Monthly Archives: October 2015

Yea Baby!

The concrete arrived this morning. Check 

So busy little bees we were.  

After smoothing and smoothing we broke for lunch. Sat down to eat then oh no we hear a truck.  

Yep more supplies arrived.  

Metal roofing, lumber, block and redwood. I see a green house in this mess!

We have to go home for a few days. Deliver some Suns Dancers costumes, two volleyball games, one ASU game, laundry, mow the lawn then back up here Friday to build some more. 

So till next time……

Can you say, “Ready for concrete?”

Our day started early. Leaving the Moho by 5 am driving 2 hours. Had breakfast, dropping off the rented escavator, driving another two hours back to the Moho. 

We jumped right into the trenches doing the final cleaning. Layed the fast foot lining and then dropped in and tied up the rebar.  

Just as we were finishing up. Guess what?  Sprinkle sprinkle!!!!  Rrrrrrrrrrr. Oh well we didn’t melt. So off to the out door shower and a cup of tea for me and cocoa for Martin. 

Tomorrow 10 am comes the concrete. 16 yards!!! Wahoo!!!  

Till next time…….


Another great day……

No rain day yea!  Martin dug some more. I moved the excavated dirt. Ron cut down a couple of dead trees and brushed a few more. 

Then we really got busy.  

 We layed out and framed out our turret! 

 Yes our turret. The earth ship concept needs an airlock entrance. We were just going to build a lean type addition but then Martin came up with this brilliant idea of a turret. It will be two stories with a spiral stair case. The upper level will be a place high up where we can spy on the animals. Such a neat idea and architectural eye catching addition to our unusual house. I am the luckiest girl in the world. 

Till next time …….


Good day part two …….

Ron, Martin and I were able to frame up the foundation for the green house.  

Martin and I ran up to the deck so I could get a better signal and holy crap Martin saw a herd of elk crossing the valley below heading towards the house site. So while I tried to get the blog done he ran down to put the SD card back in camera. He decided to sit at the house to wait. Tap tap tap. And the holy crap again he was able to see this big and tall elk approach the hay. He couldn’t believe his luck.  

  Next is the herd of four that enjoyed an evening of grazing.  

We just can’t wait to be able to watch these amazing creatures from the comfort of our living room. 

Till next time…..


Good day!!!!!

This morning we started our day checking out the hay to see if the animals came to eat the new hay. Sure as apple pie they did. They even left a deposit in our road.  

Today Martin dug the trench as I stained some of the wood.  


We encountered a few new creatures today too! 

Part one of two post!!!! Wait for it wait for it!

No rain day

Today so far has been a beautiful day.  So thank you for your prayers. 

Yesterday while Martin tended to business. (Damn work seems to get in the way but it pays the bills). I decided to deal with the standing water behind the house. So got the shovel and started digging a polish drain.  

A polish drain is just dig and dig as long as the water follows you it works. 

This morning no standing water. Yea!

Today we were able to take the ripped tarp off the roof and then cut the roof down to the correct size. 

We also layed out the green house. 

Now we are picking up the escavator so tomorrow we can dig the foundation for the green house. 

These are our two steps forward!!!!

During the summer we bought two bales of hay for the animals to feed on. Only to be disappointed with no animals coming by to enjoy the fresh hay. Well to our surprise they came while we were gone.  

 Can you just imagine the view we will have of them when we were all done building. Jump jump clap clap. Tracks everywhere. 

Till next time…..


A new toy

Last night when we arrived in the rain. We rushed to unload our goods into the Moho. Cold and wet Martin turns on the heater to warm our cold bones. Hummmmm it’s blowing cold air. Isn’t a heater suppose to blow warm air. Hummmmm no gas coming out the stove either. Hummmmmm oh crap. Forget it for the moment. Crawl in bed to get warm. It’s always something!  

In the morning light we were able to access the storm damage. Well the house still stands but hummmm is there suppose to be a lake in the house. Like a NO!

  So I did my water aerobics and swept and swept and swept. 

The new lift arrived. This one goes outside so we can do the siding!

With the wet roads Martin met him at the road and had to drive it to the property. Like an hour later he arrived.  Heeeheeee

Tomorrow is a trip to get the excavator. We have trenches to dig. We feel with all this rain that we take two steps forward then 10 steps back. Please pray for no rain for the next three weeks as we got poop to do. 

Till next time…..