Working in the rain!

After the last week of above normal temperatures here we received nice cool afternoon showers.  

Ron and Judy are so helpful.  We will be ready to pour the slab next week. 


  We ran to the hardware store and look who was hiding in the back of the truck.  


Billy heard that UFO’s landed here and made this huge hole in the ground. He walked slowly to the edge to take a quick peek. 

Billy is unsure about steps so using the ramp was the best option.  

 We took our hard working friends to lunch. When we reached the restaurant Billy was anxious to check out the cowboy!  

 If you look hard you can see that Billy is truly a boy. Wink wink!

Since the weather has just been gorgeous here in the evening we have been using our outdoor shower. Billy had to check it out! 

Martin downloaded the pictures off the game cameras and look what it saw. I died laughing! 

Till next time…….



Fun weekend!

The children arrived late Friday afternoon.  It was a fun filled non stop kind of weekend.  Quad riding, Gabby the Gator riding, and riding the “Da Beep!” AKA “the jeep”


Next stop The Gettin Place.  Kids needed some real cowboy and cowgirl hats to go with their lassos.


There is always room for pie.  Next stop Pie-O-Neer for some yummy home made pie.



Kathy invited the kids in the kitchen to see how the pies were made!IMG_8560

Well how can you practice being a roping cowboy without a bull to rope? So Papa created Billy the bull.  The kids had a ball roping him and few other things they could find.


No the kids didn’t rope that mouse, Jamie went on a mission to find the stinky smell in our moho and she found this dead stinking little varmint in one of my drawers.  We will be owning some cats when we get the house complete.

Next adventure, Target shooting!


What could be more fun then riding in Gabby or riding in the front bucket of the tractor?



Or climbing the mountains of dirt?


With all this fun we did get a little bit of work done…..


When the children left Sunday morning, I couldn’t hold back the tears.  Such cute kids!  Marty and Shawna are moving to Texas for her work.  And my baby girl Mikaila starts High School in the fall.  It amazing how life changes so fast.

Monday we started early as the afternoon heat this year has been pretty warm. And today, Tuesday was an early one.  But look how far we’ve come since Sunday.  Couple more days of rebar work and we will be ready to pour the slab!!!!!


Gotta love life………………….

Till next time………………


New toy!!

We spent the weekend at home. Yard work, shopping for groceries, family fun swimming at Marty and Shawna’s. We had to hit up 3 Home Depot stores to get enough rigid insulation but we at least we found enough.


The count was verified by the supervisor!


Traveled back to the property Sunday morning. We were welcomed with nice thunder storms.


Monday morning we picked up Ron and his flat bed trailer. We were on a mission to pick up our new toy!


There she was waiting with her accessories loaded in her big sturdy bed. She was excited to meet us but not as excited as we were!


I got to drive her around the parking lot before we loaded her onto the trailer. She was grinning from headlight to headlight anxious to go to work. Hauling water, gathering rocks, getting the mail and much much more. She now has a purpose in her young life.


This is Gabby the “Gator”. She awaits the grand kids this Friday as they are all coming up with Jamie for a visit. Gabby will be giggling along with the kids I can hear it now!

Tuesday we have more thunder showers that keep interrupting our progress. We applied the base plates on the side walls then layed out where the plumbing needs to be roughed in. Next step more frickin’ diggin’.

Today is Thursday and actually had tears in my eyes as seeing the progress is heart felt.


Till next time…….


Exciting day……….

We were finally able to lay down some of  the base plate wood.  

We cleaned all the dug up dirt off the pad!  

 Preparing for a trip home we had to haul our tools back to the cargo container up the hill. So this is how we rolled. Martin holding the wheel barrow sitting in the tractor bucket, me on the tractor pushing him with a load of trash on the engine cover. And of course the supervisor leading the way  

Thirsty little Kubota!  

 The day has come to a end and we are ready for a shower and dinner! 

Off to home for the weekend tomorrow morning. 

Till next time…….


A day of diggin’ in the rain……

Today we are welcomed with overcast skies and nice cool weather. 

So it’s a good diggin’ time.  

According to the supervisor it’s boring work and her attention is not needed  


These spots in the pad are for the support posts that are load bearing that will hold up the roof 

They kind of look like graves!

This long trench is for added support for our block wall in the back of the house. I think the back hoe guy had a little too much coffee. Diggin’ straight was not an option for him. So it is what it is!  A curvy trench!   

  Rain graciously sprinkles us for time to time and it feels so good. Goal is to get the diggin’ done today so see how long our backs hold out. I must say we are both getting stronger every day and with all the squats we are getting buns of steel!  

Till next time …….