Chickie time…..

We left for the car show in snow and came home to sunshine. Look at those legs!!! We arrived home Monday morning and got right to work

Chickies need a door to get into the chicken house.

Martin got right to it. Cut it out grind it out.

Added rails make the door move up and down.
Fits perfectly.

Now for the special touch. Automated chickie door.

The master programs the door.

The next project was to build the roosts. Martin nailed it.

On this day we had the best spring weather. We couldn’t work fast enough. It felt good not to be confined by coats, gloves and hats.

Nope not a wash board….. it’s a chickie ramp.
The girls move in to the house. They have grown so much their heads almost touch the screen topper.
I little porch indoors.

As it became dark our beautiful day came to a end.

The mother hens are always ready to check on the babies.

We always check on the girls before we go night night. The house still needs a door before we can set them free.

Kansas and Kari are the cutest.
The chickie door worked perfectly

As we walked back to our house to see the light coming through the bottle wall it was just so special. Can’t wait to have time to do the rest of the bottle wall in the house.

It’s another beautiful day. In no time we had the chickie house door built and hung.

Special touch. Martin cuts in a window opening.
Peek-a-boo I see chickies.

As Martin was busy building the framing for the brooder.

I grabbed some brushes and some paints. I have doodled flowers like these on paper all my life. Finally they have come to life.
It was time to release the beasts. A little alfalfa and scratch to encourage the chickies to come out
The brave one takes the first step.
Come sister it looks like a good time.
Kari so patiently watches the chickies explore their new space.
As the sun sets I captured this stunning picture of our rose.

As the day ends Kari was beat. Chickie watching is exhausting.

The next morning, Homemade waffles with raspberry blueberry compote. Delicious!!!!

After our visit with Tim and Nancy they turned us on to an app called recipe keeper. I’ve been downloading my recipes and inputting the old ones. High altitude cooking is different so I’m still learning.

This chickie we named Sparky. It identifies as a Rooster. It now has his harem of three. There are two chickies that stand up to him and fight back. Still trying to decide if he stays or if he becomes soup.

This build has been so much fun. Our Fed Ex driver told Martin to keep me off Pinterest!!!

Yep saw this idea on Pinterest. Nesting boxes made out of buckets.

Martin cut some small plastic pieces on the laser to keep the straw in.

Just so damn cute. Now I just need straw.

We installed the batten detail on the walls and painted them up. The vision is coming together.

As the sun was setting just one more quick project. A chickie swing. Girls just wanna have fun.
As we walk out the next morning can’t help but enjoy the spring flowers blooming.
Extra wood plus extra paint equals must have signs.
Martin designed the door sign and printed it for the girls.

As the chickies learn their new home the first night we found them in a corner hiding (huddling) together. We scooped them up and put them in the house. Second night they were on the ramp right by the door. Third night three made it in and three didn’t. We scoop them up and put them away. Fourth night they all made it in safely…… that was a learning curve. Three more nights they all made it in safely. Then last night there was one Rotten Egg. I didn’t see her hiding in the corner, I left the coop then I hear peep peep peep. I swear she said, “ momma momma momma”. I turned around to see her running toward the coop gate. I scooped her up. Calmed her down a minute then put her inside with her sisters. Always well that ends well.

Hello baby chickies

We ran to the local hardware store to get some pvc. Look what happened. Peep, peep, peep. Yep we took 6 home.

Cleaned out the brooder and placed the new girls in their new home for 6 weeks.
New feeders

Yep saw this on Pinterest. Not quite enough pieces but close. It works great.

Start of a new day the girls need some cute windows. Martin cut the flowers on the laser, I painted them up and Martin installed them.

Nail, nail, nail…..
A few more nail, nail, nail….
Plastic windows in the center and press the repeat button.

With a lot of projects almost complete here was another item on the wish list. Tunnel Toy!!!

First we had to find a stump piece big enough. We had to bale wire it around to keep from breaking.

Next cut out the center. Saw dust everywhere.
Look at the saw dust fly!
Getting close.

After the carving was complete we added a dead wood tree and the tunnel toy. Just so cute.

