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The progress continues……..

Jenny the generator received her propane fuel in her temporary location. Jenny will keep my machines running when our battery level runs low.  

       Saturday we finally finished the foundation and we are ready for concrete Monday morning.  It took us one week to prepare for this stage. 


 Martin had to sledge hammer in the 8 foot grounding rod.

This is one exhausted little boy. I wish my hands were stronger to help. 

Ron our neighbor works day after day determined to completely remove the huge piles of trimmings. Can’t thank him enough.  


This is our country little post office. Because there no mail delivery we have a PO Box and have to go get our mail. Wow right?  I really love going to a simpler life style.  

Today is Sunday and Martin is finishing the wiring on Jenny. Then since we have a little down time we are going to tackle putting a small deck up on our knoll. Yep more frickin’ diggin’. This should be a fun day. 
Till next time……



Well today was a great day!  No frickin’ diggin’. 

We layed the fast foot. 

And the rebar!

  Tomorrow finish tieing the rebar down and then placing the anchor bolts.  Next step order the concrete!!!!!!  

This work has been the hardest back breaking work but so exciting. Each day we are getting stronger. 

Tomorrow propane arrives to feed Jenny the generator. Power tools makes every job easier. 

Our neighbor Ron is still busy cutting our wood and we can see the beautiful  view we will have when  its all complete. We owe him big time!  

Till next time……



Some little birdie told me my pictures were too big and they took too long to upload. So I tried something different. 

Till next time……….



Wow! The last 5 days has kicked our butts. Martin hands are so sore! The inside of my thighs are bruised from shoveling. 

Martin has been pounding in the stakes with a sledge hammer while I held them in place. Then the endless digging and digging. We were hopeful to have the stage done by now by our old bodies can only take so much abuse.  


Our supervisor is constantly whipping us with her stick to go faster. 

 We have been thankful for the afternoon rain showers as it makes us put our tools away and rest. And the plus is it wets the ground for tiny bit easier digging.   But heavier shovels full of dirt! 

In between work, rest and rain I take the time to hunt for rocks!  I feel like a chicken playing in a pile of manure looking for treasures. 

The inside house walls will all be organic in nature. No drywall no paint. Either tile or rocks found on the property. The walls need to retain the heat so it releases back to us at night. 

Our neighbor Ron and his wife Judy have been trimming up our pile of trees knocked down now for 5 days. We are so appreciative for this help that words can not explain. 

We have finally dug the last of the dirt out of the trench. Thank god!  Martin is worn out using the tool of death. 

  One thing I am so thankful for is, is my husband’s love for tools.   

  We would be lost without the laser level. 

Today is Wednesday and with Martins hands killing him we decided to take the afternoon off and take the hour drive to town. 

Tomorrow is the laying of fast foot! Rebar! And then placing the anchor bolts. Easy peasy compared to the last 5 frickin’ diggin’ days! 

Til next time……   

Thankful for the help…….

After a graduation ceremony for our grand daughter and a few chores at home we headed back to the property on Friday. Yes the back seat driver was in tow.

When we arrived Martin had to put the new tires on the trailer and we had to unload it before we headed out to pick up supplies. Luckily our wonderful neighbors stopped by to give us a helping hand. 



 Frank and Lizanne are our neighbors in AZ and will also be our neighbors here. 

  Picking up supplies made it easy with Martins flat trailer. Loaded it up and whinched it on it. 


The next day which was Saturday we spent the day laying out the foundation and preparing the footers. Digging ditches is back breaking work but it will only be rewarding and give us hard bodies!

Even the supervisor was exhausted from all the digging. 

We have a very kind neighbor up here who saw our huge pile of trees that need to be dealt with so he has come now for three days with his wood chipper and is handling the mess while Martin and I dig and dig and dig……

Today is Monday hoping to complete the foundation forming today. Yahoooo

This is my view as I sit on top of our knoll writing my blog. Not only for the view but the best place to have Internet!!!

  Till next time…..


Two days of dirt work…..

The last two days the local dirt guy moved mountains of dirt. First with the tractor.   

Second with the grader. More dirt was moved.  


There is always a supervisor on site!


The next step was to dig the trenches for the foundation. The local dirt guys trusty assistant (aka Martin) used the lazer level to help guide the depth. 








Since the heavy machinery was here why not cut in a new road south of the house. 



