creatures. As long as you drive by they ignore you but slow down and stop to watch they stop and watch you. It’s a stand off!!! Then they move turn and look to see if you move. We don’t do they move again. It’s like a chest match. 

Hello Saturday ( today)  nice day for a drive. Need paint and something to fix the hose to the hot water heater. When we arrived the damn hose broke water all over the closer. Always something with a Moho. Luckily I am married to McTreat. He can fix anything. 

So after rolling and rolling all afternoon Martin fix the hose we were able to sit and take a deep breath.  

 Our happy place in our knoll. 

Till bext time……



Sad day….happy day

  As I sit here on my front courtyard sipping a cup of tea my handsome husband is on his way to his first interview in 35 years with a big corporation for a job. Martin has owned and operated his own business for the last 18 years. He subcontracted to one main company for all these years. 

With the big crash that happened years ago there was no work but we hung on during that down point and bounced back. Since then the one main company has changed their way of doing business which in the end has murdered Martin’s business. 

We intended to continue for another three years in our new home in New Mexico. Met with a realtor and had a plans to sell April 1.  He can run his business from anywhere and I can sew anywhere as long as I have machines, fabric and Fed Ex. 

So Tuesday after the last knife was shoved into Martin’s back and $75,000 worth of blood had spilled, the patient died. No more blood available to keep it alive. Martin told his employees he was closing the doors. His baby was dead. We cried. Cried a lot!

The employees took it as well as can be expected. Martin has always put his employees first. Thankfully Martin was offered a position from that main company’s competitor.  This was the life saver Martin needed for his employees. They will be coming with Martin. It is true when one door closes another opens. 

As the news spread with the main company they jumped on our best guy the very next morning 6 am making him an offer. The ethics they have is appalling. Luckily his guys are devoted and so appreciate the effort Martin made to secure them a job before closing the doors. 

This has been one of the toughest weeks but Martin and I live our lives knowing the everything happens for a reason. We may not know exactly what the reason is but it’s for the best. 

So we must postpone our move for one year. Still we will build on, just at a slower pace. But with peace of mind knowing we did right by our hard working guys. 

I know Martin will knock em dead at his interview. He has so much experience in controls and his work ethics are honest and cares about what he does. Relationships in business are the main key to a prosperous future. 

We have worked side by side in our little offices. Him doing his thing and me doing my thing. It will be a big change for him to have to commute to an office everyday. But I know he will succeed in whatever he does. He just that kind of guy! 

Well it’s 9:00 am and the interview should be starting. I love this man!!!