I wanna be a chickie in this coop.

With a few ideas left to do we call it a night.

Till next time…..


We are ready for spring….

With it being so cold outside it was time to spend sometime in the green house.

Spent the morning planting flowers.

Aunt Bevs plants live on in New Mexico.
Kevin’s Aunt passed away at Christmas and to watch her plants live on warms my heart
Walking the dogs at night to do their business you see things differently at night via flashlight.
The girls lead the way
To me the dusting of snow looks like the frosted mothers oatmeal iced cookies!
Look who came to dinner!!! That’s a whole lotta butts.
It was cool the next morning to see the coop dusted with snow.
Our morning walk the girls always lead the way
The solar panels were dusted with snow. As the sun struggled to bust through the clouds the snow slowly dropped off.

We spent the morning preparing t shirts for the car show the next day.

Martin started the Pie -Rat and prepped her to load into the trailer.

Martin at the helm.
I’m a little jealous. He always checks her dip stick.
Just a super cool shot.

We headed out the next morning. Off to Arizona we go. Until….

Yep flat tire on the trailer.

Martin installed these tire sensors on the trailer and the moho for safety. Well we crossed the railroad tracks in Holbrook….. boom….alarm…… shit! Martin changed out the tire but as we started to continue on…..alarm…. it’s neighbor tire was leaking too. So with a duck duck go search we found a tire shop a mile away.

Yep only in country towns you find tires and lumber/hardware sold in one place.

Super nice guy had us in and out in no time. Back on the road again.

One husband, two dogs and six chickens he just rolling’ on down the road.
Flagstaff more snow. Rrrrrrrr
We made it!
AZ Rockabilly Car Show Lake Pleasant.

It was a cold cold evening. It still felt amazing to be free and out without a mask.

Love this man of mine.
Nuttin’ cutier
The kids love the Pie -Rat!
This year there were so many new rat roads.
Different styles
Different themes
Being last years winners we were asked if we would like to pick this years winner.
This is who we picked. Diesel truck 1946. Total badass.
As the sunsets it makes my heart full. To capture this photo it’s special
At night the Pie-Rat glows red.
Freedom shines.
Kansas is our security system
Kari is taking a break from guarding the Pie-Rat.
The kids just enjoy sitting behind the wheel.
Even the young at heart love the Pie -Rat.
Omg!!!!! Fell in love with this…..dragging Miss Daisy!!!!
Look who stopped by…..Ron Williams.

Ron helped us by cutting up our trees we sacrificed to build our house. Ron also lended a helping hand while we were building the house. So thankful for friends like this.

Martin and his girlfriend.
Martin’s sexy woman!!!!

The weather Saturday morning was so cold and windy by 11:30 it warmed up so nice. It felt good to feel the sunshine.

Zoe and Zane stopped by for a visit. They loved getting into the car.
Angie and her family stopped by for a visit.
Zoe with the chickies.

It’s not everyday you get to love on a chickie.

Zane wasn’t sure about this chickie.
Our neighbor won best VW. We will be seeing this new neighbor at our next car show in Springerville.

With the car show coming to an end we both were so happy. The Pie -Rat is loved by everyone. Young and old.

Next stop baseball day. Just down the freeway Trey had a tournament.

Made it just in time to watch him bat. He looks just like his dad did at this age.
Kari loves Tanner
Kari loves Trey too.
The second game I was able to capture this special photo.
Treys on the mound.
Treys at bat!!! Hit Grammie a home run.
Look who came to the game. Mikaila!!!! My grands are together.

And did you notice that Trey has passed up Mika in height? My babies are growing so fast.

And who’s that??? Aunt J. It’s a tie between Aunt J and Trey. But just watch before you know it Tanner will probably pass them both.
And poof!!! Just like that we are back home ready to finish the chicken house.

We’ve got babies ready to fly out of the brooder. So till next time….


Time to build…..

The new chickies new a place to be happy so off to the woods we go. We decided on a place close to the boys tree house. The trashy trailer was in the way so we had to move it.

