Monthly Archives: December 2015


  Live camera shot this morning. We are missing being up there. We just can’t wait to be in our new home, fire in the wood burning stove with a view like that. I can just see Martins blood pressure getting lower and lower. Crisp fresh air, clean tasting well water and total peace. Slower pace living. Here in AZ the traffic in our quite little country town has boomed out of control. The smog here gives us fits. 

This next year year will be stressful trying to finish the house by summer so we can relocate. Working hard so we can pay for the build. No loans on this house. It will be ours when it’s done! But with a view like that makes it all worth it. 

Martins has been purging some of his stuff and I need to get busy purging the house stuff. After all these years in this house you just don’t realize how much crap we collect as human beings. We are going simple and less. Unless it fabric then it stays! Fill the dumpster or give it away!

Wishing all of our readers a very Happy Holiday season. Be safe enjoy life!

Till next time…..