While all the dirt was going on I kept busy cutting the wood out of the downed trees. Our neighbor stopped by to see what he could do to help and loaned me these awesome chaps. A much needed safety item since I have hit the side of my leg twice with the saw luckily only ruining my pants keeping my flesh in one piece. 


As we traveled home early this morning, we saw at least 20 elk along the side of the road, a few deer and some antelope. 


After arriving home, I had to break into the house since we lost the clicker to the house and no house key on the ring. Luckily a window was unlocked. As we age trying to remember everything is impossible but you get better at making lists! I have since rectified the key problem. 

Mikaila graduates from 8th grade tonight. So proud of her and can’t wait to see what her next stage in life brings. 

Till next time……


The last day of rest….

Yesterday we awoke to snow falling. Martin’s outside in his Arizona shorts long sleeved t shirt and a vest. Crazy man but he loves this cooler weather. 

Today is Sunday. I’ve been sick since Wednesday so we decided to take a day of rest. Got up late.  Yep 7 am. But we have been in bed for 12 hours. Haha. 

Went to visit a new land owner who invited us to see his observatory. OMG. Had no idea what these star gazers do. He has the building that looks like a normal little house that the whole roof, yes whole roof slid open. I had to go outside to see it with my own eyes that it really moved off the little house. All computerized. As we talked all of a sudden the roof closed. Scared me. Automatic!!!! Nothing for the telescope to see during the day so it decided no need to be open so shut the roof door. I was amazed. Our neighbor is from Texas and can access this telescope remotely from Texas. Still blown away. We have the best night sky for star gazing. 

Next stop the community well. Need some fresh cold drinking well water. Taste so good. Today was such a beautiful day. No wind, warm with light clouds. Took two walks around the property, read and rested. 

Tomorrow we break ground. The grader comes and the hard work begins. Can’t wait!

Till next time,



We woke our first day at our property to the sound of rain.  Such a welcome sound even though I knew I would not get much done.   It was coming down lightly so I decided to get some work done anyway outside.  Within a few minutes I could not believe it but snow was falling.   Assuming that it was short lived I continued to work.   Breakfast was almost ready so I started to wrap things up only to be greeted by more and more snow.  By the time I made it to breakfast my glasses were covered with snow and fogged completely over.  What a great start to our trip!!!

Here is the video I took to prove it!

Snowing video

Our journey began today!

This morning Martin and I woke up so excited to begin our day. The usual last minute loading of supplies. Groceries, fuel, clothes, and Kansas. 


With my Co-pilot in her seat. Martin is in his truck pulling a trailer and I am at the wheel of the Moho pulling a trailer. Off we go………

About an hour into the trip I see something out of the corner of my eye on my Co-pilots side. I asked her what was that. She only had a look of confusion on her face. Then bam something hit the side of the moho. So I called Martin to pull over to access the damage. 


Luckily nothing to major. Only a small awning that didn’t want to go along for the ride. So it decided to eject itself into the roadway. If you’ve ever owned a moho it’s always something.  So back on the road we go…….

Following Martin he kept dropping dry mud from the trailer. Hummmm must be leftover last adventure. 

4 hours into our journey we stopped for fuel at our usual stop. Oh crap!  All the hoses were covered with plastic bags. Mov in’ on…… the next station. 

Just as we are about 20 miles from our destination I noticed Martin had a blow out on the trailer. Another frickin’ tire. Another stop to access the damage.  

Limp it to our property was the decision.  So as we  turtle crawled to our property, we were greeted with the most amazing rainbow. Bright, beautiful and then there were two.


And then there were two full rainbows.



We  stayed in an Earthship in Taos and Martin saw a big double rainbow as he took Kansas out to pee. But it was quickly gone by the time I got there. These two rainbows were there for miles and it was like we were driving right under them. As we talked on the phone enjoying this experience together, Martin said that this was the sign that we are doing the right thing for our future. I agree………..

We made it safely before the rain fell. Ready for some dinner, a beer and chill time. 

Till next time…….


Window/Door wall

After visiting the surplus store and obtaining the multiple loads of doors and windows, I entered them into my drawing program to scale and then placed them on the wall drawing to get a rough idea of how the wall may look like. Below is a picture of that rough drawing.

Window wall elevation (5-8-15)2

I am starting to get VERY excited to put this wall together!