Trailer ball attached to the tractor bucket made it easier to maneuver through the trees

We headed to Springerville to rent a trencher to run power and water. This will make the job easier.

But first we had to call a locksmith to rescue us.

Martin is use to putting the keys on the seat at home. Well little Kari decided to get in the drivers seat to pretend she was driving down the road. Either she stepped on the remote button or stepped on the lock button on the door. She wouldn’t confess. All we know the girls were inside and we were locked outside.

Within 30 minutes the locksmith picked our lock with a new special tool. He charged only 20 bucks. It was worth 50 bucks to us. He was so thankful.

Back home Martin began the trenching process.

Go Martin….Go Martin!

After returning the trencher……it was time to get busy.

North 20 foot wall

After building the first wall we dropped into place.

Yes it was awkward and heavy to move but we got ‘er done.

The north wall is 12” higher in elevation so we buried it 18”. The mesh bottom will help keep the critters from digging under.

The second wall we built inside the shop cause the wind was blowing and the temperatures were in the high 20’s
East wall

Just after setting in the east wall Mother Nature decided to bless us with a sprinkling of snow. Looks like an afternoon in the house.

Homemade bread
Homemade shit soup. ( throw shit in a pot and call it soup). Italian sausage, maple sausage, veggies, black beans, elbow macaroni, canned tomatoes and spices.
Nice way to end a cold day.
Another cold morning but that doesn’t stop us.
The chicken house is beginning to take shape. Thank his for a handsome husband with tools.
Love this man who will do anything for us. (Me)
Storm is coming!!!!
The Allegra Mountains start to disappear you know it’s getting close. We rush to complete what we can for the day.
The girls are growing fast.
With the storm we got another dusting of snow. A dear friend gave me his winter bunny suit as I call it. Thank you Ron it really comes in handy during these cold days.
West wall begins to take shape.
A few sturdy beams help to make square-ish. Lol.
With the weather warmer we were able to set the support posts and work a longer day.

By this time we both are getting stronger. Bending, lifting, hammering and cutting. It feels good to get our hands busy again.

Martin took a few minutes to set soaring a little tiny, itty bitty airplane.
While I worked painting wood!!!
Mikaila painting Pig Pens nails.

Too funny for that memory to come up on a chicken coop building day.

Another beautiful morning.

It’s roof day!!! What an exciting day.

We loaded up tin onto the tractor and lifted it up so it was easy to just slide it of onto the roof.
With each piece it got more exciting.

Guess who’s coming to town…..

The sunsets are forever changing.

One thing I have perfected up here is my bread. Rustic Rosemary Artesian.

Yummy for our tummies
Who’s that? Tanner that’s who
Who’s that there? Trey that who.
Who’s that? Martin that’s who!!!

The boys came for a quick trip. They are non stop riding or driving their rc cars. Papa of course he had to make a track for them all.

I don’t know who has more fun, Kari or the boys.
After a few lessons from the master Trey jumped on the motorcycle Jerry loaned to us.
Papa you’re to big for that one. We call this quad Red. We bought it off our neighbor in Queen Creek 20 years ago. I do believe we have gotten our monies worth.
After a day of fun look who pooped out.
Kari loves Tanner. She always goes right to him.

The kids came in and wanted to know if we wanted to go mud bogging. While hell yes!

Trey shows use how to do it.
Tanner had a blast
Next stop snow. We found a little patch and tried our luck.
Trey you go faster if you sit down!
The best Papa in the world!

Since we needed cardboard Papa road back to get some. He was welcomed back with some snow balls!!!

Cold muddy boys

After an afternoon of total dirty fun it was time for a hose down.

The boys took it like muddy champs. Once hosed down they stripped down and ran into the nice warm shower.

It’s always sad to say goodbye. It was a fun busy weekend. Boys just know that Grammie and Papa love you more than you know.

Till next time….


Let the fun begin……

After resting a day from our month long trip it was time to deal with life.


Gardening… After a cold winter it was time to clean up the greenhouse.

We grab a red tote. Go to hop in Martin’s truck. Click, click, click. Crap!!! Dead batteries. Martin’s plugs it into a charger and tries his magic.

