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We started early at 7:00 am. The temp was……… 

 It was so cold there was beautiful ice crystals on the elk poop.  

 Kind of looks like frozen blueberries!

We put up the last 8 rafters, the last of the plywood, cut the front of plywood to the right length. The lift work was now complete. We couldn’t wait for them to come pick up this piece of poop. It never ran right and hard to start. Then up to the roof we go by ladder. The last of the membrane went down. After the last piece was pressed into place we kissed each other and fell back with pride to take it all in.   

  It was so cold today that Kansas actually asked to go back into the motor home. I guess she will need a fur coat. My little thin tank top just wasn’t enough.  

As we were cleaning up Martin noticed up on the ridge a lone deer watching us. Or really watching the bales of hay wondering when we were going to leave.  

  So once we were all cleaned up Martin and I pulled up a chair and waited. And waited! Then there they are. A herd of 5 elk.  

 They munched and munched. We would whisper and they would turn and look our way with mouthfuls of alfalfa. Such beautiful animals. We started to get really cold so as we walked through the house they got spooked and left. This could be a nightly event when we finally get settled here. 

Tomorrow we travel home. Work needs to be done. So until February the house waits for us to return. 

Till next time…..


There is light at the end of the tunnel….

Yesterday we completed framing the front green house wall. Whew! We both had tears in our eyes as we put the last post up.   

  Then we worked on figuring out the dreaded roof rafters. We cut and made a template for the rafters splices. 44 rafters X 2 boards each rafter is a boat load of splices.  

 With our heads down we plugged away. Lift, carry, cut, carry, raise up, clamp in place, screw, and timberlock the roof rafters. Up and down the ladder goes Martin. Up and down the scaffolding goes Joyce. 

Then cutting the plywood, shoving it on the lift. Up goes Joyce on the lift to place it on the rafters. While Martin goes up the ladder to timberlock the rafters. Multiply this times 36 and then now you see roof.  

 Martin then went up on the roof to screw down the plywood.  

 We still are amazed with every new step that we really did this. It is massive. No tiny little house. So proud of our accomplishments. This is all we have left.   8 more. Yep 8. Wahoo. 

  Tomorrow the lift is scheduled to be picked up. So that means we have to be done with the lift work by 11:00. So it’s an early start. Bundled warm as it usually has been 32 degrees at 8:00 am. 

Night, night as we are pooped little puppies.  

 Till next time……



Omg……  All but three posts are standing. 

We were building with a handicapped saw. Only a 12″ blade trying to cut a 6″ board. You would think that would work but the hub in middle takes up 1-1/2″. So Martin would do a slice then we would rotate and rotate. Then line up again and pray to the wood gods that he got it spot on. Most of the time he did. So today arrived…… 


The big mama. Swings a 15″ blade. We unpacked this gem and made our heavy job a little easier. One cut BAM!   


  And wa-la. Here you see! Almost done!  


Tomorrow finish the front wall and start roof rafters. 

Till next time……


Look what we did…..

It was a slow start today but once we figured it out it went pretty good.  

 This is the front green house wall.  The posts are 6×6 redwood. Some are heavier than others. So we just grunt and do it. Hard physical work. Yea baby. 

 Inside the green house we will grow food and in these planter beds the grey water from the house will provide the water for these beds.  

 Martin is amazing that he created the plans and concept and now he can build it. This is an experience of a life time. Enjoying every minute!!!!!

Till next time….


One more week….

During this holiday week we decided to spend it working on the house. We rented a lift that goes off road at the beginning of the month. So at $500 a week we hope to get this phase done because one that damn lift is expensive and two because of my work load I can not come back till February. So it’s balls to the wall no matter what weather we encounter.  

 First thing we checked the game camera and one lonely sole came to eat.  

One lonely bunny posed so pretty for its picture.  

 Martin and I would like to wish all our friends and family that follow our crazy life a Happy Thanksgiving. Google gooble!

Till next time……


Home and chillin’

The last few days we spent pouring concrete into the block wall. Billy was testing the strength of our progress.  

 “Get down! Mommy and Daddy are coming! Kansas said. 

 Martin and Ron were able to cut in the Windows along the back wall.  

 While they sawed and nailed I rolled and rolled some paint on the house. With battling the weather and a dead lift this is as far as I could get.  


With this huge storm heading to New Mexico we decided to head home so I could get a job done while the concrete cured.  

 Our property is smack dab in the middle!

This morning is Sunday and we are enjoying a down day by catching a few movies and resting our bodies. The work we did was very labor intensive. Martin hammered his finger.  

 He also got hit in the thigh with the forks we put on the tractor and badly bruised his leg. 

I fell off the ladder Nov 1st landed on my feet but then fell back on my tail bone. Still suffering. So we are in need of a little mending. 

Till next time……


Siding is up….

Another good day. I spent the day caulking seams of the siding while the boys finished putting the last of the siding  up. With the side fascia boards up the house is starting to look like a house.  

 Tomorrow is a paint day for me while the boys do boy things!

Red, red, red!!!!

Till next time…..


Work it Sunday…..

Wow what a day. We put up siding on the sides of the house.  

  Then we completed the membrane on the back of the house  

 This stuff is amazing stuff.  

Again we made a mountain of trash.  

 9 to 5:30. What a day!!! But we kicked but.  Can’t thank my husband and Ron enough for working so hard. Sore backs and bruised thighs and pinched fingers. 

Till next time…..