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Yesterday found two more. A baby and a big papa. Yuk! 

 baby one in the sink 

 and this big papa on the floor. 

The supervisor sniffed out big papa. This morning she’s exhausted from her duties.  

 Happy hump day everyone. 

Till next time…..


Welcome home

As we left our home build Billy was waving bye bye.  

He said that he would watch over things till we return. 

Upon arrival yep it was waiting for me.  

 Frickin’ scorpion in the kitchen sink. I cut his tail off so he could die a slow death. He wiggled his arms as he screamed help me. Haha no one was listening. Haha

We are chillin’ tonight while making a bottle wall.  

  The supervisor is bummed to be home. She will dream of playing with stink bugs. Chasing lizards and biting bunnies. It will take her a few days to settle in. Tuesday she gets her hair done so she will be able to see good again. 

Tonight we rest…….



Final build day…..

Today we finished the plywood on the roof. Added more plywood on the sides and back for stability. Yep on schedule. 

 No No No!  Billy don’t do it. Don’t jump its to high! 

  Crazy bull. Always into something.  
The guys were high up working hard  

 After waking up slowly the supervisor was making sure all is well so we can hit the road tomorrow.  

You know we are going to be leaving those dreaded scorpions behind in Arizona next year. Only to discover new ugly bugs. Centipedes, yep saw one. Snakes, yep saw one. Ants, yep seen a lot of those. Flies, some bite some are just so damn annoying. And this creature.  

 A blister Beatle!  It as it gives off caustic chemical that will burn you. So don’t touch it. Ugh!  

I just want to thank all of you, our dear friends for taking the time to read our crazy adventure. Even though we will not be here we have a lot to prepare for so you will still hear from us. May not be as often but my thumbs will not be quiet. Haha. 

Don’t wanna go….. Wanna finish….till next time…..

Big hugs to ya all


OMG…. Tears have been shed

Lately Martin and I  can not stop the tears. As we look back over the last months we are so proud of what we have accomplished. 

As the rafters went up Martin still needed to add in some supports before we could lay the plywood.  

 A simple design change in construction, a load bearing wall became non-load bearing wall, meant I could open up the kitchen/bathroom wall. This moved me to tears.  

 Then as we finished the living room/ sewing studio wall all spaces were defined. More tears!   

 Yep at the end of this day as we took this selfie. More tears!  Me so proud of him and Martin proud of me, his little ant.  

 We knew what was coming next. The PLYWOOD!  The man worker bees were busy pulling it up, laying it down, and screwing it in place. My job was to load the old tractor and lift the pieces up to them. Then grab my screw gun and join the boys. So much screwing I wore holes in my glove. Next trip we are bringing a bunch of gloves. At lunch today Martin told me he was moved to tears as he was laying the plywood thankful that he could give me this dream. 


Since we ran out of plywood due to a once again design change I had a little time to complete one section of my wall. Yes I’m keeping Billy away from this! 
 Sometimes we are just like two little kids. One night after the rafters were up we went into our bedroom layed on the concrete floor where the bed would be imagining what it would look like. We watched the stars pop out did some more design changes and of course, tears flowed. We hate to leave it unfinished but work calls me back. 

Till next time…..



Today we did it!  Roof rafters are up. This was such a huge mile stone in this crazy adventure. Martin stood tonight against the side wall looking up and tears came to his eyes. We are still in awe.  

This view is from the top of the lift. 

 With the rafters up and after a few delays from Mother Nature we finally were able to complete the framing of the bedroom wall.  

 Yep this is my hard working stud muffin! 

 It looks like one more day of framing is in store for tomorrow. Then we need to prep for lifting the plywood onto the roof. We have only 5-6 days left here then we will head back to the valley and Ron and Judy will head out on a road trip. We are so thankful that they delayed their trip so Ron could help us. 

Till next time……


The piles of wood are getting smaller…..

We are more than half done with the front rafters. With each stage it just makes me want to jump up and down clapping.  I’m high up on my scaffolding looking towards my sewing studio.  Martin and Ron are little workers bees.

 As we worked our way down we removed to out riggers holding the front wall up. What a difference.  

 As the guys finished cutting rafters I ran to the little local store for a TREAT! 

 Cooled us off and the BAD sugar gave us the last little push we needed to hang the last 9 rafters of the day. 

The studio remains waiting for its turn tomorrow.  

 Nothing sexier than a hard working stud muffin! 

 At the end of a long day the guys contemplate tomorrow’s goal as the mean sky makes us run for cover.  

 We still are amazed everyday that just us three amigos are building this monster of a house. Thank you Ron for your friendship and most of all your endless energy. Martin, babe, thank you making our 8 year old dream come true.  I love you! Always!

Till next time……