We use my car…..

With the charger working we were able to get it started the next day. We traveled to a neighbors house for Martin to help with electrical stuff.

As we leave click, click, click. Crap!!! Frank lends a hand with a jump. Now we need a plan. Guess it’s a trip to Springerville.

But first this dead tree will finish its life in our wood stoves cause baby it’s cold outside. Timber!!!!!
My hubby the lumberjack
Just like that we should have enough wood for the rest of winter.
Lamb chops given to us from Trina and Jeremy. It’s what’s for dinner.
Rosemary butter basted. Soooo good
Topped with onion gravy it was the bomb.

Well with a break in the weather we headed to Springerville. A stop at CarQuest, batteries installed. Good to go we headed back home. With a stop at WRS for alfalfa we heard chirping. Omg it was love at first sight. I picked 6 out as Martin picked out the other supplies we needed.

Rhode Island Red babies. When I see this picture I can’t help but sing the song box box babies!

Now we need something to put them in. The hardware store had a waterer. Perfect now with alfalfa, babies and a brooder we headed home.

We set up the little babies.

Kansas makes sure all is good.
Kari was a little nervous at first but now she watches with care.
Snuggle time. It was an exhausting day.

With girls all cozy in their bed it was time to clean up a little. I was vacuuming and then nothing. I tried it in a different plug. Nothing. Martin was up at the shop so I hauled to dead thing to my Mr. Fixit. He tests it and confirms the switch died. So I asked him to wire it hot so I could use it and just unplug it when I needed to turn it off.

Solution use a fuse. Transplant complete!!!! She lives another day. Damn that means I get to clean another day.

We are waiting for our tin to come in cause up here in the woods you need to be working on more than one project. Now we need a coop.

Till next time….


Mt. Shasta here we come…..

Martin discovered that there was a cave close by. We love caves so of course I was game.

We traveled a short distance to our adventure of the day.
A little low clouds greet us.
Potty time

We arrived at the cave tour destination. We had a small wait till the next tour so we took this time to enjoy a bite to eat.

We said bye bye to our babies.
The lake is right this way.

It was a long way down the hill to the water. This brought back that awful trip and fall I took as a kid.

Ferry boat ride across the lake

We were so happy to see our tour guide not wearing a mask. This was going to be fun cause we get to be normal not controlled.

Shasta Lake
As we climbed higher and higher during our bus ride you could see just how big the lake was.
Two retired love birds enjoying life.

Since I took a million pictures. So not to bore you I only shared a few. This cave was so high up into the mountain. It was super wet and not cold at all. Absolutely beautiful.

After a beautiful day of adventure we enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

We left Shasta and headed to Placerville. Someone special to us lives there.


We ubered a ride to meet Kara for dinner. Kara lived with us in Queen Creek for a year while she was going to school. Then she decided to go back to Eureka. It was a great visit. And to enjoy a beer at a restaurant that doesn’t require a mask was so appreciated. Kara gave us a ride back to our moho. We said our goodbyes and see ya soons. I thought I left my mask that I didn’t have to wear in her car until I noticed something.

Awe……there it is!!!!

With no end plan we decided to go to mammoth mountain. Our timing has been perfect with the weather. Behind the storm we were blessed with the most amazing drive.

After settling into Mammoth rv park we checked the cameras at home. Still snowing.

I was craving pizza. We found a place with take out only and it was just a short walk away.

So worth the hike through the snowy streets.

This rv park was like a parking lot with power and water along the sides. For one night we only needed power.

It must be 5:00 somewhere.

Kate and I painted some wine glasses of Aunt Bevs. Repurposed!!!
My handsome husband. My moho driver. My partner in crime. My love.
Our girls felt right at home making yellow snow.

The next morning we decided to take a morning walk to get some coffee. Well let’s just say after having Strawbucks for two weeks Starbucks was not worth the money or the effort. We couldn’t sit inside. So we sat here outside in the cold.

Waiting for my barista to deliver my order. Lol aka Martin.
The requirements that this establishment puts on customers we will not buy another coffee there. Bye bye Starbucks.

As we left Mammoth we headed to Pahrump, NV. Another beautiful drive.

Snow to dry mountains
It was a very windy drive into Death Valley.
Kansas enjoys the scenery too.
Kari loves to snuggle with me when it’s cold in the moho.
My one year anniversary since my broken finger accident. It’s curvy but at least I still have it.
My hand surgeon did the best he could. Looks like he used a crochet hook, sewing needle and a L bracket. When he removed the pins it felt like something I hope never to experience again.

We arrived in Mesquite NV for a visit with Martin’s brother Tim and his wife Nancy. We had such a nice chat and dinner.

Nancy and Joyce
Their kitty cat had the most beautiful eyes.

So far three weeks into our trip we have not traveled the same freeway twice.

Heading to Zion National Park.
We are just on beauty over load.
It was a little scary taking the moho through the canyon.
We had to pay to go through this tunnel. The reason…… we were so tall in the moho the park rangers had to close the tunnel both ways so we could travel at the tallest part of the arch…… down the middle of the road we go.
Ready or not here we go.
There were these openings that I could see where we came from. Martin’s eyes were straight forward.
We really could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our personal self guided tour was coming to an end.
After our little adventure we stopped along the side of the road to let the girls stretch their legs.
We hiked down the trail.
We survived the Zion Tunnel.
We weren’t the first ones here. Cairn was here.
Kansas was here.
Martin and Kari were here.
After a nice little hike time for lunch.
Water for Martin and wine for me.
We stopped for the night boon-docking here at this over look.
We watched the sunset.
Learned a thing or two.
Just by chance I captured Kari looking like a doggie model.
The morning sunrise was a nice way to start our final day on the road.

Another spectacular drive.

Potty stop
This old girl at almost 15 still has it. She takes us where we need to go.
Martin age 63. Joyce age 62. Married 42 years Two old wild and crazy kind of people.

After almost 4 weeks on the road when we get home we traveled 3,000 miles and only traveled twice on the same road at Holbrook, AZ. We have traveled past the Meteor Crater and never stopped to visit. Today was the day.

Yep it’s a big ass hole in the ground.
Lookie here. Lookie there. Lookie over where? Big ass hole in the ground.
Martin and a new friend
Joyce looking for a friend.
I found one. I wonder how fast his spaceship goes.
Looks like a meteor to me.
Kari welcomed us back to the moho.
We stopped for fuel and saw some cool cars.
Kari wanted to drive but Daddy said that she didn’t have a Licence.

Getting closer to home we could feel the excitement and the sadness all at once. Being that it was getting late in the day we elected to stop one last time in Springerville. The roads at home would be muddy. Grocery shop in the morning then hit the road for home.

The familiar mountain we love.
Our community roads we pretty good early in the morning.

When we opened the front door you could smell the orange blossoms from the clementine tree.

As we unloaded we tracked through the mud squishing back and forth. Once unloaded it was a rest day. Chilling on the sofa is our favorite family time.

Sister love.

Thank you my husband who drove the whole 3,000 miles. Hope you all enjoyed our trip as much as we did.

Till next time…..


February 2021…On the road again….

We hit the road towards Eureka. The drive was just stunning.

Raining and green
HWY 101

Such beauty everywhere.

Eel River

The historic Benbow Inn. Our KOA was just on the other side of the river.

See our moho is just over there past the trees.

A day of rest was the plan. We read, napped and walked the dogs. Then we were off to a nice dinner at the inn.

Waiting for our table.
Look at how beautiful
Eating inside because of stupid Covid crap is a no no so they put you inside outside so dumb.

It was the Inns first night back after being closed for the stupid Covid crap. It was nice to be out for dinner but for us not worth what we paid for it. We have learned that my cooking is so much better.

We arrived to Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dave’s. Next door is Trina and Jeremy, Martin’s cousins. We parked right out front. What a nice visit. Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dave took us for a tour around Eureka.

I think this was north Jetty

The next day was pig harvest day. Trina and Jeremy harvested three pigs the day before and there was two left to chop up.

These two little piggies went to the market and didn’t come home.
It’s a Portuguese family bonding time.
Nice to have the right tools to do the work.

Family arrives to help

Cutting up pig fat into chunks
Chop chop chop chop.

Knowing the family was working the famous Miss Clara brought food for the sole.

Portuguese doughnuts. Yummy!
Uncle Dave with his newphew Marty.
Aunt Natalie getting help with her iPad from the tech guru Marty.
Jeremy grinding up pork.

The next morning was breakfast at Uncle Dave’s and Aunt Natalies.

Nice fire Natalie.

Family gathering has been a no no for some people. For us we were so thankful that we were welcomed to visit.

Special times.

We enjoyed ourselves so much. So thankful for our family.

Da Boys!!!

Since checking the cameras at home and collecting information from our neighbors there was no reason to hurry home.

Record snow fall. 18”

So we hit the road for Mount Shasta as a kid my parents took us camping at Mt. Shasta. I remember running down this trail to the water. My parents said, “Don’t run you will hurt yourself.” Well it was so much fun till I tripped over a root going across the trail and landed on my stomach. I couldn’t say a word for one I knocked the wind out of myself. I couldn’t breathe. Two a just didn’t want to hear those words, “we told you so.” So I sucked up the pain. Didn’t cry and walked carefully down the rest of the way to the water.

It was a foggy drive.
Weaverville was a potty stop for the girls. We happened to find a Chinese restaurant open for dine in eating. We took advantage.
Piece of pie rat rod idea

We stretched our legs with a walk downtown Weaverville. Stopped into the ice cream shop and saw the tractor. Gave Martin an idea for little stripped down lawn tractors ratted out for the kids to drive in the parades.

Shasta Lake.

There she is. MT. Shasta.

We spent the night at the KOA at the base. Our fun begins again tomorrow.

Till next time….


2021 begins……

As the New Year begins, there are many changes. First thing finish up with my Dance Stars Studio work.

Jazmyne’s solo
Getting stoned at night.
Yes the stones go on one by one

With the end of a very difficult season and the uncertainty of delivery options, why not take a road trip and deliver the dance costumes ourselves. Load em up.

Martin pulls the moho to the front door as it was snowing.
Leaving the snow behind. Vacation here we come.
The good thing about vacationing is that it’s 5:00 somewhere.

Martin always drives. Me, this is my time to relax enjoy and appreciate what my husband always does for us. First stop was a visit with Martin’s parents. Always nice to see them.

Second stop. Dance Stars drop off. Costumes safely delivered. Can’t thank Harmony enough for her devotion to my creativity. She has been a client for over 20 years. And with the stupid Covid crap she fought hard and pushed forward to have a somewhat normal competition season for her kids. So with her effort she helped me to survive. So thank you, thank you, thank you Harmony.

The best part of all my hard work is seeing these pictures.
These have the cutest pineapple on their butts.
These kids rocked this number.

Third stop our dear best friends house. We have reservations in the front driveway. Thank you Kevin and Paula for always welcoming us.

Since the solar guru was in town, we headed up to Jennifer and Nathaniel’s. Martin and Kevin worked on their solar and us girls went to groom Jennifer’s horse.

And after. The ponytail is perfect.

While the guys continued to move panels. Disconnect wires and scratch their heads us girls went shopping. I saw this sign and sent it to my hubby.

It’s moments like these that just fill my heart.

Paula and I took the dogs for a nice walk.

Hello down there!! Miss Paula come on up.
Hello down there down there. Hold on tight Joyce.
Such a beautiful hike

The best part of a vacation with no end planned we are able to just go with the flow.

Kevin’s Aunt Bev passed away just before Christmas. Kevin as executor to her estate had the pleasure of cleaning out of her house. So we helped with the sorting of stuff.

A beautiful coin was discovered.
Furniture taken apart. Team work makes dream work.
Little Bella helping at Aunt Bev’s house.
Goodwill here we come.

As we helped, I couldn’t help the feeling of I don’t want to die!!!! I love life, family and friends too much to leave this beautiful world. But it’s going to happen. Our kids will have the pleasure of going through our endless supply of stuff.

Another beautiful evening up at Jennifer and Nathaniel’s

The boys bought a RC glider. The feeling of flying free up high is something they enjoy.

Hummmmm who’s flying?
Blind Ole Bat, that’s who.
The view is stunning.

We left the snow and enjoyed a little rain.

Freedom is the best feeling.

What Best Costume!!! The joy you see on the kids faces is the best award ever.

Harmony always shares with me the awards she gets for best costume awards.

This news just made my day.

My dear friend, Tina, her dog had puppies. Oh my so cute. I so wanted to take one home. Our two dogs make our life complete. Paula and Kate each picked one out. Little Bella went everywhere with us.

Bella enjoying her freedom. Window down and wind in her face car ride.

Friends. What does that me to you? To us Friends are everything. We laugh together. We cry together. We accept one another as we are.

Martin, Kevin, Paula, Robert, Tina and Joyce.
“Two Sistars” yes Sistars cause we sparkle like stars.
Two “Handsome Dudes” yes handsome dudes. Over 50 plus years of friendship
Who’s this? Is that Jimmy Agostini?

Yes it is Jimmy. Haven’t seen him since high school. What a nice visit.

This was our last night visiting friends and hanging out in Acampo. What a great two weeks. Still we have no end plan to our trip so decided to head up to Eureka to visit family. After all stupid Covid crap has forced me to retire. I turned 62 on January 31st. Kevin and Paula took me to church. With my husband by my side I gave my heart to god. With no work in the near future I filed for my social security. My First check arrives in March. Martin and I both are getting back what we have paid into for years. And we thank all you young people for supporting us for the rest of our days here on earth.

Till next time…..


Say Goodbye 2020 part 2……

Since the day after Thanksgiving we’ve had snow on the ground everyday.

Nobody loves it more than these two.
Looks like Bigfoot ran through here.
Love our snow photos.
With the cold outside Martin keeps us warm inside. Our new stove works so much better.
Kari uses it to warm her bum!
Homemade English muffins can be found cooking during a cold winter storm.
The front can be seen inside the greenhouse when it’s super cold outside.
When you are just craving BBQ chicken you will do anything to make it happen.
My assistant BBQ chef has trouble staying out of the snow/mud while helping.
Sometimes your own cell phone catches this amazing chance in a lifetime. Saturn and Jupiter. (We think). It’s been too long since I took this picture. Old age. Can’t remember crap.
With snow next comes mud.

These girls have hairy toes so the snow sticks and makes snow balls in their paws. So we decided to try these snow booties.

Kansas says, “What in the hell are these stupid things”

Kari ran right out of them and Kansas would not go poop or pee in them. So don’t waste your money on them. Or if anyone wants them I’ll ship them.

The winter time brings in the sun. It warms the house and makes us smile.
One thing I’ve learned to do pretty good is make this rustic artesian bread. Two versions. Flax seed or rosemary.
Christmas is coming so time to spruce up the little one.
Kansas had a spa date with Wendy. Now we are ready for the holidays

Christmas Eve starts with a game of foot golf.

Marcus and Jamie
Tanner shows is how to do it.
Get it done Marty.
Ada has perfect form.
Waiting and waiting and waiting. Those guys who use clubs are holding us up
Our family
Our crazy family
It’s Christmas time.
Ada helps make Food, food, food.
Marty the chef of the night prepares the feast.
Thank you Marty and Ada for hosting a wonderful Christmas
Ready set unwrap!!!
Papa and Kari chillin after a busy day.

Back home and just recovering after traveling Martin turned on the girls favorite channel.

Kari say, “ how do they do that?”
Kansas says, “ big deal I just tore the guts out of this baby”
Kansas says, “ hi dude”
The moon here is big and bright and beautiful
Martin helps neighbors and friends as much as he can. This doubled sided sign was painted by me and the metal letters designed and cut out of metal by Martin.
Another storm lays a new blanket of the white stuff. Ready for the New Year.

As we finally say goodbye to 2020 it ended well with studio work coming my way. Thank god everyday for his strength. Thank god for the love and support of my husband. I pray that we all find our way out of whatever situation we were forced into. Stay positive stay safe and looking forward to a better 2021.

Till next time……


Say Goodbye to 2020…..

I know it has been a long time since my last blog. 2020 was definitely a challenge in many many different ways.

So let’s catch up ready go…….

We won our first car show with the Pie Rat

Lake Pleasant AZ Rockabilly 2020. Best Rat Rod
Martin the builder. Joyce the interior decorator! We won we won!!!

The best part of the day is all the kids who love the Pie -Rat. Inviting them to sit in the car makes their faces light up.

Then to receive a t-shirt and come back the next day wearing it warms our hearts.

We had a few guests stop by

Mika, Jamie and Papa
Mika, Jamie and Grammie

Kevin and Paula joined us in on the fun.

Hot chicks and cool cars

After a nice warm trip we get a little dusting of snow balls.

The snow is mother nature’s miracles
Then the crystal formations are stunning
The first snow is always welcomed. It’s water in our tanks.

We had a special guest

My dear friend from high school, Lorna, arrived. We gave her the Pie Town experience. Ride in the razor.
The Toaster House
The VLBA. Very Long Baseline Array

Our neighbor Sue offered to give Lorna a horse experience.

Can’t get any cutier than this.

The Elk Experience! Our neighbors Rob and Rose have herds to 30-50 elk come in in the evenings. So we were able to see them from their warm house

I see them I see them!
Class of ‘77 rules.

Kari gets so scared by strangers so we bought her a special transport vehicle to make her feel safe around the big bad people.

Oh mom I’m scared
I’m so safe now!

Thanksgiving was a real Treat for us. The Williams’ family were able to spend the special day with us up here in Pie Town.

Wood cutting time. Mika gets her first lesson in driving a tractor. Parker watches eagerly waiting his turn.
Marcus does man work.
Jamie picks up the mans work.
Parker takes a turn doing man work.
Parker splits the mans work. Mika carries the mans work to Jamie who organizes the mans work.
Papa watches the man do work.
Mika took her turn splitting the mans work.

Family working together to cut wood for the Williams’ to enjoy a nice fire outdoors in Arizona. That sounds crazy right. That’s something we don’t miss is the Arizona heat.

Mika gives Parker a ride in her 19 year old red wagon
Look how much this girl has grown. I use to tie her in it as we cruised around the Phoeniz Zoo.
Mika and Mika experience the Toaster House
If you ever need a pair of shoes you can find them here. The Toaster House.
Who’s ready for a ride? Jamie that’s who!
Masks are worn here for dust not Covid!
True love on a quad!!! This couple has spent more time apart than together due to the stupid Covid shit.

We said goodbye to Martin’s Harley. Marcus is the new owner of a sweet ride. Our days of the wind in our faces on the back of this beast are over.

Mika and Parker took to making pancakes for breakfast

Yum yum
Sparky is waiting for his pancakes.

Thanksgiving Day started with burning calories in preparation for the big Turkey dinner.

High up on the ridge.
Love our family.
Our babies.
Mika and her Bo
Finally dinner time at the family table. Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Storm is brewing.
But first the kids wanted to take home a real tree home. This one will do.
No chainsaw here. If your going to cut down a tree you must do it the old fashion way. Back and forth. Back and forth.
Giggle, giggle, giggle
Parker carries it away like a feather.
With the man work loaded. The Harley secured tightly to the trailer. And the tree secured and ready to travel. We had to say goodbye to family as weather was coming in quick.
The girls love the snow
Nickname ……Snow Plow
Nickname……..old Girl.

2020 has been an adventure of a lifetime. Some people have lost a life. Some people have lost their businesses. Some people have lost their homes. With every $$$ we have lost we are so very thankful to be living where we do. We social distant live everyday. We have no mortgage, no power bills, no water bills and no car payments.

For me I’ve learned the real feeling of gratitude. So grateful for our life, my life, our families and friends.

Till next time…..